El Hierro going bananas?

If one looks closely one can see that La Restinga is nested among a lot of small and not so small cones and vents.

If one looks closely one can see that La Restinga is nested among a lot of small and not so small cones and vents.

I have for quite some time had an issue with the Mogi-model as soon as it is used outside of a central volcano. At a central volcano it makes sense to use a point sourced half sphere as a model for predicting amount of magma intruding into the system from given GPS-coordinates. If only the crust is thick enough and if you know the approximate depth of the magma reservoir you will get pretty good and reliable numbers. If the crust is thinner you should though allow for a semi-elastic bottom, or in other words, allow for a slightly dented full sphere.

Problem is that we often are dabbling with volcanic systems that lack a central volcano such as rifting fissure volcanoes. As most of you know those are pretty much the standard type in Iceland.

A while ago I was pondering about a recent paper by Sturkel (2013) about Heklas volcanic plumbing in which he used a point source half sphere. Only problem is that Hekla is a rifting fissure that gotten stuck so that it masquerades as a central volcano. This has a few interesting effects that I will get back to another time, let us just say that I got interested in other shapes than point sourced half spheres.

Hekla is in a way easy since we fairly well know how the fissure swarm is oriented, but in other volcanoes we really do not know the shape and orientation of the underlying fissure swarms, or in the case of El Hierro how the faultlines are shaped. All that the literature gives us is that El Hierro has 3 arms and make up roughly into a Mercedes-star without the ring around.

Prediction stress field

You just gotta love that it the stress field is not this complicated.

You just gotta love that the stress field is not this complicated.

Instead I realized that I could use the data points from the GPS and make a prediction field over the sum of motions recognized by the publicly available GPSs on El Hierro (IGN-set). Since I did not have access to the raw data points I tried my best to get x,y,z,(t*)-coordinates out of the image for today, so it is bound to be a bit fuzzy. But with many GPSs the fuzziness is really quite acceptable and would not have made a great deal of difference (I hope).

Problem with El Hierro is that parts of the island is seismically dead due to alternating layers of old and cold basaltic intrusion, basaltic crustal under-layer, sedimentary mid-layer, hardened basalt top-layer, and variously hot intrusions. So, the magmatic intrusions are very hard to pinpoint from a depth perspective. That also makes the Mogi-model quite unreliable for this purpose and at El Hierro.

As magma moves into a system it creates stress, mainly on the top of the system. So instead of chasing the magma I used the GPS data to hunt where the stress would be the highest based on the various motion patterns over the time period, and then summing it. In short, creating a prediction stress field.

From that we know that the magma is lurking about below the stress field, and we get a general shape of how the intrusion(s) is/are shaped and how they are located. And since this is done in a 4D model we also get a rough estimate at the depth of the magma over time.

Another neat little feature of this is that we also get a probabilistic view of where the stress is highest in the model, and therefore we can deduce that an eruption should be most likely somewhere on top of the predicted stress field. This though should be seen from the point that El Hierro has unique weaknesses built into it. So, it is statistics, view it as such, but the most likely spot for a new eruption would be on top of the stress field with the center of attention slightly west of Pinar.


A stress field like this should conform to known features along a fissure line to be accurate, if the area has been subjected to previous intrusions there could be volcanic vents roughly forming the same shape as the predicted stress field, at least if it has erupted previously.


Prediction of magmaticaly induced stress field in a 4D model. Image by CARL.

Prediction of magmaticaly induced stress field in a 4D model. Image by CARL.

The stress field forms a roughly oblong shape that is slightly curved westwards in the middle and with an estimated average depth range at 4 – 10 km. Where a Mogi-model would have given a rough estimate of 0.15km3 the stress field equates to a maximum of 0.5km3 of magma.

We find that the shape of the stress field (represented by an actual banana) spans from Taibique in the North to La Restinga in the south and is half-moon shaped westwards. We also find that a spot near Pinar has suffered the greatest predicted strain and that the strain value roughly equates to 100 – 130mm of uplift.

It is here important to point out that the stress field continues outside of the boundaries here given, it is just that outside of this area it is below the cut-off value in the computer model.

Most important, we find that the banana covers more cones and vents than is found outside of the banana.

Why a banana in the picture? Well, first of all, my skills with Photoshop is really meagre so I could not import the image of the stress field from Mathematica to Photoshop, but mostly it is because I think a banana is way more cool than a banana-shaped blue blob.

*= Time-coordinate so that time can be used as the fourth dimension. After that it is just 4-position integers all the way (except that it is 4-way path integers)


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  1. 1. Is it just me or did Erik cheat on the Pliny this year and just picked Chaparrastique since it is close by in time and surprised us?

    2. I just realised that the Banana might point towards the inner side being more prone to a large landslide, but that might be over-analyzing it…

  2. I should also point out that this article is a test of a new modeling tool. So it is most likely open for all sorts of criticism. So gun away at me (or it). Let us say that it is a theory in the banana-stage.

    • Interesting… to get Banana shape, I was thinking “more” (or less) Kiwi or even Pear.
      Volcanic eruption lines mostly seem straight. Is there not reason for this?
      Not kidding, only some thou – landscape height must influence this too, “Chamber / Sill / Mesh / Matrix” likely be well below sea-bottom level (-3000m+landheight=4000m below surface),
      and to me “result” crack be orienred NNW and SSE (330 Deg).
      Can this “result” orientation(s) be used to reverse-engineer the stress vectors?
      *more rant, than exact knowledge*

      • Actually using the stress field gave exactly what you are looking for. It gave the most likely extent of the magma reservoir with it’s dykes and sills, and it was indeed fairly deep.
        What it never can do is explain why the shape is as it is more than that it is either showing the actual trajectory of the faultline at depth, or that there are other factors (unknown) at play.

        Edit: I think we will find over time that most times where there is fissure swarm or a faultline intersecting a volcanic system we will get something like a cigar or a banana.

      • Could the banana shape simply come from the position of the limited number of stations?
        I have no clue about 4d calculations, but my gut feeling tells me the results must be influenced by the location of the stations and they are more or less randomly distributed over the island.

        • Actually it is not imparting a lot of effect.
          First I calculated the spot where there should be maximum uplift for every datapoint-set (using data from all GPS-stations for that time-slice). That gave a lot of points for each time slice. These where then weighted and obvious nutty results was omitted. Then I redid it as a 4D model.
          Of course more is always better, but remember that the area in question has 5 GPS within 4km striking distance. The scale is really small compared to for instance Iceland.
          The lack of raw-data is much worse actually, and since this is prediction over a lot of points making a field even that did not matter that much (just made the shape a bit fuzzier than the raw data would have).
          So, no, the banana shape is indicative of the underlaying faultline (that we anyhow knew was there allready). It could though have been a cigar-shape or any sort of elongated oblong shape. Also note that the magma-reservoir is undoubtedly not looking like this, it is though located within the stressfield. Most likely it is just a stretched out system of dykes and sills following the faultline as it is a readily available fractured system of crushed rock for the magma to follow.

    • Remember that this is just fancy math. Volcanoes do as they wish, where they wish, when they wish, and if they wish.
      Also, there is almost no Harmonic Tremor at CRST-station, so it seems that no magma is moving there currently. So the only sign of anything even being possible right now is that the strain on the top layer is elevated there now.

        • If the Harmonic Tremor in the southern part of El Hierro starts to increase all of a sudden it would be time to move to the northeastern part for a while. But untill then I think there will not a be anything. (I hope)

            • CTAB is on the other side up at old El Golfo… So, if one goes by the HT the eruption would be on the northern beach or out in the ocean. A lot of people believed that was the case last time too… But instead we got Bob.
              I still think that the Bob-line is the spot that is the most volcanically active in El Hierro. The amount of youngish looking cones kind of support that notion.

    • Very nice article
      Well there is a fissure line just over la Restinga, So as the cones are monogenic I would not be over anxious. Anyway, like Carl said a volcano will do as it pleases. For the time being there is no sismicity directly under la Restinga…but there were some shallower events not far. So the problematic is still open.

  3. Carl, fascinating – even though visualising 4 dimensions are beyond me. IIRC the most recent Hierro subaerial lava flows are not so far away at El Julan, about 5km west of the banana. Cant recall which paper…one of Carrracedo I think.
    What other fruit can you come up with for previous GPS jumps?

    • Well, I do not have the datapoints for previous intrusions. So no fruits for those ones, also it takes many hours to pick out the points, and ontop of that hours of computer time even on a very fast computer.

      One should also notice (on the picture above) that there are several large lava flows surrounding La Restinga. One thing that struck me on the image above is that besides all of the cones and vents on the picture there is a sand-beach that is above sea level. A sign that there has been uplift episodes fairly recent that is not small. Take a look below that new hotel to the left and you will see the sandy beach.

      String theory (M-set) has 3 common spatial dimensions, 1 time-dimensions, and seven higher dimensions… among them gravity-dimension and one supergravity dimension and 5 membrane-dimensions. That is a booger to visualize in the poor ol’ noggin’.

      • Nothing a good bottle of Shiraz won’t fix. Great modelling Carl! (says a man of very little brain).. Now for the questions from the idiot’s bench (me): in what way does this model differ from a mere aggregate of GPS movement over time?

        • Good one!
          It is just a mere aggregate of GPS movement over time treated by a bit of fancy math. I just pulled out a stress field instead of going directly for the general uplift and motion since I could sidestep Mogis and lack of known depth.
          Basically, I was testing mathematical model to see if it gave useful data. And it did. In a way I guess it gave a better picture of how the faultline looks like at depth, but that is about it in the improvement field.

            • Problem is that different models give slightly different results and are also based on different mind-sets.
              So, a model that work for one person on one volcano will often not work as well for another person, or on another volcano.
              Because, a model is never the reallity, it is just an interpretation of the reallity from which we can draw conclusions. And since the model forms how we think about reallity we will percieve reality differently from different models.

              You will love the next time I use this particular model, it will give different result entirely than the standard model produced by Sturkel. And it will explain more in a simpler way. I just wanted to test the validity of the model on another volcano first so that people (you guys) know how it works.

  4. There are other models that deviate from the Mogi, some use vertical or horizontal cylinders and such, I just don’t have the ability to work them.

    Quick and dirty export function for Mathmatica. Get the display how you want it, then hit [prtscrn]. Open up photo-shop (or whatever) and [ctrl] [v] (paste) it into your graphics program.

    • Tried to post this earlier.Interesting that the earthquake lights
      were Alaskan. Old Capitan that I worked with was based at Anchorage in 1964 during the big Easter quake. He saw
      earthquake lights-“strange translucent colors,moving in a
      straight line”. This fellow had more time walking to and from
      airplanes than most people had flying them. Ex USAF, Air Sea
      Rescue. About as solid as they got.

  5. El Hierro is/could be headed for an interesting future but, alas, we’re speaking geological time here. If you recall the article about Roccamonfina, there is a 10 km thick sedimentary layer below the province of Campania but under the volcano, it’s only 5 km thick. The missing 5 km have been “consumed” forming the volcano and spewed out by its eruptions. Now, below El Hierro there is a rather thick, but not as thick, sedimentary layer which the basaltic magma has to pass through on its way from the mantle. As we know, there are numerous sills and dikes and sooner or later, this sedimentary layer will mix with magma. Instead of nice little mafic, red eruptions, the El Hierro of the future is quite likely to see violent, silicic eruptions.

    But that’s most likely tens of thousands of years in the future.

    • And after that it will be large nice basalt floods.
      I agree totally, right now it is mostly producing nice little cones.

    • Is this why Teide on Tenereife resembles more of a traditional stravolcano complete with a proper caldera and all?

      • Pretty much yes. And also age.
        But, El Hierro has had a proper volcano, the El Golfo Shield volcano, but that one slumped away out on the seafloor in a massive landslide. The remnant is Tanganasoga.

      • Evenin’ All
        Tenerife has had about 12 million years to develop compared to El Hierro’s ~1 million…
        So I guess it has had time to recycle the recycled rocks…
        El Hierro seems to be made up of fairly basic volcanic rock, whereas Tenerife has obsidian, phonolite and other more evolved volcanic products…

        • And there’s your answer Cbus! Once you get evolved magmas such as obsidian (dacite or rhyolite) and phonolites, you have to explain where they came from. The most likely answer, usually, is regurgitation of former crust even if some may come from differentiation (use the analog of a petrol refinery here) of magma allowed to evolve over thousands and tens of thousands of years.

  6. As I read this post I realized that there too many unknown expressions in it to me to understand the whole story, or even a nice piece of it. But this is a good occasion to ask questions, I suppose. – I would start with asking if anybody can explain (short) the basics of the Mogi-model. Anybody?

      • I think Carl is trying to prove that it’s not always a pea but it can also be a stick or a banana.Mogi thinks of a mushroom shaped intrusion.A half sphere shaped intrusion leading to a nice predictable bulge on the surface. El hierro is clearly not following those rules. But i have no clue how the math actually works.

        • Arjanemm, you got me spot on.
          And I shied away from talking about the math for a reason. That is where it starts to become hard to understand if you are not good at mathematics.
          But, the basic concepts are not so hard.

          DFM: Your Princess on the pea is wonderful!

          • A friend of mine here in Germany was hospitalized for a week and shared a room with an American woman. My (German) friend tried to explain the fairy tale of the princess and the pea with the added complication (apart from two different languages) that the American woman misunderstood the story and thought the princess wanted to pee. It all went a bit awry with the princess still feeling her pee despite putting on a number of mattresses on the bed. I guess it didn’t help being in the urological ward.

            • Great example of language confusion! Reminds me of my first trip to Rome. It was 40 degrees in the shadow – really, really hot. We (a group of Norwegians and Germans) went into a bar and ordered milk. The barkeeper asked: “Caldo o freddo?” None of us spoke more than a couple of words Italian, but we did not for a second doubt about “caldo” meaning “cold” and ordered “latte caldo”. Big was the surprise when it was served.

            • ha. caldo e freddo – they also have a big C on some of their taps which I always seem to forget. I’ve had a few unexpectedly hot showers in Italy.

            • Back in the USSR.. that makes some kind of peverse sense. I love that line from Wolf Biermann (sorry, only makes sense in German):
              So gründlich haben wir geschrubbt
              Mit Stalins hartem Besen
              Daß rot verschrammt der Hintern ist
              Der vorher braun gewesen

            • A that explains my hot-tab is Blue (reversed),
              after my exchange of it, on the Ifö sink … 🙂

            • Hi Bruce, I had a go at translating
              thorough we scrubbed with Stalins hard broom, our red backside turned brown after

            • Ursh, the other way round: we scrubbed our backside, which was brown (Nazi time) until it turned red (Stalinism)

  7. Good evening all! As I do not understand the least bit of Mogi models, I’m gonna try my luck with the remaining riddle – blindly… I might have missed identical answers, just had not the time to read all comments; aaand I know nothing about NCIS either 😦

    So, for No. 2.
    Ice Spring (USA, Utah, Crater of Black Rock Desert)

          • Arrrggghhh, this one is mad….. OK there is a Mt Gibbs at the N end of the Owens Valley (and a Mt McGee to the SE incidentally). This has to be the rough area. The Mono and Injo chain of rhyolite/obsidian domes is also close by so I think it is somewhere here. The ‘frozen squirt’ could be the Glass Creek Flow? The mountains in this case would be the Sierra Nevada so not sure about this and synonym though…..
            I know, scraping the barrel somewhat…..

        • Could be worse… could be Leroy Jenkins.

          Final statement by Leroy… “Least I have chicken” or, “At least I’m not chicken”

          Life lesson? The best laid plans of mice and men can soon go awry if someone gets anxious and just rushes in.

      • I’ve heard of NCIS. The last time I encountered them I was strapped into a polygraph rig. At least they saw the folly of having me as a suspect since I was 350 miles away from the scene of the crime at the time it occurred… and had receipts to prove it. (Not to mention convenience store camera footage that could have been subpoenaed if needed.)

        This was another karma event. The guy that accused me later found himself in a really, really nasty divorce, and wound up under psych treatment by the time it was over. This guy was a true to form asshat.

        Another one, who I never had any run in with, was severely hated by his division. He wound up getting arrested for arson and manslaughter. One of the tasks that I got while assigned to Navy Police was to drive down to the county jail and pick up his Military ID card when they transfered him to State custody. The odd part of that one was that he was found hopping around on the roof of the building he torched when they apprehended him. Dunno how that came about… or how they got him off the roof.

        Personally, I would have used a straight stream. I’ve seen straight streams blow through a trailer from the back and knock people off the front porch.

          • That sort of requires a bit of organization in thoughts.

            Besides, what I think of as interesting is down right boring to most people. It would be just a collection of sea stories… much of which is not about being a sailor. (pretty horrible sea story then)

            And who in their right mind would want to hear about a CHT line (human waste) that burst on the messdecks? That pissed off the cooks and mess crew. (at the time, I was in charge of the mess crew… a collection of people assigned to the messdecks because their division wanted to get them out of thier hair, so by default, they had bad attitudes… and me, a fresh out of school 3rd class petty officer trying ot get them to do their job, while having a Senior Chief Mess Specialist riding my ultra junior arse to get them to work) That was a pretty traumatizing time of my career. I had threats of bodily injury given to me every day. I hear the tales on the news about “bullying” and such, those pissants don’t know what bullying is. I had collected my thoughts on the matter into a journal that I kept secreted away in upper ECM. An ET ran across and read my entries and befriended me. That’s when I learned how to drink properly. (moderation and pacing yourself) This stage in my career is also why I wound up in a drunken fist fight in the middle of the road in Longbeach California with my LPO. He was the person who had sent me to the mess decks. The duration of my assignment was up and he wanted to send me back for another stint. I don’t think karma ever caught up with him though. However, it did catch up with the Signalman who had stolen my radio. Our EW2 came back “tight” and caught me up on the mast working on an antenna. He was pissed that he was the last person in upper ECM when my radio came up missing. He was irrate and kept yelling at me that he didn’t take it. I kept yelling down that I didn’t blame him for it, but that didn’t help. He eventually wandered off and I cautiously came down after the maintenance check. Fred was not someone to be trifled with. I found out later that Fred found out who had purloined the radio… the Signalman who had done it didn’t require re-constructive rhinoplasty, but came very close to it.

            • I would buy the book. Definitely a must. But then I am fairly nuts.
              Let us now do the math of nuts. 1 person in 100 is a nut (nut being fairly unscrewed and being fairly smart while having a sense of humor). There are 8 000 million people, that leaves 80 million nuts. About 25 percent would be in an age group that would get you. That leaves 20 million nuts for you to cater for. Here is the deal, nobody writes books for nuts. So, a disproportionate amount of nuts would buy that book, let us say that 1 percent buy it and read it. Now we are down to 200 000 copies in sales. Hm… Not bad really.

    • It just has to be one of us… It just has to be… (Or my ex wife).

      And speaking about London women, might that be where Kilgharrah got at? (and yes, I have tried to get hold of her) 😦

          • The Metro (free) newspaper in London publishes a rush- hour crush feature every day, we could put in an advert…
            Something like: “Me: Kiwi fella based in Germany; you: London girl who missed her tax return deadline because of volcanic eruption. Coffee?”

          • Find out which volcanoes were erupting around the time of the UK tax deadlines (assuming that she is a UK taxpayer) over the past three years. Then find a site(s) which covered the eruption and place your ad. The obvious eruptions would be Eyjafjallajökull, Grimsvotn, El Hierro and Etna, unless she really is mad about volcanoes and follows those outside Europe.

            • I bet she is one of our readers and is sitting groaning now… and wondering if she dares ask a Dragon to forward a mail to Bruce.

              (Just good natured banter, it is no worse than the ladies have put me up on in regards of weird dancing habits infront of Hekla)

            • @ volcano tax- dodge lady
              Just step forward/delurkificate/own up now…
              It’s the right thing to do…
              Check Bruce’s seismos…
              Harmonic tremor the like of which I’ve never seen…

            • And remember, here you have a crowd who actually thinks that missing a tax return due to volcanism is a vallid reason so there would not be any shame, more like a bowing because we are impressed with your dedication.

              I have an idea, could we not email the original newsmedia and tell them about Bruces amorous feelings and they might write a follow-up article? “Volcanoholic falls in love with mysterious volcano-tax Lady?”

            • The question is…
              Is Bruce really up for Volcanocafe’s first romance?
              Cos if so, the theory of “Six Degrees of Separation” suggests that we can set it up without too much bother…

            • Uhm.. I thought first real VC romance was
              Di´s wet-in-bathrope-and-Wellingtons
              and some swiss adventurer by name of GeoLoco
              But I can be entierly wrong.

      • Speaking of Taxed… my county just raised the gas tax by 4 cents per gallon. Since I have to pass through there just about every day, the next county over has just earned my business. I already pay about $700 to $800 per year in gas taxes. They can kiss my happy arse.

    • Last go tonight then bed….

      No. 2: Bandera Volcano (and ice cave) in the Zuni-bandera Volcanic Field in New Mexico. Someone called Leroy posted something about it on his trucking blog! Yes, I am officially now that desperate……

    • “Armas has asked the media “responsibility, calmness and restraint” as “is at stake the future of El Hierro” and called for stop publishing images of bubbles or volcanic eruptions that have nothing to do with the island because “it makes a terrible injury.”

      In other words… and what Perfido isn’t saying.. is that it spooks the investors that were lured in for the green energy scam that they are pushing to implement. The goal was to make El Hierro the first energy self sufficient island using green energy.

      There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. That individual is just asking for a grand karma monkey to shit in his drawers.

      If he makes it out of this without being pilloried… he will be quite lucky.

      Maybe a name change is in order… Perfido de llameante

  8. Ran across a weird guy today.

    I gave myself a GoPro camera for Christmas. In keeping with my superstitious nature, I keep a camera in the truck. It seems to be a pretty good talisman at keeping anything interesting happening that would deserve a photo. (accidents, UFO sightings etc.) Using the GoPro on the dash seems to work even better. Anyway, I’m parked at the jobsite and I see two people walking down the sidewalk. They part ways. One guy looks over at my truck and then rather than walking past the front, in full view of the camera, he walks around back. “hmm….” I gather my stuff up and lock the truck, go inside and do my service call. Later, when I’m calling in the job completion to dispatch, this guy (dunno if it was the same one) approached me while I’m discussing shipping labels with dispatch. I motion for him to wait. I get done with my call and look around, and the guy is gone. “eh, whatever” As I’m pulling out, I spotted him over by the recycle containers talking with someone over there.

    I’m not sure what he was up to. But he had my attention and I cut my call short to see what he needed, but he had wandered off. I usually am quite paranoid about interacting with strangers and did not stop to see what he wanted. Too easy to wind up in trouble doing stuff like that, though I do feel bad for not assisting. I have, on occasion, actually gone and purchased gasoline for people before… it’s a case by case basis. This one didn’t seem right to me.

    Geology note. That parking lot is about 2 meters above sea level. Why this site was selected as one of the nodes for that county’s SAN is beyond me. The drive array is like 5 inches above the floor in a rack the building. The sound is 0.5 km to the left (south) and the GOM is 3.56 km in the same direction on the other side of the barrier island.

    • Ah,
      I guess he spotted a suspicius “Russan” looking caracter driving a truck, with a GoPro on this dashboard and was faking something to do, in order to hang around and watch im out, or to see if he was up on something, something N/S/A) whould be interested in *questionmark*
      Or alternatively one of them “Men in Black” watching if you changed into a monster on gettting that package *another questionmark*
      😉 Just wondering …

      • Actually… I think he was trying to bum a ride or some money. That’s been on the rise here since there aren’t really any jobs. Remember, this is the Redneck Riviera.

        As for “infiltrators,” Eglin AFB is the place to be. Lots and lots of stuff to spy on there, but good luck with that. My stepson hunts there when the season is open, but you have to have a separate permit along with the hunting license. If you deviate too far from the posted area, you usually wind up being greeted by guys sporting camo and automatic weapons. One of the newer tenant commands there is 7th Special Forces Group, across the street from Duke airfield. Duke is the base for the C-130’s, including the AC-130 Spectres. Usually if you see a C-130 putzing around up around the Interstate around Crestview, it’s a C-130 doing flight ops out of Duke, logging hours.

          • Quite Possible. I never did keep up with Air Force shenanigans. But the C-130s are there, just stop at the rest area at mile marker 60 and hang out. Eventually you will see one or two of them buzzing about. Haven’t seen any actual Specters though. (pretty distinctive silhouette)

            About the only ops I did with the Airforce was trying to pick off the radar signatures of a B-52G to confirm the platform ID. Since I missed it, according to the free play rules, we got carpet bombed. (in exercise) They seemed to gloss over the fact that they would have been pickled long before their engagement range, and the TAO had already called off the shots on the inbound unident aircraft. (Yeah, we could see him coming in. the SPS-49 and SPS-48E don’t miss much. We were an NTU cruiser. In fact, our sister ship, the R.K. Turner was the test bed for the anti-satellite capable SM-2ER derivative that became the SM-3. )

            • I was hungry, took a minute break to feed and to check what was on Discovery World just now.. Whola … Lockheed AC-130 Spctre …. and close up of them guns. No kidding.
              But Ok. I get the picture.
              Interesting case might be aside note, Where do them Spectres still land when crossing the pond?
              Yep, my back yard. Seen them there thrugh the infiltration glasses…
              Some of that (my back yard) was in the fourties, mostly fifties and sixties, and well into them eighties, the USAF and USN (Seebees) did level the largest Shield volcano on Iceland and built two 10.000 feet runways and rather large base. When they ran short of gravel they took one more Volcano, a younger one, and used that for filling of them runway ends. You probably did not know this.
              The SIL “nyl” is near west end of that base (NAVSTA KEF closed 2006) but airfield still operates as Keflavik International

            • Heh.. small world. My nieces husband was stationed at Reykjavik as a photographic appendage to the air-crews. Rather than asking him for spare shipping photos I should have asked about volcanoes. But at the time, I didn’t know squat about Iceland. Far less than my current meager knowledge level. He later died of cancer… like his father in law. (They were both copious drinkers.) The really screwed up part of that is that they both died within a year of each other. That hit the niece quite hard.

              Personally, I think the hospital killed her husband. They did “emergency surgery” on him and didn’t compensate for the fact that they had him on blood thinners. He bled out on the table.

              Ref “Keflavik International.” One thing that we periodically have here in the US, is “BRAC”. Base Realignment and Closure. One thing that the bases all try to do, is to increase their worth to the local community. Eglin AFB has given up part of their property and allowed the formation of an airport that uses their main runway. If Eglin ever goes bye bye, that civil airport will still be there. Right now they are on a serious campaign to try and coerce air carriers from Pensacola’s airport. Which, by the way, first started from what I think was the original “Navy Field,” it later became known as “City Field.” Naval aviation has affected the growth and layout of this town far more than most people realize. A lot of the roads make long winding arcs along the periphery of the town and then tie in with the major north-south corridors. Each of these long arc roads were to gain quick access to the airfields there at the time from the main Naval Base. Even the outlying axillary fields still lend their names to some of the local streets. The local FHP office is located on “StumpField rd,” which was the norhtern border of “Stump Field.” Now it’s an auto dealers lot. OLF #6 was sold off to a developer who subdivided it into a housing project. Whoever it was, they made serious bank off of it. 30.537635°N – 87.306979°W Tightly packed units in the middle surrounded by higher prices houses along the outside.

              OLF #9 is still used by helo tranees. 30.542864°N – 87.368033°W A few years ago, I took the grandkid out there and parked south of the field and watched one of the most spectacular meteor showers I have ever seen. (Orionids I think)

            • Yep, strange, but then not so.
              If USN and Reykjavik are correct, happen to know, then it was either from May 1941 to December 1943 (thats when last USN WW2 VP-squadron left Reykjavík Airport for oversears – Next ones were based at Keflavik Airport from1951 to 2006).
              Especially when driving between those places, them 45 Km – thrugh 40 km of “monotomous” lavafields. But that is not strange. Reykjanes is one gigantic lavafield

            • Well, “Casey” did manage to get a really good station assignment before he got out of the Navy. In his last tour he was assigned as a Photographers Mate with the Blue Angels.

              He wasn’t overly happy when I made CPO ahead of him though. But I let his disparaging comments slide. He and I never were in competition for job assignment. He couldn’t fill my specialty, and I couldn’t fill his. Bickering would have been detrimental to family well being. And, like in most families… disputes can get pretty heated. So I never said a word, and told my wife to let it be.

            • “Walt” ex 603 for Ensley VFD, (assistant Station Chief, specifically, the training chief) Note: one of his sons was one of the two firefighters who were dumped out of the back of the rescue squad when the doors popped open as they were donning their gear. Even lugging about 11K pounds, the Ford 460 (7.5 L) could put a lot of power to the wheels.

              Walt, in previous employment, did Aircraft Systems work. He mentioned one call he had to do over at Eglin on a Spectre. Seems it had a servo “hunt” problem. A servo hunt issue is when the error signal loops through the circuit and part of the gear over-responds to the error signal, slewing the entire chain to one side, then back the other way. This particular aircraft had the hunt issue with it’s main cannon. The effect was the aircraft would wag back and forth as the gun train kept slewing ever so slightly, back and forth.

          • It is the sunglasses that gives a Flannel and Jeans Agent like Lurking away…

            It could also be me… But I wear a suit normally. No specific reason. I am just so used to them that I feel naked without.
            Image and video hosting by TinyPic

            • I thought suit had been replaced by white coat, like them doctors use. But I can be mistaken entierly.

            • I used to wear a dress shirt and slacks while out on my runs. Now the company I do work for has me wear a company shirt, which is fine by me. It saves wear on my wardrobe, and should a disagreement arise, the fact that they provided the apparel strengthens any claim I may have about being a bona-fide employee.

          • Man.. I haven’t worn Flannel in years.

            Before I joined the Military, my peer group typically wore a T-shirt and a flannel shirt over that. It was pretty much the “uniform” of our “type.” The modern connotation around here, are people who are perfectly happy wandering around out in Blackwater deer hunting. Since I don’t hunt, but do Saltwater fish on occasion, I know that you can find that sort of apparel on the more hard core fishermen. Usually, when I do fish, it’s from the pier downtown. It’s much safer than it used to be. They tore down the old waterfront Colosseum and made a park. It’s a lot easier to watch your back and you don’t have to worry about the “alternate lifestyle” people wandering around when the bars let out. 4 am, get to the graffiti bridge (30.420395° -87.193884°W) and cast for menhaden for the live bait well. 5 am, get the pumps running to keep the water circulating so the menhaden stay alive. (30.402206° -87.212904°W) Set up your rig and spine hook the menhaden, cast them out and let them swim. When the Spanish or King Mackerel run through, if you are lucky, one will take interest in your menhaden and will take a bite out of it. If you detect that, and can set the hook, hold the @#$ on. It’s gonna be a ride. Usually, you run with a fairly light line, so you have to work your arse off to get the fish in and not snap your line. My personal largest was 35 lbs or so, a week later my stepson landed 45 lb one. Other than the Pelicans who try to scarf your baitfish, the hazard are the assholes coming out of the marina who blissfully drive through the deployed lines. One guy that frequents the pier happily trips open his bail when one of them does that. He gets to re-spool 400 yards of line, and they get to untangle/cut that much fishing line off of their prop.

            I used to fish quite often, but don’t as much now. The last time I went I got pretty well pissed off. Damn pelican took my bait and I spent about a half hour trying to land the bird without hurting it, then getting my hook back. Just to piss off the bird, I threw the now dead menhaden to another pelican. Took me almost as long to get the crude oil off of my hands. At first I thought the bird had shit on me… but no, it was Deepwater Horizon material. Once I figured out what it was, alcohol cut right through it.

            • Well yesterday where I live it was cold and I was wearing my flannel underwear. On top of that short sleeve, long sleeve shirt, fleece, and heavy coat

    • Yeah, and I questioned the big bang aspect of it and Carl noted that it had something to do with the temporal scaling… since “time” is yet another of the dimensions that only takes meaning once it comes into existence in another universe.

        • i hope the physicists get rid of their ‘block universe’ concept – time past present anf future all exist, in time slices like a loaf. Doesn’t seem to me to chime with quantum phenomena.

          • It all comes down to the pesky Planck. So, we got Planck time, that is actually a quantum slice of time.
            It is the exact time it takes an electron travelling one Planck-distance unit at the speed C.

      • Well, my issue was that the sheer quantity of material falling into a hole would make a pretty dinky big-bang in another universe.

        Since big-bangs are the formation of a new universe, everything comes into existance from it’s occurance (for that universe). This includes all the demensions that will be operable there. Just because we have certain units of measure for stuff here, that does not mean that they will be the same there… or even if the dimensions that we know of will even exist there.

        Carl can elaborate further if my explanation falls short. I imagine that it’s gonna involve manifold math in order to do a proper treatment of it.

        • Basically Feynman made in his doctoral dissertation a staggering and profound invention, namely time-reversed electrons, that electron basically travels all possible ways through Universe while going back and forth between time-states. Feynman interpreted that as that the electron being in a probability field. This is called the Weak-Feynman interpretation.
          His supervisor argued that Feynman was right in a much more absolute sense. Namely that the poor electron moved forwards and backwards in time while it REALLY travelled all possible ways at the same time. This is the strong interpretation.
          The latter has a side effect, namely that there is just one electron in the entire universe. If there where two they would occupy every spot in the universe at the same time, and that would cause a very nasty explosion everywhere at the same time since some of them would be time-reversed.
          Onwards… This means that the Universe is built by one particle filling all positions, and depending on the spin-speed (vibration of the string) it would “glitter” in all ways of all sorts of particles positive and negative.
          More onwards… This would mean that what we perceive as time, is just an effect of the time it takes for One particle to travell all possible ways through the Universe. (Our time is really excruciatingly slow)
          Now it gets hairy. Our Universe has an average temperature achingly close to absolute zero, the difference is the same as the heat ratio of a black hole of a fairly normal black hole.
          Now if just the multi-verse manifold theory is correct the same particle would also be all black holes in our Universe and travel through them at their relative heat speeds. But the black holes would still have the same amount of matter as our Universe since they contain our Universe, and they would follow our set of physical laws, but they would be living at a much higher time-rate than we do, and since the time-rate is higher there is no paradox that they are lighter than our universe.

          Back when the basic assumptions where made by Feynman and Wheelan there was no proof of either way being correct, Feynman did not believe in the strong interpretation though. But, there are things in string theory and other related theories that increase the likelihood of it actually being correct. Neither Feynman, nor Wheelan is responsible for the theory up above, just so we are clear on that.

          In theory this means that we could wander from one Universe to another upwards in the chain (from ours to our parent Universe), but never the other way (intact).

          Warning: Pondering this might make you nuts, and it is a world-view, not science, at least as long as nobody comes up with an experiment to prove it. You can now all either grab a headache pill, or take a large glass of whisky.

          • Don’t forget the pairs of particles that keep popping into and out of existence down at the quantum foam level. If a particle comes into being, and interacts with an already here particle, something else has to disappear in it’s place. I think this is related to the idea of black hole radiation. If a pair comes into being next to the event horizon, and one falls in, the other comes out.

            • that would be an electron going in and out at the same time but time-reversed…
              The same goes for the particle pairs seemingly eating each other without a bang, it is the same particle, mating with itself. Sometimes the particle has an offspring with itself called a photon, later the particle eats its baby-photon.

  9. Clue for the Riddle:
    This volcano was not only found by the lead investigator from NCIS, it is also a volcano of no less than two American Presidents.

  10. And by that I can declare Sissel winner of the 2013 Fall Riddling Competition.

    The Riddles will be back in some form during spring.

  11. In regards of MIBs…

    Quite a few years ago I had the honour of heading a research department just after the movie MIB had premiered. The department was not a very public friendly one so it was without windows behind barbed wire and covered by a lot of surveillance cameras. The sign on the place was a brass plaque 50 by 30mm with a 3-letter acronym.
    At the same time there was a local UFO craze and a UFO Society sprouted that had more than 100 members. And they of course got themselves a meeting place right next to our compound out in the rather un-imaginative industrial park.
    Being a fairly friendly bunch a small delegation of them thought it was a good idea to walk up to invite the staff to one of their meetings. Somehow the foreboding nature of our building just swept past their “do not disturb”-radar.
    The guards called me when I was away buying an Icecream (sunny warm day) so I drove back in my black company car (you are all seeing where this is going now). For some reason I had a black suit, white shirt, black tie, and rayban wayfarers…
    As I steped out of the car they each took a step back and stammered out their invitation. I then really had to muster all my composure to not laugh… and gave them this little speach.
    “We do not exist. UFOs do not exist. Have a nice afternoon and move on.”

    They never came back. Wonder why. I think the effect was improved out of me being miffed that I had not gotten my icecream when the call came. Boss-face.

    • Carl that. Was. Great. Spit ginger ale(that is as strong as I get
      anymore) all over myself! Reminded me of my old neighbor,
      when he answered the door one day two young men dressed
      in black suit,tie,everything, one had ray-bans on. They were
      missionaries for a certain Utah based church. Roy was Special
      Forces in the Viet Nam era. Very interesting fellow, great as
      neighbor. The young ah, elders ring Roy’s doorbell, Roy opens
      the door says nothing for a couple of seconds,eyeballing them
      Up and down: “I didn’t see no stinkin’UFO.” and shut the door…

      • Oh, if somebody did that to me it would make my day, nay week! 🙂
        Closest I have come was in a bar where someone blearily looked at me and said; “I hated Blues Brothers”, made me happy even though I loved the movie.

  12. And here is Boris at work…
    I am envious of the detail of info he is having. I am though not envious of the lack of coffee. And why in heavens name do they need a big sign with the name of their workplace on the wall? I know that scientists can be confused, but not that confused :mrgreen:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • now we know he is permanently hooked up with youtube and flickr
      them be both good instruments
      both are time generators …

    • Be sure that the coffee is always guaranteed (and also, on demand, pizza and beer and whatever else, and at the end of my 31 December shift, we opened a bottle of champagne with those coming in to do the followup shift), no way around that. Nicest detail is that cleaning lady coming in the early morning, and making very strong coffee for those who end the night shift. Obviously the sign with the name on the wall was thought for the media, that often conduct interviews in the Operations Room 😉

      • Well… knowing the media, the sign is probably quite nessesary so that they know where they are at. I’ve seen some reporters who are completely lost as to what station they are reporting for unless the station name is emblazoned on the side of their vehicle parked nearby.

  13. Thank you Carl for this interesting model. Just another question from the idiot´s bench (and perhaps I should read the post again when not tired): you talk of stress field and where the stress is highest, but later of greatest strain. Would you please clarify?

  14. The Universe is a really weird place. It’s the Big Bang that really baffles me. It’s hard to comperhend everything just coming from nothing.

    • It gets better.

      What if… the big bang never occurred? In other words, what if that “bang” was not a singular event? What if space is still coming into existence? This could be a possible explanation for some of the oddball observations that are seen… such as distant galaxies moving away from us at MULTIPLES of the speed of light. They aren’t moving faster than light, space is coming into existance between us and them that make them appear to be moving much faster due to the redshift.

      That’s one other way of looking at it.

  15. OT, there is storm here now. And it whistles in closed windows and closed doors. Must be Omen or somthing. Its Night. Quite dark. Aurora Intensity is medium (not visible). BBGN

    • It’s FRIDAY!!! Woot!

      According to the “Making of” video for this, they had wanted to use Hyenas but there were none to be had. IMO, thats a good thing anyway. Hyenas are of the Feliformia suborder (a variation on cats) and are not something of a European origin. The video is somewhat of a play on the Lycanthrope story, and wolves (or wolf looking dogs) just seem to be a natural for that tale.

      I’m pretty sure that they didnt’ use actual wolves, these canines seem to be a bit too small and wolves would be harder to wrangle. Yeah, genetically, they are almost indistinguishable from dogs, but they are predisposed for other behaviors.

      Now for the weird.
      Dogs have been hanging out with humans for about 32,000 years. This morning after I woke up, I asked my wife to rub my back. The dog came in and wanted me to do the same for him. Then it struck me. Is this a commonality between our two species that make us compatible? Is this what has been going on for 32K years? A symbiosis at an individual level? We gain the threat detection capability of a dog, and the dog takes us on as it’s pack and as a source for food. (much like the natural pack after it makes a kill)

  16. I, am an admitted asshole. I take great pleasure in saying this, since I am quite happy that a 17 year old from Santa Rosa county will be tried as an adult. He is accused of bludgeoning his mother with a baseball bat and stabbing her to death on Christmas eve.

    Even if he escapes the death penalty.. he’s gonna have a lot of fun in the State Penn. 😀

    If I get pulled for Jury duty, I’m gonna have to disqualify myself due to my opinion…. to be fair to the worthless scumbag.

    In other Florida News (heard on the Radio) a set of twins were born on New years eve. One about 3 minutes to midnight, the other about 2 minutes after midnight. Think about that. Twins, born in separate years.

  17. I like your post Carl, I still think near La Restinga is where it will be, the first time I looked at the pics of it, I had goosebumps looking at those cones in the town and of course Swiss cheese spring to mind, needs to find a way, when? it is in the laps of the gods, as volcanoes work on a different schedule which we mere humans are still trying to figure out, sort off,


    • I wish Bill Nye the best of luck. Ham may be an idiot but he shure is a smooth talker. And with such a big croud that doesn’t wanna learn, Bill’s gonna have a hard time…

  18. Sort of OT – the mentions of obsidian reminded me of this website that I came across a while ago:


    I can’t get over the size of the biface that clever man knapped from the obsidian – or the size of the obsidian boulder he knapped it from. Does anyone know anything about the volcanism in the Glass Buttes (Oregon USA) area that produced the obsidian? I’m also curious that he seems to mine it as boulders – does that mean it was ejected as a volcanic bomb? Or has it just weathered to a boulder?

    Many moons ago (before the First Gulf War) I visited the museum at Mosul in Iraq and was blown away by the display of obsidian cores and fine blades struck from them that were over a foot long and over 8,000 years old. It didn’t say on the museum labels where the obsidian was sourced from. Sadly they didn’t survive the ransacking that followed the Second Gulf War, and were either destroyed or stolen and presumably sold into private collections. So sad.

    • I realize that his neofact production is centered around the “art” aspect of it as a product, but blades of that size seem to be more in the unwieldy class than anything else.

      • There are Palaeolithic examples from the UK that are 31cm (1 foot) long, though quite what they were used for is anyone’s guess – maybe too big to be a tool so some sort of symbolic function? But yeah, I get the idea that this chap’s ones seem to be in the ‘how big is it possible to go?’ class.

      • Now if he were producing Solutrean and Clovis points as replicas… it might be a somewhat limited but operable business. He could even get some archaeologists to take an interest in how that technological transition came about. The two technologies are eerily similar, but any connection between the two goes against the politically correct accepted human migration theories.

      • I do not think this (rewriting) a bad thing, if it is done straight and without embellishing&scaremongering, also giving a link to the source. I know that many people are not interested in volcanoes enough to read new (or any) scientific papers, but would not skip an easy to read article in a newspaper on the subject. It is one way to reach people.

        • Since Sweden is not a very volcanic country we have only two specialists in Volcanoes. One is an Icelander called Reynir Bödvarsson and the other is Erik Sturkell. And Sturkell is not answering the phone… Like ever. So, I am finding that media more and more often is calling me to explain what is happening. Last one was Chaparrastique where I did a phone thingy for the Swedish Radio.
          I guess it is as it is with most things, some do a good job, and some do a poor job, the same goes for journalists and media-companies.
          On another tack… According to rumours I am short-tracked for the morning news sofa if ever something big blows in Europe. If it is Hekla I bet that Sturkell will be breathing fumes over not having answered his phone when he wakes up to my uggly mug.

          (Nota bene, I really like Sturkells work, but he is not the most accessible person on the planet)

  19. Hello everyone, I don`t know how to introduce myself. Lets say i am an outlawed German, interested in natural sciences , but 12 years kicked from Gymnasium without any reason (so rather political maybe because i wass not interested in politics?) where I remember my Physics teacher, had a higher opinion about me. INterets remained the same afterwards.
    I am not writing very oftenly in public formums biut oif then always larger articles Before anyone would read my solner essay abouit solar activities and coinciedent terrestrial events. I wouod have a simple question to someone hoipefully an expert in this round here:
    What exactly causes the lifting up of hot spot areas/ such as now the shield volcano ilsand El Hierro) ) last year same happend at Santorin. Is it the pure pressure of the magma expanding as more it surges up? Does it heap the entire island form an depth of more than 10 km? or just any upper parts . What is known abou the process Or is tbe term ” inflation” also refering to GASES those form by reaction of magma twith other metarials such as carbonide stones or simply: water..
    What is obviously new in El Hierro activit as January 20143is, that the island has not only an uplifting trend but now lifts up and subsidizes again oftenly within one day. The magma chamber is supposed to be rather deep and large and is obvioulsy still filling up but nOT cOMPLETELY FILLED YET . Magma will NOT surge further upwards to the SURFACE before the magma chamber is NOT completely filled , I guess. ( by beyouncy effects) . The magma chamber may completely fill up during the activity period now now ; if the magma flow stops as in March 2013 popssibly the next time, My question is: Can the lifting and subsidizing observed now be a type of VENTING, when the volcano just releases pressurized gases next time?)
    thaknfully awaiting an expoert answer soon
    with regards!
    WHO WANTS TO READ ABOUT MY OWN RESEARCH PROJECT CAN NO READ FURTHER I KNOW, I AM UNBEARABLE. (Its only halfly corrected but a s i hope understandable, I have much to do an just other work is already waiting)
    What I could tell you is, that, since 2010, When i heard about the large NASA solar observation reserach Program (SDO a. o) for I became interested and followed the satellite images on a daily basis what does not become interesting by wathcing single sensational events, but rasther over a longer period of time, where you can see how the activity envolves and gradually changes during the 11 solar max. When BP tried to repair their record depth well in the GOM, (brather the many leaks where gas and oil surged upwards through the seafloor), I could see that the emissions of Methane hydrates as well as eruptions there increased during solar high activity ohases ( there is not only a 11 year fluctuation but also a half year one and a short period fluctiuatioon with about 30 days). Then I realised: the CMEs ( coronal mass ejections may contribute most to these activities). Then came Fukushima and some people like BBC where asking; ” Is the sun activity to blame for this megaquake”?
    However. as often you may claim, that as ofdten experts will give you an answer (taken form 100 years old schoolbooks). ” The negastively loaded earth magnetic field rejects all coronal mass ejections and there is no relationship between solar activities and volcanic events. Nevertheless io started to study all CMEs since 311, with the result that not all, but onbly a few solar CMEs might be regularly related to sttronger volcanic and earthquake events, IT took me mor than two years until i could say, ” A new type of solar storm” first time recognized by NASA in 2005, meanwhile called SEP or SAP had occured each time prior to these events ( 2004 sumatra an antire serial of SAPs occured prior to 20041226 ((= solar energetic or accelerated particles resp. protons- electron accumulations in the geomag field happens after proton impacts , but the electrons are not emmited by the sun in a type of storm , butattrackted then form the solar EM field). NASA fiorst commented their artricle withg the word ” This type of solar storm “can do everything” (but had to remoive that sentence later)what is know as an possible solar effect.Now specialising on these SEP( SAP events i analised previous events and curernt events and was pretty astonished the the number of SEPs was rising in 2012 but more even in 2013, and 2014 when more than 80 % of all earth directed measurable CME events were associated to proton emissions. What i did to prove that is just a documentary on my website collecting more than 2 years informations reports and data of solar and terrrestrial events those are all undeniable and statistically 100% regular COINICIDENCES . THis evidence everyone might/ will jugde out of an own point of view and call “related, ” just ocassional” or even “bullshit” “or wahtever…the COINCIDENCES however remain UNDENIABLE. These protons so experts from the max planck instiutute Munich,( NAS DRAP makes each time an related absorption map showing this first SEP effect) move along the magnetic field lines towards the Earth southern pole,where they enter the earth interior , where they are finalyy slown down creating heat effects there as well as in the Southern polar athmosphere and surface. Wioth the proton impact the earth EM field then atrackts an equivalent amount of electron those accumulate around the Northern pole where they can cause heat effects for several weeks, until they also are slown down and become ineffective. The first phase however is the short but strong proton effect and especially HOT SPOT volcanoes react oftenly almost immidiately after the SEP impact begins with higher activity. Each Activity on El Hierro ( which is rather a system with hiogh intertia) began after SEPs, and the Strength of the three phases yet ( 2011, March 2013 and Jan 2014) can be put in relation to the strength of this activity. The M 5.4 quake on Jan 07 f i followed an major SEP event on january 06 with > 10 MeV Protons > 10 pfu, we had now 4 SEPs in a row ( they accumulate each other in form of heat) . All form a sun spot that is likely the largest spotted during this 24 solar max. SOlar WEPs are always followed by an entire serial of surface eruption / flares and CMs) and AR 11944 produced while crossing the central meridian yesterday an immense flare ( X 1 class) which is fully earth directed, with the probably strongest CME the earzth will receive in the coming 1- 2 days. That all sounds a bit like Rioland emmerich ( master of disaster). Its nothing to discuss about as the evidence ( i collected on my jhomepage for almost 3 years) shows xclkearly : THERE IS A REGULAR COINICIDENCE OD SEP events with larger Hot spot activities temperature anomalies and strong earthquake at the end , when tectonics cool down and contract again
    Helmut Munich

    Sentence replaced by request. chryphia

  20. here just the links to my HP with the 3 years long documentary. ( that does noe appear via my facebook posting) Maybe a can correct the long article later. just one sentence i have to to be put right now ( to avoid misunderstanding) :
    “What i did to prove that is just a documentary on my website collecting more than 2 years informations reports and data of solar and terrrestrial events those are all undeniable and statistically 100% regular COINICIDENCES . THis evidence everyone might/ will jugde out of an own point of view and call “related, ” just ocassional” or even “bullshit” “or wahtever…the COINCIDENCES however remain UNDENIABLE .!

    end correcture
    ( i am just still kind of shocked from the xX 1 event in AFR 11943/ 44 yesterday what was fur sure the strongest earth directed event i observed during this solar 11 year max., (normally peaking in March 2013 but NASA said there iust a double poeak this time and was right . Sun spot (Wolf) number in the last 4 month rose higher than in the previous 2 years and exceeded yesterday again 240 counted sun spots on the solar disc. The related CME will become geoeffective on January 09- 10.

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