Gunung Slamet, Mount Slamet

Gunung Slamet is the highest peak in Central Java and second highest in Java island and of course, as so many mountains in indonesia it is a strato volcano. One of the most active volcanoes of the island! Mount Slamet formed by the subduction of the Indo-Australian Plate under the Eurasian Plate in the south of the island of Java.

The volcano showed heightened activity the last weekend but calmed down on Thursday (

There is a PDF by the Indonesia Journal of Geology called “Cinder cones of Mount Slamet, Central Java, Indonesia by Igan S. SutawIdjaja and R. Sukhyar which i found with Google but whenever you klick the link, it downloads immediately. So you can read it here -> SlametPDF  or if you klick the following link, it will download to your computer.
This PDf gives all details you might ever want to know about geology around Gunung Slamet!

Slamet made the news Tuesday March 11th.:
New eruptions were observed at Java’s second highest volcano since yesterday evening. – Mount Slamet located in five districts in Central Java, namely Pemalang, Banyumas, Bradford, Tegal and Purbalingga continues to show seismic activity. (Indonesian)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) raised the status of the volcanic activity of Mount Slamet to level II. (Indonesian)
Jakarta Post: Mt. Slamet closed to public

Martin Rietze climbed Slamet in 2009 when there was a strombolian activity to be seen in the crater which was the aftermath of a larger eruption 2 weeks earlier. Please read the whole article and check out the images.. Stunning.

Gunung Slamet was only climbed by a handful of people till 1994 but lately it seems to be popular among hikers. Here is another report of a climb.

And how it is to climb this mountain in mist and rain is reported in this article:

It seems impossible to set up a camp and stay overnight close to the crater because of poisonous gases. Another danger made sure not too many people want to stay on the slopes of the mountain but this one is more spooky than dangerous. A ghost is said to have been sighted frequently, Once he/it/? slept in a sleeping bag of a hiker and no trace was found of it early in the morning.

Image Wikimedia Commons

Image Wikimedia Commons

In Baturaden, on the slopes of the volcano, hot springs and mineral deposits can be found.

Austrian Edelweiß

Austrian Edelweiß

A special sort of Edelweiß grows on Gunung Slamet. It looks a little different to what i am used to but it seems to be very rare.

Links: GVP: Slamet

Update 19.3. : The activity is ramping up again.
There were 2 smoke/steam/ash eruptions going up around 1000 m last Sunday. 60 Earthquakes were felt on Sunday , 66 on Monday. ( 7 days ago) in Indonesian.

Update 28.3.14

Slamet is now coincided “erupting”. Mild stromobolian action could be observed on March 26th according to volcano discovery
Quote from Jakarta Post:“These days, it [the volcano] erupts between one to five times a day, spewing volcanic ash. If something bad happens, we, rescuers, have to be ready to assist the affected residents,” Budiman, one of the volunteers, said.”



Something different to bide you over until the real riddles come out.


It’s a existing volcanic feature.  (a Place name) I’ll drop a hint later.  😀


(Whether points will be awarded will be up to Carl and the rest of the dragons.   I’ll be surprised if Carl can answer it.  😛 )

It’s not an anagram…

Solved: It’s a Vinegre cipher.  The encryption key is Hekla, the text is Lakagígar (craters of Laki).




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