Mount Sinabung update + Riddles

One of the numerous pyroclastic flows going down the chute.

One of the numerous pyroclastic flows going down the chute.

During the last few days Mount Sinabung has continued having medium sized pyroclastic flows. During that time the number of pyroclastic flows has been high with a period two days ago with one every 3.5 minutes. As such it is in a way reminding me of Sakurajima or Stromboli from a perspective of productivity.

Yesterday the explosivity started to increase as the pyroclastics more and more where accompanied by blasts of ash. This most likely means that slowly the composition of the magma is changing to a more gas rich composition. Steaming has also increased from the crater.

A few of the pyroclastic flows has reached the 7 kilometer boundary of the evacuation zone, but since they have followed the same path down the mountain no new fatalities have been recorded. No new official information has been released, but as soon as something comes there will be an update.

Animated GIF-file of a pyroclastic flow made by Cryphia.

Animated GIF-file of a pyroclastic flow made by Cryphia.

Volcano of the Month

It has been suggested that we should have a Volcano of the Month here at Volcanocafé. So, at the end of the month there will be a poll on which active volcano deserves that title, and the Friday after we will have a special Friday post on the winning volcano.


Last week it took a bit of time before people caught on to the changes. So, remember that one of the riddles is about a volcanologist and one is about a volcanological term. The other three are about volcanoes. As usual two points will be awarded before I append clues, and one point will be awarded afterwards. If I find it necessary I will append bonus-points.riddle2

  1. Disputed motorcycle + image. Clue: Concentrate on the name of the airplane. – Tiger Island or Isla el Tigre (Evan Chugg, 1pt) The Island is disputed, but the international court decided it belongs to Honduras (Honda).
  2. Modest Mussorgskys work on pool and heating technology – Boris Behncke (Evan Chugg, 2pt) Behncke is a company producing Pools and Heating Technology in Germany. It is also the first link to pop up on Google if you search for Behncke. Boris is from Mussorgskys opera “Boris Godunov”
  3. Necking on the moon? – Clue: One of the highest active volcanoes in the world – Cotopaxi (Matt, 1pt) Cotopaxi is believed to mean Neck of the Moon in the local language.
  4. Roughly blazing Sirius – ʻAʻā means Sirius, blazing and blocky (rough) lava (Dorkviking, 2pt)
  5. Miserable wind deprived fertility. Clue: First word leads to old name of the volcano – Mount Liamauiga (Mount Misery) is on St Kitts, an island in the Leeward (wind deprived) Islands chain and the volcano is known as “The fertile land” (Dorkviking, 1pt)
Score board
4 Pyter
2 Matt
2 Sissel 1 KarenZ

Tunesian Breccia with Chicken

2014-01-09 14.25.38

Ingredients: Chicken pieces , orange juice, tomato sauce ( Pulpa), salt, pepper, Harissa, chick peas( tinned or precocked), couscous

Roast the chicken on both sides in a pan, after you flavored it with  salt and pepper, till the skin is crunchy and light brown. Add a glass of orange juice, the tomato paste, Harissa and maybe a little fresh fennel. Let the whole thing cook for 15 minutes. Add the chick peas, Then add the couscous, turn the heat off and wait till the couscous is swollen and soft. Serve.


206 thoughts on “Mount Sinabung update + Riddles

      • A bit of context. In his imagination, Snoopy used his Sopwith Camel (the dog house that he was typically shown sitting own) to take on the Red Baron.

        And yeah, I realize he’s flying a monoplane in the video… I didn’t make it.

        From Wickerpedia:

        In the last seconds of his life, he managed to make a hasty but controlled landing ( 49°55′56″N 2°32′16″E) in a field on a hill near the Bray-Corbie road, just north of the village of Vaux-sur-Somme, in a sector controlled by the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). One witness, Gunner George Ridgway, stated that when he and other Australian soldiers reached the aircraft, Richthofen was still alive but died moments later. Another eye witness, Sergeant Ted Smout of the Australian Medical Corps, reported that Richthofen’s last word was “kaputt“.

        Credit for the fatal shot is a point for conjecture. The likely origin of the fatal bullet was from ground fire.

        More here.

    • DING!
      Tiger Island or Isla el Tigre. The Island is disputed, but the international court decided it belongs to Honduras (Honda).

      • Honda has an island?

        Coincidently, a similar shape was used extensively at the Minoan palace at Crete. They were into the double bitted axe head and bulls. Something probably not unfamiliar to the Honda logo design team. It hits a cultural vein.

  1. Daily rumination:

    I’ve spent the day skating on the river now that we finally have winter. During winter they prepaire 18 kilometers of ice road out on the river so that people can go skating. So, I made a vacuum bottle with hot chocolate, some sandwiches, and put on my skates and went out on the ice.
    For those who have never done any ice-skating it is something that goes pretty fast if you have endless stretches of ice to accelerate on, it is nothing like what you do in a honkey rink. It goes much faster in the end, especially if you have the wind at your back.
    It was a lovely day that blew out a lot of cobwebs out of the brain and as the sun settled I was sitting in a snowpile drinking hot chocolate watching the lights of the city sparkle on the ice. Lovely.

    • Meh… I caught part of some figure skating thing on TV that my wife was watching. The interesting part that caught my attention were the commentators lambasting the hell out of the performer for being a really strong and adept skater, having come from a hockey background following recovery from a broken back, yet “just not having the artistic skill” that other skaters had.

      Give that guy a stick and throw the commentators out there and lets see how un-artistic he is with a series of high stick actions….

      • Ah, well that would be the third version of skating (besides long range skating and hockey).
        It takes rather ludicrous balance and skill to even do a twirl on skates… I am happy and adept at doing steady long strides over river ice… any fancy stuff I leave to others.

        • Brings back happy memories. I leant to skate at the young age of 36 and looked about as adept at it as a newborn giraffe stuck on an icefloe. Luckily I was with my wife and three of her sisters who, needless to say, made the opposite impression. The rink was quite empty apart from a group of testosterone charged sixteen year old ice hockey players waiting for training and a couple of families. For some reason these young kids thought that scaring the shit out of me in the middle of the rink was the best way to impress the four young and eminently nubile women escorting me. So each time I fell over they would roar past as close to my fingers as they could or charge me and turn off at the last second. Luckily my youngest sister in law, unbeknown to the guys, also played icehockey and was good enough to be in the Bundesliga. After a few deft body checks the guys got the message and left me alone. If I ever go on one of those online dating sites I’m going to check “plays ice hockey” in the set of characteristics I want of my new partner.

        • IMO, the ability to successfully beat the shit out of someone on ice with a stick is far more difficult than some of the crap in figure skating. (all while avoiding penalties and hurling the puck at the willing victim in the net)

          Thumbs up to the unexpected body checks! Never even saw it coming… the best kind.

  2. Ugh, the day before classes start this semester my daughter knocks my laptop of the desk and breaks the screen…
    Gotta see which is less expensive, a new 17″ matte screen or a smaller more easily portable laptop… ~andvarp~

      • That’s what I’m kinda leaning towards (for the same reasons), specially with how old my laptop is… Might suffer library computers until my Collage Refund appears next month and just get a new one altogether

        • I am partial to the 17inch Acers with full keyboard and numerical keyboard. Works for me, but kind of means that you need a good backpack to lumber it around. Portable for me, but to heavy for most.

      • I ran with a netbook for quite some time due to the confines of a truck cab. Mine croaked (forget how) and I went to get a new one in exasperation. Found that I could get a full size laptop for the same price, and that the current crop of netbooks had devolved to nothing more than overhyped toys.

        As for the screen, the labor should be about the same as the screen, I’ve done them quite a bit. They aren’t that difficult to do, just a bit tedious. Some can be a pain in the farking ass. The IBM T-40 comes to mind. The T-42 is a bit iffy, but not overly complicated.

    • Never a laptop again! Everywhere around I see people (even elderly, and smiling!) having pleasure in their small tablets with big screens and fingertip sized digital keyboard keys. Seeing them photographing is the most jealous making part of the experience. Especially the zooming. Imagine lifting your laptop to take a picture… 👿

      • Well Asus is coming out with a tablet/laptop – windows 8.1/Android 4.2 hybrid
        Admittedly at 13.5″ it’s a smallish laptop yet rather large tablet. The cool part is that it runs both OSs simultaneously so one can switch between them in less than 5 seconds.

            • Ontop of that any Chrome-book comes with chrome and chrome-drive. And that is one hell of a security hole.
              Microsoft just wants your cash, Google wants your soul. I will happily pay Billy Joe Bob Gates some cash to avoid being soul-sucked by Google.

            • As opposed to the gaping chasm that is windows security? Besides, now all the windows office products are moving to the cloud and Microsoft is pushing their own cloud storage services it is only a choice between which soul devouring company you swear fealty.
              Unfortunately colleges (at least here in Kentökký) only teach chemistry, physics, geology, or any other sciences teach their classes with programs that are hard to replace on Ubuntu

            • Ubuntu is dangerous, all of a sudden everyone who uses Ubuntu, or any other Linux clone, is going to get up and walk around like zombies hearded by Finnish programmers… Linux is a an attempt by the Finns to take over the planet :mrgreen:

            • Beware of off site storage. If a third party has your data, any governmental entity has to do is to connive a judge (likely already on the payroll) to issue a court order for the data and they can sit and decrypt at their leisure, adding or deleting what they wish. And, the court order can direct that your 3rd party off site entity not reveal to you that your data has been accessed.

              If they stick something in there to charge you with, you are stuck paying out the wazoo trying to find an equally or more adept computer forensic expert that can debunk their claims.

              Not to mention any trade secrets that may be in the data set. Many suspect that some of these intelligence agencies are closely involved with industrial espionage.

              Cynical? You bet your sweet ass I am.

            • Me too… but that is partially influenced of me living next to them. Rule no 1: Bow down to the Finnish Overlords.
              (We will soon beat them in Hockey and rule them again)

            • Way back when there were only three teams in the Icelandic Hockey league and the third team was less than five years old… Think about half the team was 16 years old… And it was the World Cup group D

            • So, it is still Israel we are talking about. I could give them that they could beat you in almost any sport, but hockey? :mrgreen:

            • Just Googled that particular game, 11 – 0 for Israel… In 7 games Iceland won 2 and lost 5 >.<
              Personally I blame the Gulf Stream, and population density in places that get good natural ice.

              And I know you know better about Iceland's prowess in handball… Which is probably the only sport Iceland has beat Israel in consistently

            • Yepp, it is probably some kind of mutated dried sheep you guys use to be that good in handball 🙂

            • The most prevailing hypothesis is that pretty much all the local teams imported Soviet coaches in the eighties and adopted their training mantra ever since

          • I want a device that a) is a fast working computer with a “big”, high resolution screen, “big” keys and a lot of memory, b) can take reasonable pictures, c) is a useable phone, d) I can carry around without getting exhausted, e) most important: not tries to get my soul. If all these needs cannot be met in one single device, I will do without it. 🙂

            • *ZONK*
              And that was the sound of Sissel getting her wish fullfilled… We will hear from her in 10 years when some yet un-named finnish company invents mentaly connected computers that takes photographs through the eyes and has a microphone tooth.

  3. And the answer to our growing problem with the sabre-rattling Putin seems not only to be gargantuan spending on air defence, it also involves increased military integration with Finland. Quite a brilliant move really, nothing would send shivers down Russias back like an integrated Swedish and Finnish defense force. For once a brilliant move by our political moroons.

    • In the world affairs area, with Kalingrad still integrated with Russia, now with possible added nukes, Defense would need a little offence. Russia in the world is in flux, near term things look good for them. I would not like to be in that country in 20 years time or have a border near it. However, unless something\someone gets silly, 1st tier wars are last century’s news.

      • Problem is just that Putin is a last century despot that think like a soviet state Dictator.
        So… in the end we need to look around our own house and we have never had a better friend than our younger brother. And our younger brother is the only one who has ever beaten the shit out of Russia… 52 times.
        But, in the end I think we need to pull out our screw-drivers and build some new nukes with all that weapons grade material we have stashed. Sad, but true.

  4. While looking for some info on Pacaya, or even a webcam if there is any, I stumbled upon this gem. Not on Pacaya though. Thanks to Rudiger Escobar Wolf who posted a comment on Eriks webcam page long ago, I have found this on Fuego Volcano. An animated gif of Fuego’s recent activity. This would be a beautiful webcam, if it weren’t for some drawbacks – the images have no timestamps and in the ever looping animation one cannot make out start and end of it, so it’s impossible to find the latest image. Or to confirm that these are really actual images.

    It says “of the last 6 hours”, but that it is definitely not, probably 24 hours. There is a storage folder where the pics obviously come from, containing some 600 images from 00:00 to 23:59, but no date…

  5. Okay, this is Icelandic “wind” (storm to North Atlantic superstorm to be more precise) and will last for days, and forcast for next days to come.
    This is something else. But if it will get to surface or abowe is anyones guess.

    *Hekla is dead, dude, deal with it*

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