Mount Sinabung update + Riddles

One of the numerous pyroclastic flows going down the chute.

One of the numerous pyroclastic flows going down the chute.

During the last few days Mount Sinabung has continued having medium sized pyroclastic flows. During that time the number of pyroclastic flows has been high with a period two days ago with one every 3.5 minutes. As such it is in a way reminding me of Sakurajima or Stromboli from a perspective of productivity.

Yesterday the explosivity started to increase as the pyroclastics more and more where accompanied by blasts of ash. This most likely means that slowly the composition of the magma is changing to a more gas rich composition. Steaming has also increased from the crater.

A few of the pyroclastic flows has reached the 7 kilometer boundary of the evacuation zone, but since they have followed the same path down the mountain no new fatalities have been recorded. No new official information has been released, but as soon as something comes there will be an update.

Animated GIF-file of a pyroclastic flow made by Cryphia.

Animated GIF-file of a pyroclastic flow made by Cryphia.

Volcano of the Month

It has been suggested that we should have a Volcano of the Month here at Volcanocafé. So, at the end of the month there will be a poll on which active volcano deserves that title, and the Friday after we will have a special Friday post on the winning volcano.


Last week it took a bit of time before people caught on to the changes. So, remember that one of the riddles is about a volcanologist and one is about a volcanological term. The other three are about volcanoes. As usual two points will be awarded before I append clues, and one point will be awarded afterwards. If I find it necessary I will append bonus-points.riddle2

  1. Disputed motorcycle + image. Clue: Concentrate on the name of the airplane. – Tiger Island or Isla el Tigre (Evan Chugg, 1pt) The Island is disputed, but the international court decided it belongs to Honduras (Honda).
  2. Modest Mussorgskys work on pool and heating technology – Boris Behncke (Evan Chugg, 2pt) Behncke is a company producing Pools and Heating Technology in Germany. It is also the first link to pop up on Google if you search for Behncke. Boris is from Mussorgskys opera “Boris Godunov”
  3. Necking on the moon? – Clue: One of the highest active volcanoes in the world – Cotopaxi (Matt, 1pt) Cotopaxi is believed to mean Neck of the Moon in the local language.
  4. Roughly blazing Sirius – ʻAʻā means Sirius, blazing and blocky (rough) lava (Dorkviking, 2pt)
  5. Miserable wind deprived fertility. Clue: First word leads to old name of the volcano – Mount Liamauiga (Mount Misery) is on St Kitts, an island in the Leeward (wind deprived) Islands chain and the volcano is known as “The fertile land” (Dorkviking, 1pt)
Score board
4 Pyter
2 Matt
2 Sissel 1 KarenZ

Tunesian Breccia with Chicken

2014-01-09 14.25.38

Ingredients: Chicken pieces , orange juice, tomato sauce ( Pulpa), salt, pepper, Harissa, chick peas( tinned or precocked), couscous

Roast the chicken on both sides in a pan, after you flavored it with  salt and pepper, till the skin is crunchy and light brown. Add a glass of orange juice, the tomato paste, Harissa and maybe a little fresh fennel. Let the whole thing cook for 15 minutes. Add the chick peas, Then add the couscous, turn the heat off and wait till the couscous is swollen and soft. Serve.


206 thoughts on “Mount Sinabung update + Riddles

  1. If you are really hungry and have not had time to eat lunch it is not so fun to edit the friday posts… All of those tasty recipees while the stomach growls… Now for some food :mrgreen:

    Good luck with the Riddles!

    And some epic friday music for everyone:

    • They used a Yamaha synthesizer which ABBA also used. ELP is also known for the use of the Moog synthesizer like the MiniMooog.

  2. Re: the Tiger Moth. I have always wanted to own one. Years ago I got checked out in one to fly it
    across the US from Washington state to Georgia.. the Chief Pilot of the outfit I worked for overruled me and took the trip himself against the wishes of the owner.He augured in the
    Sangre’ De Christo mountains near Taos NM (Thunderstorm).. He lived- barley. I had planned the trip via the standard route east for little Putt-putts following I-84/80 then south east I’d done it before in Cessna 150’s and the like.. But i wasn’t the “experienced in mountain flying” pilot the Chief was. (he was from Nebraska) according to him…
    But what time I had in the Tiger Moth i enjoyed.enough of the “Those Magnificent Men” quality about it yet modern enough you didn’t worry too much about finding a suitable place to land if something important broke…
    BTW learning to fly in NE Oregon, I had three instructors who were (one still is at 75) who
    are Bush Pilots/Mountain pilots.

        • What I found interesting as a pure layman while watching that series is that it seems that an entire type of airplanes is not produced any longer that is really needed. And that would be affordable multi-engine medium sized non-jet freight airplanes.
          As a layman I found it a bit odd that nobody seems to be manufacturing something like that. After all, engine technology and aircraft design has improved a lot since then so it should be fairly simple to produce planes that are cheaper to maintain and that has superior fuel-mileage.
          I probably though in my ignorance missed out on something obvious so I am now expecting to get a Cod-equivalent from one of the airboys in here.

          • Tell me about it. When the US Forest Service decided they didn’t need DC4/6/7s in 2005
            they dumped the safest Airtanker type ever 3 accidents in 40 years all pilot error.One thing sometimes the original is better Re-the DC-3 here a wiki.
            now the UFS wants to get rid of its turboprop DC-3/C47s because the Airforce is giving them C-23B Sherpa =s (Shorts 330s) the local regional Smokejumpers aren’t liking that. the Basler
            DC3′ are better at short filed load hauling etc. and they are about 20 years old since 0 time rebuilds . The Sherpas have been rode hard and put away wet. So they may keep the old Dougs
            a while longer.Years ago i got a tour of the then “New’ Basler rebuild and the Captain -a lovely
            Red Haired lady by the name of Kate said-“Watch -someone will put warp engines on a doug and they will be working Starfleet.”.I’m alo a fan of the DC10 large airtanker;
            they are planning a third aircraft this next year 11,500 us gallons!! Gravity feed.
            plus Douglas Airframes…-)

  3. I appreciate the Emerson Lake and Palmer contribution, but I have a different taste in keyboardists. (Note, I’m not claiming either one is “better” than the other, it’s just that Deep Purple’s style suits me better. Better emotional match)

      • I had an uncle who played this style… no where near as good, but very adept. His daughter wound up being trained classically and I was always amazed when she sat down and tore through some of Grieg’s compositions while practicing.

        I give you one of the kings of the Honky Tonk Piano. Big Tiny Little.

  4. For Purple fans – Ian Paice is my next door neighbour! (well, he lives in a huge farm at least a mile away, but his land backs on to that of my neighbour at the back).

    And today it’s my birthday, so I’m off out to brave the floods to find a nice Thai in town.
    By that I mean a restaurant, of course 🙂

  5. And while UKViggen is having a good time with his Thai :mrgreen:

    Here is something I saw that made me think of Diana and the other ladies in here.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  6. It sounds as though more and more people are going to have to evacuate there home to get since there is a good chance the safety zone gets extended out 10km from Sinabung.

    • Nope… All in all Evan Chugg has sofar been closest, well at least first at being closest since Sissel came up with the same close answer later.

  7. For anybody who is new to the riddling… and as the oldtimers know, I always try to weave in odd humour and wordpuns into the riddles.

  8. Regarding “Larding, do you thunk you could do a pelt on Seskatchewan and Kiruna so we can sea earth jars”. That made my eyes cry. I talk to text and some of the interpretations just fail me. I had to ask a friend from West Virginia to please manually text because after the technology garbles the uneducated mumblings, all I can do is laugh. At least I can phonetically read her texting.

    • Well, it was not my idea to type on an iPhone. They are just horrible to type on and to compound the problem they do not understand English english or anything else for that matter…

      • I just told my phone to text this: “How to create a cat box from a Carson’s box.” My phone wrote this: “How to create a text back from a curse in back.” My older daughter felt that I was disrespecting Carson’s. It may be an upscale joint but people are still passing bucks stained with cocaine and yucky DNA. I saved the box from recycling because one of my cats sits on it all the time. Hence “cat box”.

  9. Sinabung is really playing hide and seek tonight. Entirely cowered in clouds, but no and then a puff of ash rises up. Seems though like the pyroclast are taking a different route, otherwise they should be coming roaring out of the clouds.

  10. 2. Well, there’s another well-known volcanlogist by the name of Boris, our friend Herr Behncke. I can’t find out if he has a particular association with hot pools, however!

    • Hello Jack! Unfortunaly, none of us can answer your question now as your image shows night at the volcano. If you want to show us a certain image you need to save it somehow. Upload it or put a link to it on a website like Then post here on VC the link for the “raw” picture (which is shown to you at As easy as that, you don’t even need to register with them. 🙂

        • Jack, in most browsers you can
          – just grab the image with your mouse cursor and drop it on your desktop or any folder you like. OR
          – right click on the desired image and choose ‘save picture as…’ OR
          – right click to ‘open picture in new tab’, then copy the URL shown in the adress bar above it.

          On, choose “Image” for the ones you have saved in a folder OR choose “URL” if you have copied the URL of the image.

          This goes only for webcams that deliver one picture at a time. From a streaming camera (live video) one needs to make a screenshot first, save it, then upload it normally.
          Hope it works for you 🙂

            • Click on the topmost of the 3 links you got. Then just put it in here.
              Only Dragons can make the image appear emediately here, so just post the link, and sooner or later some Dragon will come by and put it in if they like to do so or judge the image to be important.

              Image and video hosting by TinyPic

            • I would like to point out though that if we could we would allow everyone to post images. This is a setting that has been made by WordPress directly, not by us.

            • Or you right click on the image and chose ‘open image in new tab’, and when the pic is open in a new tab without any clutter around it, copy the URL and paste it in your comment here. (That is the same link as the one given as the lowest of the four links left of your picture on the previous tinypic page).

    • I want to go down the route of necking, using the term in an engineering context, but can’t quite link in the moon. Erm, rifting/ground deformation?

  11. riddle nr 2 : Could it be Mussorgsky peaks in Antarctica. A group of peaks on Alexander island which are of volcanic origin?

  12. No 2 has been answered by Evan Chugg.
    All the others are still up for grabs, have at them 🙂

    Think odd humor and wordpuns…

  13. Daily very dark rumination…

    I have spent my day being pissed off at a dead guy.
    My mother have spent the last 15 years (since retirement) living abroad during the winters and generally having as good a life as possible. She normally does this at places where there is a bit of nightlife and action.
    Yesterday evening she and her boyfriend for 20 years went for dinner in a local spanish restaurant, and on the way back they almost died.
    The reason for this being that a young guy decided that jumping from a high building onto a crowded street was a good idea. I can understand that some people sometimes find life unbearable and that in and of itself is a tragedy. But when you decide to take people with you on the way… then you have graduated to being just an asshole.
    My mother is just the last case of people almost being killed by suiciding people that I know. Even though being covered in bits of pieces of an exploded person is not nice it will though be something that my rather tough mother will be able to shrug off with time.
    But sometimes it will happen to people who just cant shrug it off. A friend of mine used to drive a gasoline-truck. In the midle of the night a woman decided that his gasoline filled truck was a splendid target for suicide so she rammed her car against the front of the truck. In the back seat was her two children. She had apparantly called the father of the children, told him what she was going to do and gone ahead and done it. A truck is in the end a very big and sturdy thing compared to a car so my friend survived. Of sorts.
    At the time I was studying and worked as a bouncer at a large pub in my hometown to make a bit of cash and my friend was one of the regulars there. It is probably one of the few times that a police car will drive up to deliver someone with the words “make him drunk, really drunk”. 15 beers later he was still shaking, and we took turns for a few days to make sure he was okay.
    Well, in the end it turned out that he never was okay with having killed the children. Two years later I got a call. He had then wandered out onto the frozen river and opened a man sized hole in the ice. In the calmest voice I have ever heard he explained what he was about to do, and that there would be no point in looking for him. Then he stepped in. He had also left a note urging that nobody should try to dive and find the body so not to put anyone in danger.

    And after that the darkest of ruminations… I am going to take a swag of whisky in memory of my friend who cared about people even in the midle of his ultimate darkness.

    • Sorry Carl. I have lost a teenage stepson (first marriage ) to suicide -I won’t go into that it still after 25 years hurts. Lord, I know. In my aviation career, I have been around death a lot.. i remember one fellow despondent over losing his Girlfriend that he crashed his plane into her house. He lived. She wasn’t at home. she found him, the wreck and her dead cat. Needless to say, he was indicted on attempted murder. he went to prison. Your friend could not bear life, and i understand, sometimes the guilt is something that even if you are not at fault, it is hard to bear. I had to deal with the fact that I was part of the two man crew that had flown a Beech 99 Commuter liner the day before a crash of that plane and 15 people were killed-we had written it up.a faulty trim system. The director of maintenance, and the Chief of Operations pulled it out of the hangar and erased our write-up on the squawk sheet and put it back in this day I have no idea why they chose to do that
      I and the other pilot were turned on a spit by the Feds and the Lawyers. Fortunately the director
      of maintenance caved just before the court date, and we were let off the hook. Our stories matched what the truth was. but it was hell on earth for a couple of years…we both lived with “What if-” for a long time.
      Still live with “What if” with my stepson.
      Sorry about your mom’s experience….

  14. El Hierro Update:
    During the last week we have seen an end to earthquake actvity, the inflation have seized and the harmonic tremor have diminished rapidly.
    This leads me to believe that El Hierro is going back to a quiescent state untill the next earthquake swarm starts. No eruption is likely to occur without a new eartquake swarm starting.
    I guess this puts her back into “GREEN” in our VC standard of things…

  15. Good evening all! All is quiet in here and the riddles are getting too far fetched for my taste by wandering off to planes, motorcycles, music and movies I have never heard of. I prefer earth sciences to rummage in. But never mind me, I see, you people have fun with them 🙂

    So, I take the opportunity for a short explanation on webcam picture storage folders. Some of you may think that if the link to an image leads to “storage”
    (e.g. …,
    this pic must be stored at the link’s destination for good. Not so.

    This is how it works with many cams, using above example for Ijen volcano:
    – The webcam deliveres, say, one pic every minute to the folder ‘Latest’. EVERY incoming pic is named ‘cam_1.jpg’. As long as it stays in the folder ‘Latest’, it is displayed at the webcam page.
    – Then the image gets renamed (usually with date and time) and placed automatically in the appropriate folder under ‘Ijen’. THIS is the real storage folder where you can find all the pictures taken by this webcam, sorted by date.
    – Meanwhile, a new img ‘cam_1.jpg’ has arrived in the folder ‘Latest’ and is displayed at the webpage.
    You can save it to your computer or upload it to a website, but only for 1 minute, until the next one comes in. You can NOT link to a particular image in the ‘Latest’ folder, as it will change every minute.

    This is the example of an (older) storage folder, for Ijen Sept./Oct. 2013:
    Unfortunately, the storage folders for most or all Indonesian volcanoes have been moved elsewhere since and I haven’t had time for hunting them down yet. Anyone else?

    And this is an example of a well maintained storage for Avachinsky, Gorely, Kljuchevskoy and Shiveluch volcano webcams:

    Hope this helps some in holding on to disappearing images 🙂

    • Thanks for this very good explainer! Didn´t know there were accessible storage folders and from now on I´ll watch out for more of them. 🙂

  16. So far no cigars… At 12 o’clock my time (in about an hour) I will start to put in clues, 1 every 3 ours or so unless I am sleeping.

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