Etna, Nishinoshima & Riddles

The amazing video showing Etna is of course by Turi Caggegi.

During the night Etna put in one of her more cam-friendly appearances. The show ended with a large lava flow that looked like it would eat up the camera of Radiostudio. At the same time over in Japan the new Island at Nishinoshima is slowly growing. Question now seems to be if we will get a new island, or if it will merge with the Nishinoshima proper. Anyhow, it seems like this massive seamount is doing its best to become a permanent island after thousands of years of growing up.

Lava flow at Etna heading towards the Radiostudio7 cam.

Lava flow at Etna heading towards the Radiostudio7 cam.

And here is a Friday special for TG McCoy and his new hip, remember that twerking counts as physical rehab!


Sissel is still in the lead with Evan Chugg giving chase. 2 points will be awarded up untill I append the clues.Riddle santa

  1. (Badly and overly) Fried Lutrinae (subset of the volcano) + Image (actors name is also subset of the volcano), your pants may be made by this volcanic fabric that was created in the industrial cloth revolution in the 18th century… – Cheviot Hills, home of Otterburn and the Ballad of Chevy Chase. (Maggiemom, 1pt)
  2. ”You’ll never walk alone”, but you will be very lonely here – Olavtoppen on Bouvetöya, the island is also named Liverpool Island. (Bruce Stout 1pt, Sissel 1 pt)
  3. Three was the sulphurious maidens that did not get any – Las Tres Virgines (Kelda, 2pt)
  4. Tormented I am, these I have seen: Erect Venus, Amorites and Alexander the Great – Golan Heights, here the Homo Erectus art piece Venus of Berekhat Ram was found, it was the home of the Amorites and it was visited by Alexander the Great. (Shérine France, 2pt)
  5. At the great Island you will catch Humblot and his flies – Mount Karthala on Comoros Islands, only place where you can find Humblot’s Flycatcher. (Arjanemm, 2pt)
Score board
13 Sissel
9 Evan Chugg
8 Diana Barnes
8 Harrie
7 KarenZ
6 Henrik
5 Talla
4 Granyia
4 Matt
4 Stephanie Alice Halford
3 Alison
3 Cryphia
3 Michael Ross
3 Sa’Ke
3 Shérine France
2 Arjanemm
2 Dorkviking
2 Kelda
2 Lughduniense
2 Lurking
2 Spica´s mate, St. Ananas
1 Bobbi
1 Edward
1 Irpsit
1 Maggiemom

Burning Bananas

2013-11-16 22.54.35

  • bananas
  • butter
  • sugar
  • orange juice
  • rum

Cut the bananas in halfs. Heat a pan and add a little butter. Start roasting the bananas. Once they are done on one side flip them over and while you are doing this add some sugar, so it can start creating caramel. Add some orange juice (best a fresh one from real oranges. (You can also add some orange filets)) And let it cook for a minute. Add rum and set the whole desert on fire. Serve.
This is a very easy delicious desert i created. The appearance might not be perfect but the taste is.

CARL (The Sleepy Riddler) & SPICA (The Burning Baker)


247 thoughts on “Etna, Nishinoshima & Riddles

  1. Boris just analysed the height of the fast growing NSE crater compared to the old SE crater and the (still) highest point of Etna, the NE crater:
    “The fastest-growing volcanic cone on Earth grows past its older brother – Etna’s New Southeast Crater, 2013”.
    See the VC Facebook site!

  2. Anti-cyclonal snow-guns…
    That is when you have an arctic depression meeting moist oceanic air and it blows in towards land. Nothing on the planet dumps as much snow as this little phenomenon. I am at the receiving end of one right now. 1dm of snow in 15 minutes. Will definitly be a white christmas.

  3. As it was snowing, I went into a bar in north-east Sweden tonight. There was this dude telling tales of something called SIL in a dead Zone. Almost froze when I heard mentioned the “dead Zone”. Very scary thing, causing 60.000 deaths just 230 years ago. So, announcing: IMO SIL IN DEAD ZONE, just east of LAKI *applause*

  4. M5.5 – 221km W of Brookings, Oregon.

    This is on the back side of the explorer plate. On the SE corner is the Mendocino triple junction. (A very noisy area, it’s a triple junction)

    A M 5.5 in a normal mode fault (what the beach ball says) yeilds about 10.35 cm of extention. This could be a precursor, but the Explorer plate historically has had some faily large quakes in its mid section, so it could be nothing. Whether the Cascadia responds or not is yet to be seen.

    • ok I still have no idea – cornelius crane ‘chevy’ chase and every textile I can find still don’t make a volcano throwing tarka the otter into hot oil doesn’t seem to help either – figured these partial thought might be some use to someone though?

        • My brain has been working on “denim” and “twill” last night, names which describe the real jeans fabric. “Denim” is the name of the (cotton “twill”) textile and “twill” is the name of the special weaving method used.
          Still missing the otter, the volcano, the Chevy part and the link between all these objects.

          But the beautiful white snowflakes falling here today will surely inspire us to find the correct answer!

  5. Think maggiemom found it! Wikipedia says about the Cheviot Hills: “The hills were the site of a battle between English and Scottish forces in The Ballad of Chevy Chase”.

  6. I guess that Cheviot has gone the way of Corduroy and Gabardin. All ye olde fabrics are unknown to all the youngsters in VC. I guess that if people made merkins out of those materials there would be greater knowledge in the field 😉

  7. Oh Dear I missed the Riddles….. I almost nearly Missed Shteve too!
    Steve…..You live in Brighton? Oh Yes! it would be good to meet up for Coffee 🙂 :).
    I don’t know Brighton at all, but I am good at finding my way round places. I will leave it to you to contact me via the VC Communications System 😀
    This sounds rather naughty but Any time, Any Place from Wednesday….Preferably a week day as My son will no doubt have the weekend planned already……
    ROFL! I feel a song coming on……….

    • Oh and I looked for a Happy Song for Irpsit and came up with this…… 😀 😀
      Always remember bad times today will be yesterday tomorrow …… Do take care of yourself Irpsit, and also everyone in VC who s feeling one degree under…….
      Just be Happy that you are not the unlucky cockroach at the end of the clip 😀 😀

  8. Seems serious uplift started near Skrokkalda about 14 days ago, as Carl pointed out yesterday. Since year 2000 the uplift has been 3,0 cm or 50% abowe average. The nearest Volcano is Hágöngur (Syðri- and Nyrðri-) to west of Hágöngulón. However guessimating where the uplift centers, it appears be either West or South of SKRO (SKR SIL) that is located on top of hill Skrokkalda (BodyWave Volcano?)

    • My guess is that the uplift is pretty much exactly Southwest of SKRO. And not that far away judging from the fact that the intrusion is not showing on many SILs. Localized event, but quite clear. It started at the same time as the Nyidalur deep quakes.

        • It is on the Tungnafellsjökull fissure swarm, but as you know from other fissure swarms the magma can come from down under to if there is a rifting going on.

          • Yep, shurely can. It will be interesting see (FOX, CNN, CNBC, CCTV, BBC, GSTV, VCCN) news anchor try prounounce and then translate it -without beeing accused beeing on drugs.
            So, if they be watching (this blog) here are my 500 $ (USD) worth translation, seriously.
            (It they use it I charge USD 500 upon first airing usage!)
            “High-Walking-Mountain-Dam(s)” near “Tong-Fell-Glacier”, where upon or near runs the “Cold-Whispering-River” that appears be wapourized by that eruption at “Dynamite-plains”… 🙂

  9. 100000 comments!!!
    I think I’ve read them all…
    Here’s to the next 100000; and friends who’ve never met.

  10. Congratulations and a big thank you to Maggiemom for solving the riddle. I had actually gotten to the reference of the Ballad of Chevy Chase cited in Chevy’s bio and did not take it a step further. Kicks self in the butt, 😦

  11. I was going through the iceland gps time series, the links were posted above. I was trying to link anomalies in the gps data to events that happened, like the selfoss quake of 2008.
    Another clear one is ofcourse the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. Like Thorvaldseyri (THEY) showing nice deflation as expected. But Skoga (SKOG) had 140 mm of uplift at the same time?? It’s a bit hard to pull exact dates from the graphs. Did the uplift happen during or just before the eruption. It looks like during the eruption to me but i can’t think of a mechanism for it. Does anyone know what happened?

    • Ah, 20% eruptable it said some where. Uplift is in February/March 2010, only some kilometers south of where Fimmvörðuháls erupted – Total up 120 mm, but sunk just 20mm after that one started 21 March 2010. Did not budge despite 14 April 2010 eruption in main crater. This says the intrusion is still in situ, likely cooling as we speak.

      • Thanks. Doesn’t that mean it was a magmatic emplacement in a more ore less seperate magma chamber/storage area? And still being able to up the pressure on the main chambers enough to start the eruption?

        • no. it probably be a sill of thick magma (just 10 cm thick) as explained by several Geologists at the time and after, and mostly cold by now. A tongue may have triggered April 14th eruption, but a new, fresh one, be needed to start next one (if it hits fragnated pot), a pot we do not know if eists there (likely not). 10 km to east lies Katla etc… still no traces of it stirring much.

        • There are two mechanisms that can intiate an eruption.

          1) A plate movement or shift that opens up a fissure. The North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate are the dominant forces that govern how the Hreppar and Tröllaskagi microplates jostle between the two.

          2) Magma “chamber” hoop stress exceeding the pressure needed to overcome the sheer strength of the rock, augmented with the lithostatic stress from the overlying rock. In this case, as long as the “chamber” pressure remains high enough, a dike can continue propagating towards the surface. As soon as it drops below that value, the dike slams shut and no eruption occurs.

        • Thanks for explaning, all tree of you. I guess this emplacement was a rather small event in the grand scheme of things that let to the eruption of Eyla.

    • Eyja was a rather neat eruption to predict: swarms of quakes, mostly deep, for weeks (3 months) before the eruption, and then sudden GPS movements in those stations prior to the eruption. However, those swarms did not had any large earthquake.

      I think other than the sudden GPS, this is being observed now in Askja, Hamarinn and sometimes at Kverfjoll, but activity is rather calm in those spots now. These swarms can go for years and nothing happens.

    • Hello Pyter! Thank you for letting us know when you find something interesting! I am sure that you wanted to show something like this: but on the link you posted there is only fog to be seen.

      The thing is with webcams, they go on with time, and when I use your link an hour later, it shows something completely different. So, if you want to show us a certain picture, you need to save it first and then link to it.

      You can do this by either saving the picture from the webcam to your computer first, and then upload it to a webserver like (Or, if you have a direkt URL to a picture like your’s above – it must end in .jpg – you just copy the URL and on tinypic you choose URL and paste your URL into the form). You will then be shown an (almost) permanent link for your picture which you can post here.

      With that we all can see the same picture at any time, the very one you thought was interesting. Keep it up!

  12. A day when I find a new Icelandic volcano is a better day then most… Especially if it has erupted in post-glacial times… I will so get back to this one tomorrow… If I can just find some more info on it.

  13. I’ve been working on saving a pic of Sakurajima to tinypic, but no success so far. Anyway, it’s been blashting like crazy the whole time I have not captured a photo. Blashting was a typo, but I think Shteve will like it.

  14. Ok, now SakuraJima is really starting to get me intrigued. It’s been erupting for almost an hour straight. While I don’t believe the eruption to have the highest plume, it’s not exactly “puffing along” either. It’s been erupting pretty legitimately the entire time.

    Most of the time it erupts, even if the initial eruption is fairly large, it’ll taper out after 4-5 minutes max. From what I see, this represents something somewhat different from most of what we’ve been seeing recently, or even within the last 4-5 years.

    • Still going, but now it seems to be mainly steam, but loads of steam compared to normal. I wonder if there is fresh water entering somehow…

  15. Interesting that the “peaks” on the lava flow(?) are still so hot.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Only problem… Those placles where not hit by the latest lava flows.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  16. A little late, and a bit dated, but quite eloquent… Thanksgiving planning in America.

    Preparatory note… Johnny Carson, well known comedian, was also known for the large number of divorces he has had.

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