Voting for Volcano of the Month

Four volcanoes have been suggested for the Volcano of the Month. These are in alphabetical order Nishinoshima, Sakurajima, Sinabung & Stromboli. It is quite simple, the volcano with the most votes given wins. And on Monday there will be a post about the winning volcano.

You vote by being logged in and use the poll-maker.

Here are Images of the respective volcanoes:

Nishinoshima: Photograph by the Japanese Coast Guard.

Nishinoshima: Photograph by the Japanese Coast Guard.

This iconic image of Sakurajima is taken by Martin Rietze.

This iconic image of Sakurajima is taken by Martin Rietze.

Sinabung: Photograph by Abdullah Arief Siregar.

Sinabung: Photograph by Abdullah Arief Siregar.

Stromboli: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.

Stromboli: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.


102 thoughts on “Voting for Volcano of the Month

  1. For picture of the month, i go for Sakurajima taken by Martin Rietze. Strombolean activity taken at night, with a nice “xray” inlay by the lightning strike.

    • It is one of the more Iconic volcanic pictures out there.
      I though prefer the image of Mike Ross against Ambrym.

    • There are so many great photographs of volcanoes “out there” such as this one:


      Volcanic eruption, Northern Lights plus several meteor streaks. Does it get any better?

    • I still vote for the “Che Gueverra” image of Mike Ross standing on the rim of the Ambrym Crater…
      Iconic is the word 🙂

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  2. There has been a new weekly report for Sinabung. Due to the format I don´t know how to translate it, but this is the figure from it:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Eruptions, avalanches/pyroclastic flows are on the decline, but volcanic tremor has been increasing for some weeks. What does that mean?

  3. Re: Carl’s link to GeologyPage earlier.

    That finding doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve always thought the hypothesis that more water was absorbed into the crust by a subducting plate than is filtered through the highly porous volcanic material that is extruded along divergent plate boundaries. I’ve also not been quite satisfied with some explanations that most of the water that is absorbed is recycled back into the oceans via geothermal activities.

    That’s at least my amateur opinion and one of the reasons why I am going for geology and physics.

  4. Wooh Yeh! I tell you, that was riveting Olympic coverage. Now I find myself watching two guys trying to catch a fish. This was interceded by a chef over at an Alabama restaurant telling me how to blacken triple-tail and make a succotash over grilled zucchini and squash to go with it. The most enertaining part of it was when the station cut to a scene of an overly excited cook saying something, but the audio did not match at all. I don’t think the chef was trying to convey how good their “payday loans” were.

    (note, anyone getting a payday loan is asking for trouble, their interest rates are phenomenally high, so much so that they would be considered a full on rip-off if a bank did it. In the military, we called it “slushing” and the practice is generally bad form and can get you brought up on charges at NJP.) If compared to an annual interest rate, you are looking at 300 to 400 percent, though the terms of them are usually quite short. Lest the poor sap that gets conned into one can’t pay it off in short order. Everybody bitches about the banks, but fail to see the true thieves in their midsts.

    Title loans are a similar critter, but Florida (well, at least this county) outlawed them. They just moved shop over to Alabama and still victimize the people over here. (and there). It’s not uncommon to see a repo truck motoring around town. Hell, I’ve even done computer work for one repo agency over in the next county. Those guys are quite adept and pulling up, hooking up and driving off with vehicles that have repo paperwork on them. When I was there last, they were piling up all the personal belongings that they had gathered out of the vehicles. I think that by law they have to make the belongings in the vehicle available to the owners for a period of time. After that, they can toss it into the trash. Their key making set-up was phenomenal. With the right manufacturer data, that can cut a key for the vehicle they are going to retrieve and sometimes just drive it off. If its chip keyed, they can at least set the wheels straight and release the breaks so that they can get it with the truck even if they can’t crank it.

  5. Well we here in the Pacific NW are in the midst of a “pineapple clipper” a snatch of tropical moisture that can raise he++ with the amount of snow then freezing rain then rain we get.
    NOAA’s calling for floods. California is getting help with it’s drought.
    Still -7C here with lots of light powder snow (hip is not ready to Ski this year but watch out!
    net year!!!)

      • here was a beautiful spring day. Clear sky but highs around +3ºC and lows only -3ºC. I also never seen such a February weather like this. usually when it is clear weather and north wind, the temperature goes to -15ºC, but today it is just hanging around zero, and even above it. In north Iceland it is raining even with northeast wind.

      • Well, your not prancing around in your shorts and no tee shirt dropping batteries on the ground…. I am.

        The dog is quite confused. Hard to chase a battery. They sort of just lay there.

      • would you like to re-visit my idea that the angle of the earth to sun has changed and with it the weather etc. here it was 38 yesterday and still 37 at 8pm, it didn’t cool down until after midnight, today it is more normal like 26/27 later today

      • Ran the snow blower today-more snow heavy,wet snow+2C- got my neighbor plowed out, supposed to be +8 and raining all week…

  6. A couple of quakes near Hekla, but not within the mountain area. Still, it is just at edge of the SISZ.

    I think Hekla is again becoming restless. Today when I hiked a nearby mountain, Hekla seemed to have this cloud that really looked like steam coming from its top, for hours without end on a clear sky. The cloud was really coming from its very summit. I know why this happens. The steam and hot ground on Hekla summit causes moisture to condensate and create a cloud, even if the sky is clear all around. So, any increase in temp, increases cloud formation, and that increase might be related to increase volcanic movements. But its not a steam column, it is just a cloud formation.

  7. Yay!…. slightly drunk and wide awake. Sitting here wishing karma would catch up with them that are due. Wife nalf asleep beside me while 100 lb teeth critter snores on the floor beside me. Wife stated that she saw a light outside the window but I am not concerned. Dogs haven’t alerted on anything. If the do, the critter snoring next to me will be on it like stink on shit…. and shot guns were made for people with poor aim. (without correction, I’m legally blind). So, it sit. half lit and pissed that Im not asleep.

  8. OT.. Geo is there any way to clean up the output of a inverter .
    i have a 1KW inverter that puts out a stepped sine wave rather than a “true” sine wave some of the things i want to run on it refuse to accept the wave form it puts out, motors are ok with it but power supplies don’t like it

    • Hi Gina. That’s it not so easy i think. I think you need a well calculated Low pass filter, that filters out the higher harmonics of the stepped sinewave. This involves fairly large inductors and capacitors and a good bit of calculating.
      A beefy 1:1 transformer does some cleaning up since they are not designed to deal with high frequencies.
      What kind of supplies do you have problems with? Most modern switching powersupplies like for computers in tv’s etc should have no problem at all with the modified sinewave. That is all light weight supplies without the heavy transformer.
      Some supplies or aparatus might get more noisy or a bit warmer from the stepped sinewave though.

      • arjanemm What is important is the wood pellet burning stove it has a small controller in it it wont even attempt to run on the inverter, as that is my heat in the winter i had hoped to avoid the large price tag of a generator by limiting my power needs when the mains are down, in the summer during power outage my fridge and freezer both run on the inverter . i use my Prius 12V as the power sourse as the car will cycle on /off to maintain the HV battery that feeds the 12V sys makes a very fuel efficient generator for a 1-1.5 KW load It has been used for up to a week on one tank of gas (10 gallons) to keep the cold food usable

        • You are using your Prius battery for that???
          You are playing with fire, literaly. The battery on a prius has a flaw that makes inverters go off.

          I used to work with Hybricon Inc that converted Priuses into Plug-in Hybrids (the company now builds plug-in buses) and we found out that the batteries started to self oscillate when hooked up to an inverter that was not up to speck and that made the battery ignite.

          Problem is that the battery is not a sollid battery, it is a bank of batteries and the weekest one will start to oscillate when it tries to feed through an inverter.
          In the end we had to junk the prius battery and go for far more efficient Nilar batteries to get it to work.

          What I am trying to say is that you are A) risking to set fire to the battery and B) ruining your Prius. And something tells me that your insurance wont cover any of it.

          • Carl i am not tapping the HV battery i am using the 12 v battery that is feed by the hv side, the car cycles according to the HV battery charge between 40 to 50 % charge while keeping the 12v buss at 14.3V

            • I would wander off to the nearest marine-shop. They normally have a lot of goodies for invertin currency since it is a normal thing to do on boats. I am using a similar setup to drive the fridge in my boat. At least they might have a tip on why your particular inverter is misbehaving.
              I still blame the capacitors, if one of them is not up to spec it can discharge unevenly.

        • Power that controller from another source. It’s probably a low voltage device that doesn’t need much current. Use a adaptor that does work on your inverter or a battery to power the controller.. Be carefull for ground connections because you add a new powersupply.

        • Sorry for all the OT ramblings, but i just thought of another thing that could be the culprit. In the netherlands you can plug in your plug in your wall socket two ways, effectively flipping the neutral and the hot wire. This never causes any problems. But i did notice that some central heating cattles simply don’t do anything (apears not connected at all) when you connect them the wrong way around. It has something to do with high voltage flame detection through ionisation i think.
          This could be a problem with your pelletburner. There is a good chance that your inverter doesn’t produce a neutral and a phase (hot), but instead produces two floating half phases if you get what i mean. The easiest to check if that’s a problem for your burner is to swap the mains the neutral and hot of the burner around to see if it is still working. Don’t fiddle with the ground!
          If the burner behaves the same as with your inverter there might be a solution in connecting one of the inverter output leads to ground/earth and so creating a neutral and hot. But better check the specs of the inverter if that possible, or post a pdf of the inverter here if you don’t feel comfortable with it. It is mains we’re toying with so it can be dangerous…
          If anyone thinks i’m going to far with the OT let me know 🙂

            • Sorry to hear you have a toothache, from personal experience i know it’s one of the worst pains.
              But i’m a bit curious about the original reply.
              I feel a bit unsecure about posting here. I don’t contribute too much about volcanology. Usually more on the side tracked subjects. But i do love the place. So that’s why i sometimes ask if it’s appreciated what i post.

            • Sorry, I wrote an answer. But noticed that due to my toothache I had written something totally unintelligent 🙂

              So, instead of looking like an idiot I just removed the answer, but since you might have started to answer my answer I changed it instead of just putting it in the trash. Trashing answers can really cause problems, so I normally empty them instead.

              Please do not feel unsecure. I enjoy your comments.

            • Thanks for a very nice reply for someone with a toothache. I hope you get that sorted soon, It’s a pain in the, well teeth i guess. 🙂

    • There’s a thing called a self resonant transformer that can be used to regulate voltage but also has the effect of cleaning up a waveform. if I was still at the University I could have given you one but it’s a bit old tech to find easily. The ones I had went up to about 5kVA.

      • My apologies, I should have referred to the thing as a Ferroresonant Transformer. It provides voltage regulation, short circuit protection and low pass filter all in one and will do exactly what you want.

    • Probably easier to try and fix the initial problem of the inverter. I would start with checking the capacitors.

      • or break down and get a true sine wave inverter about 3x the cost of the stepped sine wave unit or the gen with the added expense of the rewiring needed to comply with the zoning gestapo here

        • Far cheaper than burning down your house when your prius battery self ignites and even if that does not happen you are putting your battery through a stress it was never built to handle. And the battery is about 10 grand to replace.
          The stepping you are measuring is self oscillating in one of the packs. You can run a bank of nickel-metallhydride batteries through an inverter, but if you do it with a lithium-ion battery like a prius battery it needs to be custom built taking into account every single parameter of the batterypack-configuration, and the prius batteries are famously unstable in that regard.

          If you really want to play with batteries and inverters order new ones from here:

          • My Prius is a 2005 it has a nickel-metallhydride batterie for the HV side I would never buy a car with a lithium-ion battery (having no desire to be roasted )

    • Depending on the load, you could use a battery backup unit to make your output waveform. The idea is that the waveform that it makes is clean enough for a computer. I discovered this the hard way when I found out that the wild swings that a generator could make is not very friendly to a computers power supply. A battery backup unit is designed to handle screwed up supply voltages and to make a nice clean output for the computer/server. I have an APC 1500 VA for my computers should I ever need to bring my stuff up with the generator.

      Aside from that, most of the other comments here are spot on, though anytime you get hands on with AC, you are asking for trouble unless you know what you are doing. You need to filter your output AC, and shut the high frequency stuff away from the item that is complaining about it.

      Square waves have humongous harmonic components. Thats how they get their shape. You need something like 13 or more harmonic overtones in order to get reasonably close to a square wave. The issue is that just the action of switching the current, it makes a square wave with harmonics. A 1:1 transformer should do a pretty good job of filtering, through there will still be some leftover harmonics.

      Probably, the quickest and safest way is to toss a UPS in line and let it worry about the weird AC supply.

      Caution though… Laser printers should NEVER be placed on the outputs controlled by the battery backup components. The inrush current for the fuser is generally huge compared to the normal operating load. It’s like trying to heat a stove. Massive current until the elements heat up. I’ve seen UPS units either cry or just say “screw this” and give up on it.

      I had one UPS that we had picked up surplus from a bank. We never got it hooked up. It used about 20 12Volt lead-acid batteries. It was originally designed to hold their servers up for several days in the event of a power outage. The whole unit was the size of a Prius. I think it was eventually sold off for scrap.

      • Thanks
        I am thinking that if i cant get the controller on a isolated low voltage source your notion of a good UPS is the easiest solution, the Ferroresonant Transformer would do the job the drawback is i would have to get one custom made according to the dozen web sites i visited looking and cash flow makes that option a dead horse i am not willing to flog
        tho prius is still getting over 50 mpg

  9. Quite interesting swarm still continues near Langjokull/Geysir region. It is a spot of ocasional regional fissure eruptions or small shield volcanoes. Last eruption on the region was a few thousand years ago. It would be so exciting to have an eruption on that spot. Swarm still continues.

    • It has been running for quite some time now. Unusually persistant, but I have not found any action on the PGSes so far.

  10. @Carl. (OT for all but Carl)

    My (artificial) quake was about Mw -1.57. (0.001328354 Cheeseburgers)

    For anyone interested… I’m fiddling around with a gizmo. This “quake” is essentially a 5.7 kg mass dropped from a height of 1 meter. So, the next time you see neg magnitude quakes in a listing, remember, that the scale is logarithmic. That “negative” quake is a very very small energy release.

  11. Who ever ordered a rain storm?
    In February there just should not be rainstorms and +5C this close to the arctic circle. For once I could not sleep through the storm. Anyhows, a new day and I get to go out into the storm and slushy remnants of snow… Not a concept that will put a smile on my face. More coffee…

    • Same in Iceland.
      Clear sky this weekend and temperatures were mostly around zero and even above it during the day. And there was also quite some northernly wind.
      Why it hasn’t been more cold defies my imagination!
      Usually with north winds anc clear weather, the temps in Iceland go around -10ºC. Not above zero.

      And there is no snow cover due to recent rains. And lack of snow.

      • I would say that we have your storm… If we had sheep they would have flown during the night. I noticed that the bubble of heat seems to go all the way from Iceland over to us. That is a rather big bubble of hot air.

  12. Mornin all,
    Just noticed this eq:
    NE of La Palma, in an unusual but not entirely unique location, I mention it because La Palma very rarely has eqs… Not volcanic or associated with a potential landslide, the location is all wrong and the depth too deep; had this occurred in/on the Cumbre Vieja (stretching from near the centre of the island to the southern tip) I would be getting very interested right now….
    Tin Foil Hatters please note: this is an amateur commenting and you should refer any concerns you may have to the relevant authorities: who will tell you that the eastern seaboard of the US is not about to be wiped out by a gigantic tsunami…

  13. Gunung Kelud alarm status was raised to level III (be alert) today because of a significant increase in seismicity. The status was raised from I to II just a few days ago (Feb 2).
    If I get this right there residents, visitors and tourists are no longer allowed to enter a 5 km zone arount the crater. Residents (correction: people who are present in the zone) were told to be alert.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • That one looks like it is going to go soon. Amazing what time many of the Indonesian volcanoes take before actually starting their eruptions from the first sign.
      Kelud will most likely behave differently then Sinabung and deliver a more explosive eruption. It is though hard to know exactly if there will be any big difference since Kelud is one of the most heavily actively mitigated volcanoes on Earth. It has had it’s crater lake diminished to less than one twentieth to diminish the risk of lahars. And the dome that grew displaced that lake entirely. So, we will soon know the answer to the question if this will have altered the eruptive characteristics even more.

  14. Hi all may be offline for a few days due to my fight with my internet provider. May have had someone else using my service. even though I’m not home and the computers are off or gone…
    Fog today -2C going to be +6C later or so they say…

  15. The West Coast (US) Pineapple Connection has ended for now in NorCal.
    72hrs rain totals at several locations in the northern Bay Area (Marin and Sonoma counties) peaked at 20+” due to enhanced orographics, with mostly 4-6″ in the lowlands. Real good soaking. In the immediate area south of SFO, 1-2″ fell. South of Monterey, only the western coast range mountains got anything worth mentioning. Regardless, this is the first serious rain for our area since December, 2012.
    To put our mega-drought in perspective, this event only raised our Percent-of-Normal rainfall-to-date in zones north of SFO to around a rip-roaring 33% . Areas south of the Bay Area have received much less (meager) amounts, with PON’s still off-the-charts low. It would take another 2-3 events this magnitude just to bring us up to normal in the north (not very likely). SoCal would need even more to get their totals anywhere near acceptable (even less likely).

  16. BTW, strong winds did occur at various times over the last few days in the area around Mammoth Mountain..especially the higher peaks and ridges. At June Lake, gusts were frequently in the 40-50 MPH range with a 69 MPH max on the 8th. Much higher winds occurred up on the ridges, but no Wx station data to confirm.
    Not sure if any of the seismic data was impacted, but worth mentioning.

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