Hotspot or hot spot & Christmas Riddles

Ice bridge next to Kverkfjöll.

Ice bridge next to Kverkfjöll.

During the last few weeks I have been rather confused by how people use the word Hotspot. During the weekend a lot of people posted that a Hotspot had been found at Chaíten. This surprising news had me spending an entire day looking for a scientific paper supporting the find of a Hotspot/Mantleplume under this subduction volcano. In the end I could not find one, instead I found that on a satellite image there had been seen a thermal anomaly, or in normal language, a hot spot on top of the volcano. How wrong things can become now and then in the language of Volcaneese.

In Iceland there has been more of the activity in and around Vatnajökull, but it is still unclear exactly what is going on. The 3.1M under Kverkfjöll was tectonic, but a large tectonic earthquake in a fissure swarm almost always leads to magma moving into the opened fault. Time will tell what is going on, and what the effects will ultimately be.

Nut Conglomerate
A recipe by my grandmother called Nußzwieback. And as long as my granny was so well loved, it must not be missing among our X-mas cookies.

3 full egs
200g sugar
250g flour
200g raisins
500g walnuts
rum, salt, vanille sugar, lemon zest.

Put the eggs the flour and the sugar into a bowl and stir with a spoon.
Add the nuts and raisins and stir again.
Heat the oven at 180C. Form long heaps on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Bake till the dough is dry and slightly golden.
Let it cool and cut into thin slices. Serve.

You can vary this recipe according to your taste. You could add a little cacao, or exchange the nuts with almonds or hazelnut ( at least partly) You can use dried plums or any other dried fruit like apricots. The recipe is very very easy and done in 3 minutes.
It is not necessarily a Christmas recipe. It tastes good with wine and can be done in a short time if unexpected guests arrive.


Last week I had the joy of being able to participate in the Riddling and through dogged work and luck I got my first two points. Thank you to Spica and Cryphia for doing last weeks Riddles. Now I fully understand the joy of hunting obscure clues.

As usual two points will be awarded before I append clues, after that 1 point will be awarded. In the lead there is a fierce competition between Sissel and Evan Chugg, and with this being the second last Riddle-session it seems to come down to goal-cam to decide who will grab the win.

Fellation Necesse Est

  1. Foggy life-partner of + Image – Medvedev is of course the foggy life-partner of Putin and that leads to the volcano of Místi also known as Wawa Putina (Sissel, 2pt)
  2. Severely domed hardworking hill – Cerro Machín (Granyia, 1pt for Machín & KarenZ, 1pt for Cerro)
  3. Highest tiger of Indrapura – Kerinci (KarenZ, 2pt)
  4. High flying garden state. Oranges and doves? – Taveuni (Sissel, 1pt) Taveuni in Fiji is known as the Garden Island, and it is also a state. It is also the home of the Orange Dove, and renowned for its 1.8km high lava fountains.
  5. Volcanic wetlands and a dolly on a guano refugee camp – Christmas Island is a refugee camp, a guano mine and the wetland is filled with Basalt extrusions, and the Dolly is an old volcano. (Alison, 2pt)
Score board
16 Sissel
15 Evan Chugg
9 KarenZ
8 Diana Barnes
8 Harrie
7 Shérine France
6 Alison
6 Henrik
5 Talla
4 Arjanemm
4 Cryphia
4 Graniya
4 Kelda
4 Matt
4 Stephanie Alice Halford
3 GeoLurking
3 Michael Ross
3 Sa’Ke
2 Carl
2 Dorkviking
2 Lughduniense
2 Maggiemom
2 Spica´s mate, St. Ananas
1 Bobbi
1 Bruce Stout
1 Edward
1 Irpsit

CARL (The Grinchy Christmas Riddler) & SPICA (Christmaster Baker)

247 thoughts on “Hotspot or hot spot & Christmas Riddles

  1. Shérine found this – perhaps she could give us a short tutorial for web digging. I am always amazed at what she can bring back in her nets.

    This is like you said Carl, the two islands are probably going to connect some time. Also I note that there seems only one lavaflow, but I’m wondering if there is not a submarine lava effusion….

    • Seems I was very accurate, the lava flow towards Nishinoshima is quickly closing the gap between Nijima and Nishinoshima. Should be one island before christmas. Note that Nijima is twice the size compared to the last update I did.
      I think that there are flows running in tubes now filling up around the island below the surface.
      This is by far the most scientifically interesting eruption this year (together with Jebel al-Zubair.

      • yup it is a pity that it is so remote. That is why I have a small grudge against the spaniards for neglecting a tremendous source of data with Bob. If they had had a correct management they could have boosted the tourism in the area by at least a factor of 2 And got really a horkload of data enabling them to produce scientific litterature for years.

      • I suspect Shérine of working for the DGSE (our french NSA).
        By the way the french are not so bad for spying and this agency has had some successes. They employ some high rise math guys (as much a french specialty as cheese but less tasty).
        It is not glorious, but France (well it’s the Bull company, a former french IT gold nugget) sold a spying internet system to Khadafi.
        No wonder we sent our Rafales to get him down. Congrats to the Swedes by the way for their new contract with Brasil for the Gripen.

        • Thank you!
          I though think this was a poke at the Americans for bugging the Brazilian presidents phone. So, it would have been either Rafale or JAS planes in the end.

          • The Gripen is a very impressivie aircraft.
            Saab builds good aircraft. The Draken
            is a classic.Remember a tale of an Austrian
            J35 cleaning a USAF F-16’s clock in a mock

            • I have spent many, many years championing Gripen in my own very small way (and been rewarded with a flight in it 🙂 🙂 🙂 ), so the news was very welcome, especially coming on the same day that the Swedes actually signed up fully for the next generation). Wish I had been in Linköping. However, there’s no Brazil contract yet, so till the proverbial fat lady sings …..

              Fantastic though Gripen may be, it’s still what the Aussies call a ‘PFJ’ (plastic fag jet). Not a real aircraft like the Viggen!

            • In reallity it was Putin and his bomb-runs against our capital that made us order the Super-Gripen.

              And yes… It is a PFJ compared to Viggen, but especially compared to the Draken.¨
              Something tells me that the Super-Gripen will be the last manned aircraft I will see ordered by the Swedish Airforce.

            • Ya want scary? Word is that Google just bought Boston Dynamics, makers of “Big Dog.”

              The only question I can come up with is “Uh… why?” Maybe they wish to produce a viable package delivery service rather than using size limited drone technology.

              I’m sorry, but Big Dog just has an aire of creepiness to it.


              Now wander over into books past read…. “Snow Crash” has an entity known as “Rat Things” (based on how they appeared to the other characters.) They were ultrafast cyberdized dogs.

            • Or Google just want to cash in on a future defense contract.

              What makes google so scary is that they have a business intelligence outfit that is far beyond anyone else, so they pretty much now what is going to happen with companies before they make a business investment. I bet there will be a big order for Big Dogs soon.

        • Ah Dfm, even if that were the case and I work for “Surveillance du territoire”, do you think I would say ? 😉
          The Rafale is too expensive, even though and it is much better quality, this is the main reason for this series of failure in the sales. Yes congrats to Sweden!

      • Hoi Richard.

        Sure, but I think the lava is also getting out under the surface. Anyway if you look at the picture of the “old island” it has been battered by the waves and has lot a lot of its original surface. It is the endless game of lava and water. There is a lot of turbulence between the 2 islands and it seems thereis a reef of some sort so that breaks the waves too.

        picture courtesy of the JCG

    • DING!!!
      But of course it is Christmas Island. It is a refugee camp, a guano factory and the wetland is filled with Basalt extrusions, and the Dolly is an old volcano.

  2. 2. Mount Labo, a potentially active stratovolcano in the Philippines. Labo is a forested 1544 metre high andesitic stratovolcano, surrounded by numerous andesitic to dacitic satellite lava DOMES. -Wikipedia-

    • Dunno, if so, I find it quite educational. Following Rutan Hill, I eventually wound up at a graphic of a subduction zone that is bass ackwards. I guess things worked differently in the Silurian. Rutan Hill is a diatreme from that time frame and was a rsult of magma generated from a subducting plate as the various volcanic islands were scraped off and plastered onto what became the Atlantic Seaboard. (Think of a Wrangellia sort of terane formation, but on the other side of the craton and much older.)

      It may be wrong but it is entertaining as hell.

      Being a dad can be quite fun. While my wife was at the hospital (she’s out now and quite happy), she mentioned that her daughter was going to pick up a pair of slippers for her. Later that day, while talking to the daughter, she asked how her mom was doing. I noted that they were still doing tests, and that for the most part, things were well, other than her being quite pissed off at having cold feet and not being able to keep them warm.

      Now… I didn’t lie, and I didn’t make anything up. But the way I presented it to her made her quite happy at the idea of getting something that would make her mom more comfortable. All I did was reinforce an idea that she already was taking action on, and made her feel much better about herself.

      Ya see, there is more than one way to skin a cat. :D.

      BTW, the wife is back home, is okay, and things are fine. (added bonus, the Doc even reinforced something that I have been telling her for years. Take some sort of “B” vitamin. I use “B” vitamins as over-all energy boosters for when the caffeine in my coffee runs out. By that time the B vitamin is in my system and I can keep going with little mental fatigue.

      • Very nicely done, and I speak as someone who works in social care 🙂
        One of the people I look after went out this evening; he’s not good with bad weather (or even warm weather) and he’d planned on eating out before the concert at a fish n’ chip joint, a short walk from the theater…
        He could have gone with me, but his preference was to go with my colleague; who was already busy and didn’t fancy the walk along a windy seafront from the chippy to the venue with a nervous unsteady resident.
        So when he phoned to check on the arrangements for the evening I told him that he could go with me and have dinner out, or he could go with his favoured carer and i would cook him a nice tea at home… I also mentioned that it would make life easier for him since it would save a walk along the seafront in inclement weather.
        Everyone’s a winner 😀

        • Well, both my parents are gone, and I know full well the internal angst that a person can carry around. All I was doing was re-enforcing a mother-daughter interaction that she will remember some time further down the line.

          Even Step-dads can care.

            • No problem, I caught the gist of what you were saying. No harm, no foul… no hits no runs, no errors….:D.

              My Step-dad follow-up was in support of other step dads out there. We are a much maligned group.

              “Man, my step-dad is a @#$ jerk!” → Yeah, we can be, though we don’t really want to be that way. There is always a reason for everything. It may not always be obvious, but there is a reason. Usually we are assholes when someone tries to walk on us.

      • Glad she’s ok. Wife and I have no kids or close family.
        By that, I mean nearby. All scattered from south coast
        of Oregon to Colorado to Kentucky ..
        Been snowing all day now raining.It’s
        -2C btw…

        • Right now she’s mad at the dog. What she doesn’t understand is that the dog is happy to see her. Lord help anybody that ever tries to harm her. Actually, I do not wish them mercy. They will deserve loosing an appendage to the dog. This is the large one, and is the specific reason why I told the grand kid that the dog could stay here. To me, he is a big old goof ball, but pissed off, I know what he can do.

          When growing up, my Doberman about took the ass off the neighbor’s kid. Usually he and I never got along, but it was during one of our more sociable phases and he and I were in the back yard. Dog’s tend to remember stuff and people that screw around with them. I had to literally tackle the dog and hold him down so that the neighbors kid could flee to safety. What the grandkid’s dog lacks in speed, he makes up for in sheer mass and power. (Doberman’s are Gawd awful fast)

    • Or Mt St Joseph which is part of Lassen Volcanic Centre. St Joseph is the patron saint of hard workers. But this is not close to Cerro Machin 😕

      • I’m not Catholic, but I’ll stick with St Nicholas thank you very much. Someone has to look after the sailors. 🙂

        Additionally:“He was also a patron of the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine emperors”

        [Varangian Guard] known for being primarily composed of Germanic peoples, specifically, Scandinavians (the Guard was formed 60 years before the end of the Viking age) and Anglo-Saxons from England (particularly after the Norman Invasion).

        They were principally known for their loyalty and dedication to duty. And since they were not local, they typically didn’t have any grievances to take action on.

        {I would have said “didn’t have an axe to grind”, but linguistically, that would have been difficult to pull off with a straight face. It’s like the ultimate pun given the subject, but don’t think I didn’t consider it.}

        • St. Nick-the real one has always been a favorite of
          mine. My Catalina 25 came with a little plastic St.
          Nick glued to the bulkhead. One of the co-owners
          removed him. He ran aground in the Columbia river.
          Un charted sandbar. St.Nick was back the next week..

    • Well, if your going to drag Roman Goddesses into the equation, (derived from Artemis, goddess of wild animals) I’m going to counter with Aphrodite, re-worked as Rome’s Venus. Just for the entertainment value 😀

      Goddess on the mountain top
      Burning like a silver flame
      The summit of beauty and love
      And Venus was her name

      She’s got it
      Yeah, baby, she’s got it

  3. At the same time in Loonville they have gone Berzerk with the news that the wordls largest tunnel boring machine has gotten stuck under Seattle. For some reason those responsible for building the tunnel named the object that stoped the honking big machine into “The Object”.
    So, now Loonville is ripe with rumours of UFOs and other whatnots.

    Either it is a spinning boulder as suggested in this article, or a kimberlite pipe. But then I am a very boring fart. What they expected when they named it “The Object” heaven only knows, PR failure anyhow.
    Thanks to Richard van Dijk who brought it to my attention.

    • “The sudden SR99 tunnel obstruction has been causing speculation among historians, engineers and Seattleites this past week, and Ivar’s representatives announced today they may have the answer: a 70-foot clamosaurus.

      “Ivar’s records and historical anecdotes reveal restaurant ‘flounder’ Ivar Haglund bred an oversized ‘proto-clam.’ Ivar’s mysterious pet was a prized possession spotted around town until it abruptly disappeared in 1937 when Haglund moved his Seattle aquarium from Harbor Avenue in West Seattle to Pier 3 (now Pier 54). Legend has it the 70-foot shellfish creature fell off a truck bed near South Jackson Street, approximately where Bertha is currently stuck. Coincidence?”

      • Kidding aside. The thing is stuck in fill material that was dumped there in the past. Right now, the plan is to drill down and dewater the area in front of the TBM, then pump down concrete to lock whatever the problem strata is in place, then bore through that.

        Additionally, from a vid about new railway line construction in South England, there seem to be two basic designs of TBMs. On for chewing through rock, and one for boring through porous sediment. The sediment version uses a slurry of bentonite clay to provide a seal in the surrounding strata as it scrapes and knocks loose material along the boring path. In other words, that particular head may not be matched to whatever it encountered.

      • “Everything from a buried locomotive to outgoing Mayor McGinn’s buried bicycle has been hypnotized as to the cause for the shut down. This, despite numerous reports from Tunnel Partners and Washington State Department of Transportation spokesmen, that Bertha has progressed beyond former land fills, and is well into “native” ground.

        In other words, is into glacial till and out of human dumped fill material.

        Bertha is an Earth Pressure Balance Shield. (EPB). EPB’s are shield machines designed to burrow through soft under ground conditions containing water under pressure, such as loose sedimentary deposits with large boulders and a high water table.

        So.. concidering that they may have been into glacial till, and that the area was subject to glacial ourbreak floods (Missoula floods) it is not out of the question that they may have hit one of the massive boulders that this sort of flood can push along with ease. We’ve all seen videos of what the smaller Jökulhlaups can do. The Columbia river gorge was formed from flooding such as this, when an ice dam gives way and releases an entire glacial lake. And… since the TBM is optimized for softer sediment like material, it may just not be up to this particular object. What ever it is.

        Here is one of the objects that were deposited by those floods.

        Theoretically, the TBM should have been able to tear right through it, if it had the right cutting head.

    • Would be an interesting location for a kimberlite pipe. Don’t kimberlite pipes typically form in cratons, and not accretionary terrain?

      If it is a Kimberlite pipe, that could be an interesting development for the mining community.

  4. No 4: Ok, long shot: the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP), possible cause of the 201,564,000-year Triassic extinction event, which basalts span the borders of the North Atlantic and can also be found in New Jersey. May have been a hell of a high continent splitting eruption 🙂

  5. Mornin all,
    For the Canaryphiles 😀
    Interesting paper here, documents an eruption triggered landslide on Tenerife, such landslides are not unusual, but the triggers are poorly understood partly because “imprecise time constraints (arising largely from the difficulty of dating largely recycled material) commonly hinder robust correlation with possibly related events…”

    Click to access doc.pdf

    • Also ran across this little beaut tother day:

      Click to access Montelli.pdf

      A new tomography method is used to look at a number of plumes, one juicy quote: “Azores and Canary are distinct plumes down to 1450 km, where they merge together and bend eastward to reach the bottom of the mantle at about 30 degrees North, 10 degrees west. Farther south but less well resolved the Cape Verde plume joins the complex at 1900km depth.”

      • Oh well, since i’m in the mood; does anyone else print the papers on their schpecialist subject and file them for future reference? I may be old fashioned but I do prefer to read a hardcopy of the full on technical stuff, I go a bit cross eyed if I read it on screen.
        If you have an kindle, they offer a useful service which converts pdfs to kindle format, it’s not perfect, but a good compromise if you don’t want to print stuff.
        The ftp sites, where pdfs are often found are not the most longlived/ reliable, so it’s probably worth downloading a local copy at the very least. Geolurking has mentioned a way of making local pdf libraries searchable…

        • Ideally, you would set up a Linux machine with access to teh directory that the pdfs are then dropped into. Using HTDig as your search engine, and providing a pdf to txt utility to it, you would have your own private little Google local web page that would key-word search the documents and provide a link to the local file. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to set up, but it is doable with the right amount of perseverance and skill. I did it a few years ago, but since I no longer work out of that ISP, I had to pull my server. (it was a benny for being the site admin). It will work just fine on your local network, but would not be accesible to the outside world without some additional shenanigans, and that could lead you into trouble with whoever actually owns the documents, so I don’t recommend that last step.

        • In the Adobe reader you can do an “Advanced search” (see Edit menu) of content not only in the open pdf, but also in all pdf documents in a specific folder.

            • Valid observation. But once it is set up, it is peicemeal to update the indexing, and it provides a quicker smoother access to the relevant documents… and it reads and understands boolean search strings. example: lava +viscosity -burrito

              A side benifit, you can set up a separate index file for a particular website and index the shit out of it. I thought about doing that to IGN. Since it’s behavior is determined by who runs it, I can have it ignore the robots.txt file and index wherever the links lead to, and how deep. It also has the ability to lie to the site being indexed. Back when I ran it, I called it “NSAspider.” I imagine that it spooked more than a couple of admins reviewing their access logs. Now, knowing what this critter is capable of, it is fairly easy to understand what the actual spooks can pull off with data and info that is freely published by all the potential “targets” worldwide by a motivated and cryptologically savvy intelligence organization.

              Warning, paranoid thinking follows: Imagine this scenario. An organization with ultra deep pockets has their program writers craft a similar critter that can index all the conversations and posts on a website. If some areas are locked, simply have the crypto side of the crew grind through their password algorythems and waltz right on through. Once the data is archived, you can have your Pearl based search routines grind through that data archive, looking for connections and word patterns that may be of use to you. You can fine tune what you are looking for by reviewing and researching behaviors present in massively multiplayer worlds such as Second Life or the Sims Online. This gaming research allows you to develop a model for indicators of future behavior and tells you what you should look for. Applied to the data archive scrounged from the real world, that gives you a leg up on finding future “criminals” or aberrant behavior.

              Loon? You decide. My reasoning is tempered by years of experience working with servers and algorithms/programs, and by watching the public relations press releases by companies that have been invested in by In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA. I don’t have any proof that is what is/has happened, but given the resources, it is not out of the question. In other words, it is fully plausible. Most detractions from this line of thinking have to do with constitutional limitations, and we can see quite clearly how relevant that is to the actions of the (or any) administration. Aside from that, technical issues can limit this interplay, but technical issues only require a bit of thought and perseverance to overcome or bypass. (from a technician’s point of view BTW.)

              There is no need to be horrified by the dystopian civilizations of Neuromancer, Snowcrash, or Ghost in the Shell. We are and live in a more horrendous dystopian culture here in the real world. 1984 was a warning, not a freeking instruction manual.

            • Want to get really spooky? One of the companies they invested in was doing research into maintaining a Geospatial “fix” on a small device by augmenting the GPS satellite data with terrestrial radio signals.

              In other words, when the GPS satellite fix is lost when the target enters a building, the device can still track their location by using terrestrial radio. Similar in operation to differential GPS (old technology) it probably required a purpose designed transmitter, though the way the article was reading, they were planning on using normal terrestrial broadcast signals. In other words, radio stations.

              Less spooky, but nonetheless weird. Another company they invested in was working on something best described as “directed lightning” Essentially, a high voltage charge is stored up, and an ion channel is formed with a laser from the discharge probe to the target. Once the ion channel if formed, the cap bank dumps it’s energy down the channel to the target. This idea may have been fully developed into a working prototype for IED destruction in Iraq, but I lost the source article. I do know that a lightning research lab has been using artificially formed ion channels to steer real lightning into a specified target. I think they trigger the lightning when the charge on a passing cloud is high enough and then firing a small rocket trailing a wire up into it. The laser creates the channel from the expected strike point to the test target.

              As bizarre as this sounds, it’s actually quite sound in principle. Real lightning occurs when step leaders eventually connect, giving the main charge a path. These step leaders are channels of ionized air that form and then slowly (relatively speaking) move in steps towards the opposite charge. I’ve saw one photograph of a lightning strike and in the foreground one of the photographers companions had a step leader coming off of his head. Had that leader been the one to connect, he would have been the discharge path (and likely dead).

              Safety Note: If you are ever in a thunderstorm, and the hair on the back of your arm literally stands up, you have become charged and are in imminent danger. I was at a friends birthday party and we were all in the garage watching the storm when this happened to me. Within seconds, a nearby tree got whacked. Afterwards, the hair wasn’t standing up anymore. Here is the reason why it happens. Like charges repel each other. When you accumulate a charge, it concentrates on pointy objects. As each hair accumulates a charge, it is repelled from the other hairs that are carrying the same polarity charge, and stands up or as far away from the other accumulated charge as it can. This is not a full proof method of detecting danger, charges can accumulate or decline quite fast. It’s just that if you notice it, take shelter fast.

            • Re lighting. I experienced the arm hair
              Thing while on the wing of a DC6 fuelling. Threw the hose Dow to the
              Gas kid yelled “LIGHTNING!!!!” and
              Dove through the overwing emergency hatch
              The bolt struck on the ramp between the aircraft and the pilots shack…

    • Factoid… you can drive into New Jersey for free. You can even pay the fee for the permit to go stand on the beach, but you have to pay a toll to get out of New Jersey.

      Unless you are a local, and know where a toll free route is at. I wasn’t from Jersey, so all I found was the cheapest easy method out. At the time, I was able to do it for 50 cents… plus an extra 80 miles of driving. That put me into the Philadelphia shipyard within time to make it to muster.

      Side note. Why I farking hate AlGore. That SOB had a fundraiser party at Bon Jovi’s house. Fker had all traffic in central Jersey screwed up for hours due to his security detail. I didn’t get home until 2300 that night. Remember, it’s all about Al. Screw the rest of the world. I hope the fat Fk chokes on a bean sprout.

  6. Taveuni is elongated shield volcano on Taveuni Island, Fiji, and its peak (Mount Uluigalau) reaches 1,241 meters above sea level. Taveuni has abundant flora and is known as the ‘Garden Island of Fiji’. -Wikipedia –

  7. Looks like we got a cooling quake underneath Grimsvotn.




    3.8 km



    2.1 km N of Grímsfjall

  8. Eric has a very interesting artical about coming up with a new calassification system for volcanic eruptions. I agree a new one is needed, and also agree it wil take a generation for any new system to become commonly used.

    also, thr pliney awards voting is open. Tolbiachik gets my vote.

  9. “photographer Shawn Clover has been working on a striking series of then and now composite photos of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake”

    Some of them are quite eerie.

    Full site with other photo montages.

    Much of the city was inside the MMI – X shaking region seeing as the epicenter for the Mag 7.8 quake was just outside the entrance to the bay on the south side of the channel, and about 8 km depth.

    • Good find. An original undertaking. 16 and 25 are really interesting. On 16 you can see the fault displacement. On 25 the steel structure is still standing, apparently undamaged. 20 is not bad also, the tram railway has moved quite well

    • Wow, that is amazing artwork! Great photos and accurately stitched, they give an eerie sense of a time journey. Thanks for posting it here!

  10. Hi all,
    a merry xmas and a happy new year, I will be back next year, I am still having some time out, in the mean time I came across this xmas story, have your tissues handy, take care Ursh

      • thanks, it is hot here low to high thirties, yak, got my aircon going, like closing windows doors draw blinds until the seabreeze hits to cool off for the night, oh well it is summer for the next two month, will most likely re-locate within the next three month if everything goes to plan, had a misshap and have to take it easy, which is a blessing in disguise, I needed to slow down, was burning the candle at both ends

  11. Merry Chrismas Ursh.

    And for anyone travelling in Europe around Christmas, mother nature has planned the next storm at 24 and 25 december. Around midnight 24 december a very strong low pressure (930 Mb, some models are going to 920Mb) will hit Northern Ireland and Scotland. The result will be that along the whole coast of West-Europe (Ireland+ UK+the North Sea+ North Spain and France) there will be (very) strong winds.

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