Eruption has started

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 02.15.09View from Mila webcam

The IMO has confirmed that a fissure eruption has started north of Dyngjujökull.

Please do not link to and sites at this time

Please use the live Youtube stream for the webcam rather than the Mila link, as the latter is likely to be in use by emergency authorities and IMO.

This is just a holding post – more information will be provided later as it becomes available.



After reviewing images. This eruption seems to for the moment take the best possible solution way. Currently the true eruption has not started, but will do so in a few hours. What I mean by that is that currently we are mostly seeing steam coming out of the newly opened fissure, this is caused by rising magma heating away the water table on a local scale.

As the true eruption starts we will see fire fountains a few hundred meters high. I also expect that the fissure will widen during the day, and we might also see new fissures open up in the days and weeks to come. The ultimate scale of the eruption remains to be seen, and this eruption could continue for weeks, months, or even years.

I am though happy that the eruption started now instead of later since this will limit the amount of peak pressure in the volcanic system which should dampen the initial effusive rate. I do not currently expect a large explosive event, but if a fissure opens up closer to the volcano under the ice it could turn ashy temporarily.

Normally fissure eruptions tend to open new fissures closer to the parent volcano, so the current fissure is most likely going to be the furtherest point from Bárdarbunga that this eruption will reach. I do not expect a follow up eruption at Askja at this juncture.


this is a 3D view of the situation this morning. Note the seismic activity under Askja, and some activity aver the 64.7° zone. To my mind this should not be too far from the eruption site.

And this is a zoom on the earthquake front.
Note the reactivation around 64.8°N

it is a view from the east – all quakes over mag2 since the 16th – finishing 6H38 this morning

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  1. It was first this afternoon I found out how terribly addicted I am to this site – i.e. when comments started getting mixed up.
    Luckily I am back home and can enjoy a beer, so I am calmer now…..
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      All is well in VC land!

        • I and Ursula switched out DracoPyrites scale and claw polish with pink sparkling Barbie nailpolish last night… 🙂
          He fell in love with the colour and has now painted our new den in this colour.
          Here is an image of DracoPyrite taken this morning.

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      • This could be a brand new Californian business – a resort rehab for volcano addiction! I wonder if you could get a loan from the Export-Import Bank to open satellite businesses in Europe (clearly there’s a need there)? Of course, Congress would have to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank first and that’s going to be another battle royal! 😀

  2. and the larger view up to 11h today (IMO time) – including today’s morning Mag 5.2 event

    Bardarbunga earthquake animation 4D update 16 to 29-08-2014

    First view is from the north east (70°). It is an hour by hour change.

    Second view is from the top.

    The title bar shows date and time of the events.
    The colorbar supplies date information (dot color, refer to left side) and terrain elevation (refer to right side).
    The size of the dots gives event magnitude information (refer to scale on the plot)

    Data is from IMO, with 99 % quality (manually checked).
    Terrain data comes from NOAA, etopo1 (ice)

    • I LOVE these! It’s interesting to see the progress of the dike and where it was when the rumbling started in and around Askja. I look forward to these animations every day! 🙂

  3. A question to all those with the knowledge

    Do you think that all of this pressure and cracking only “popped a zit” on the face of the landscape last night?

    I would think that if this was a true breakout of the fissure it would have resulted in a bigger eruption and ejection that what happened?

    • Well, Fimmvörðuháls sputtered along for some time, and people figured that was going to be all of it. Then a dike shot across to Eyjafjallajökull and it quickly went to showtime. Prior to that, the cones at Fimmvörðuháls appeared to have the features of gas jets to me. That would point towards the system being under considerable pressure at the time.

      As for the Dyngjujökull fissure, it may not be sparky with vigorous jetting, but it is releasing pressure. Additional melt can easily form due to this decompression. I would say that it needs to be watched. Volcanoes are sneaky like that.

    • There is more there than meets the eye.
      You do not want that young lady in the photo swinging a sword at you – she is national and Scandinavian champion in that field 🙂

    • Well, it’s pretty light and gassy, or else she couldn’t hold up a section of that size…

      Ref ohr’s statement… yeah, she seems to be quite adept. And not a lightweight either. But I still stand by my interpretation of the mass in that lump of rock.

      Probably the perfect field companion. Someone who has no qualms about throwing you out of harm’s way if trouble arises.

      In support of my contention that the rock doesn’t contain a great deal of mass. In the photo where she is holding it, note that she does not have to lean very far back to maintain her balance while holding the rock. Strength is one thing, but mass is mass.

  4. As it is one of my favorite videos, and it has been brought to me by Carl, and it’s sheepy Friday, and there are a lot of new fellows around, and it’s adult content and thus should suite Andrews taste… 😉
    Have a nice evening you volcano headed magma blooded lava nerds!

  5. First post here. I am a “super lurking amateur geek/nerd” with no experience in geology. But I love all things science. This “community” is amazing with the civil and informative conversations. And I thank everyone for that! My silly question is this, does the concentration of EQs in the animations show the approximate location of the actual magma? Is so, with the current eruption, why wouldn’t we have seen EQ’s progressing right to the surface?


    • Well.. what it actually shows is where rock is fracturing. You have to make a mental leap as to what it is. Could be a graboid pushing through the rock, or it could be a propagating dike pushing through the rock. Odds are, it’s the leading edge of the dike.

    • Hi Morham and welcome,
      Others may elaborate more on this but the quick answer is:
      Eqs show the location of the rocks fracturing, not the location of the magma as such…
      Since there are few if any EQs close to the surface at the eruption site, the conclusion is that the way was already open for the magma to reach the surface.
      The images we have seen of the area show historic fissuring, supporting this explanation.
      Hope this helps, don’t be shy to ask questions here 😀

      • Thanks schteve42! So can we determine by looking at the fracturing/dike, if the magma is above the EQ’s and closer to the surface and spreading? Or as the rift cracks the rock along the EQs, the magma just has an easier path to the surface from below. Sorry if this has been explained before. I am taking a crash course on volcanism via this blog. 🙂

        • I took that very same intensive course, so don’t think for one second I’m any kind of expert…
          I don’t think your first idea is correct; the only way to be sure sure magma has reached the surface is to observe it. Surface manifestations of magma (lava) may or may not be accompanied by EQs…
          Your second explanation is closer to the truth, but the actual truth is way more complicated and beyond my abilities to explain…

    • Hi Morham
      it’s a good question. Lurking brought some answer. If we consider the present swarm, I’ll repost the video zoom on the Dyngajokull zone to try to illustrate.

      First put ut on HD and large.
      look at 0’48”, you’ll see that the dyke is progressing, but after a while the quakes seem to go backwards to a zone previously active. It may mean that there was some obstruction and that the magma continued to put pressure on the system. Then there was some lateral expansion (1’33, 1’44, 1’55 on the top view). Same phenomenon around 0’58” to 1’05.

  6. Well, I don’t want to be annoying (already) — but just in case you still wonder 1. where the eruption really took place, 2. where these strange cracks that were shown on images occured, here are two images to clarify (or make it even more obscure).

    The first one shows the eruption site relative to what some scientist believe is the Askja fissure swarm (stolen from the paper, “Deflation of the Askja volcanic system”, Pagli et. al. – admitting that I just googled the stuff). The two almost vertical lines show the boundary of that swarm. The right picture is again a google earth screenshot, with two yellow areas being just two (arbitrary but distinct) landmarks and the red area being our eruption site. You see, that the site lays very close two the proposed boundary of the swarm; whatever this means.

    Secondly another potpourri. On the left its GE again, on the r.h.s. the upper pic is a still from the well-known video, the lower pic appeared here earlier and shows the new cracks. Some landmarks got numbers, don’t start finding any mystic reasons for the numbering… You see, that (I know that I repeat myself, sorry for that) the cracks appear west and north of the eruption, hence a little bit closer to Askja, and not to the south, closer to the glacier and Madame B. I’ve no idea about the consequences.

    • Thank you so much for this information. So if the cracking is NW of the eruption, and that would be some indication of the direction the magma is moving, does that indicate it’s reached Aska’s personal space? Do we know if the yellow outlined areas are lifting or subsiding, or should I not care? And why would you think the activity has changed direction (if, indeed, it has) from NE trajectory to NW, if the plate boundary runs SW-NE? Is there something I could read that would help me understand what might be next? (Sorry to be such a neophyte. I understand if you just don’t have time to answer.)

      • Very simple to answer your question: I have no idea at all. Me = complete newbie and greenhorn. I heard somebody talking about the cracks being in the south of the eruptions and that their location could give us a hint where to expect the next spit. I’m not even sure that these cracks tell us anything about the crack’s heading. Also the yellow bounded areas are drawn by me, indicating nothing else than the position of the eruption, no further meaning.

        Erratum: (1) Of course the outlines of the Askja fissure swarm are not vertical in the image, that was just badly remembered (using tinypic for the first time I couldn’t see the pics when I wrote the text). (2) In the second picture the upper right part shows the cracks, not the lower.

    • Some others scientist believe that Holuhraun-1 (where eruptions took place) , and Holuhraun-2 are Barðarbunga-Veiðivötn volcanic system and is seperated from Askja. Is believed that Holuhraun-1 occurred over the winter of 1797. Near is Tröllahraun fissure which belong to Askja system. Here is good research article about possibly connetions between Holuhraun and Tröllahraun fissures, and conclusion is that they are seperated.

  7. Observations / questions:
    1. Were there actually any fountains last night?

    2. Possibly this was left over from 1996?

    Going over eruptions at Kilauea that were the closest to low-residence-time you’d expect with a spreading center lava (September 1971 and December 1974) not only is the volume last night pitiful but the magma should have been a lot gassier.

  8. Jarðvísindastofnun Háskólans
    há 25 minutos
    Holuhraun, the scene of the small eruption last night, was described by Watts, who travelled through the area in 1876 on his way across Vatnajökull to Askja. He writes: “… Two hours brought us to a field of lava which had flowed from and surrounded those eccentric little volcanoes which rose in four ghastly eminences in the centre of the plain, in no part more than 100 feet high. Tired as I was, and greatly inconvenienced by my foot, I could not refrain from examining them. They were situated upon a crack from which the lava had welled up in four mamelonic shapes, which in two instances showed irregular breached craters, nearly filled with sand, which had been drifted thither by the wind. The lava was basaltic, and of a remarkably scoriaceous nature, though in the immediate neighbourhood of the volcanoes no cinders were visible around them, so their eruptions must have been attended with but little of explosive character.” …

    • I can’t find a definition of “mamelonic” Seems like more than 4 openings now, although I also don’t know what constitutes a “breached crater”.

      • Hi, I am reading you since the begining of this Bardy episode.
        It has been an awsome nest of informations, thanks to everybody.

        Regarding the word “mamelonic”, i think it comes from “mamelon” in french : “nipple” in english. So it has to be linked to the general shape of the volcano.

        • I am aware of French interpetation of word mamelon as being nipple, but it is really inferring to human breast shape in many usages. If you look at images of mammatus clouds you will see what I mean. Sorry to be nity picky but in the case of volcanic mamelonic it could infer that the formations were upright, perhaps somewhat rounded on top.

          Ms Watts had likely been on a long expedition without seeing any women and was probably stretching his imagination a bit. lol

  9. For whatever it’s worth – if we’re going to see an eruption at Askja due to magma mixing, it’ll take at least a little bit of time. In order to reheat an old pocket of Rhyolite into an eruptable form, you need a lot of energy and a lot of heat. This doesn’t happen within 2 hours of magma making contact with that pocket.

    • It’s possible the fissure it’s still opening in NE direction? A line of quakes can be visible in Myvatn map.

          • I don’t know why people here are so bad to me here… i’m allways polite and never give bad answers to no one! This is my last post here! Good by everyone and good eruption! 😦

            DragonNote: Luisport – all we have ever asked is you abide by the very few rules we have here. ANYONE who keeps within those rules is always welcome. Please remember that at the moment the very few dragons, who all have jobs and families, are struggling to keep up with the questions. So, and this applies to everyone, just take a second to think what is posted before you hit the Reply button. Thanks /UKV

            • Oh Luisport you can’t go like that. I’ve enjoyed your posts and you contribute so much. And your question was very valid. Carl, Dragons, please prevent Luisport leaving the building. Cbus – that was a bit hard.

            • Don’t be sore Luisport. It’s been a fraught couple of weeks for many of us. Best wishes to you.

            • I agree. Maybe some are getting a little tired and cranky. Let’s all play nice and remember to be patient with others.

            • Don’t leave here. I think eg. this information about Holuhraun lava field was a very interesting find. Thank you for your participation here. 🙂

            • No! This is Internet. Don’t take anything personal. Asking questions his the most important thing to do in science. There are no stupid questions.

          • I agree with Luis.
            In the first days of the event i learned a lot of things, but in the last 2 or 3 days…There are some special rocks here…
            Goodbye and keep safe.

        • I apologize – I didn’t realize you stated that in response to my original post.

          I don’t mean to be harsh – but I like to encourage people to think critically for themselves. You learn much more that way and it’s a lot more fun too. But as a general rule of thumb, for anything outside ridiculousness, the general answer is always “yes” when asking if something is possible. It’s more a question of probability and likelihood of said event actually happening.

    • Agree Cbus, the tension will certainly be expressed as uplift there, it’s already a low density zone, so the mixing of a grumpy hot magma is pretty much a given there. I’m almost certain we will see a NE propagating fissure before it pops there, a fissure with a bad attitude.

    • Hi Grimmster, would you please take a schcreenschot? I’ve not been able to look at the webcams since 830 this moaning…

    • What I think will happen? They will fine those that they arrested, and they will be back on the street eventually. (Prostitution sting arrests here in the county. Several years ago, I was listening to the scanner for Escambia County and Pensacola Police Dept. They had an issue with trying to arrest each other during a concurrent Vice sting that both agencies were running. Sometimes this place can be quite entertaining. 😀 )

      As for the fissure, my honest opinion? It is possible that the pressure release could cause additional melt formation. But I’m not a geophysicist and could be quite wrong.

    • My theory is this: As soon as I arrive in Dublin all hell will break loose in Iceland and I will be stuck for eternity. The up side is the per capita number of bars there–I cant think of a better way to wait for the apocolypse!

  10. my guess – a tiny finger of the main intrusion heading that close to the surface so far, the rest is still ongoing and almost unnaffected by what we’ve seen so far.

  11. Can some remove the lens-cap from the camera Bárðarbunga 2 !!!

    Dragon edit: please don’t link that webcam here, a screenshot would be nice though 🙂

    GL Edit Add: We are trying to be good neighbors to IMO. Yes, we are rabidly seeking data, but directly linking to their equipment can overload them with traffic and make the resource less reliable for the emergency response agencies there. A screenshot placed on an image hosting server doesn’t directly affect them.

      • And I would like to have checked this line of quakes reaching to the southeast and into the sea…
        Southeast Icelandic ghost stories?

        • Ah, now I think you’ll find that, according to the next SciFi Channel script for “Hurricano Sharkgator” those line of ‘quakes is opening up an underground-underwater tunnel for the sharks and alligators to enter the volcano system. 😀

    • and when GL says rabidly…..check out his plots.. : wink: ..but yes we’re trying not to bother IMO, they’ve plenty on their hands and are doing a top notch job !

  12. A YouTuber points out that if it was fog there would be droplets of water on the lens. I’ve no idea if that is true, but it does make sense. Are we sure it is fog?

  13. My goodness, what an exciting couple of days. I’ve had company so it’s been hard to try to keep up with the comments, let alone try to comment myself. Awesome job Dragons! I would be brain dead by now if I were a Dragon! Sorry to hear about your knee, Carl, but keeping it iced and elevated while keeping watch on the volcanic activities will help keep your mind off the pain. Hope it gets better soon. Has there been any talk about skipping the Friday riddles this week? Sooooooo much going on it will be hard to concentrate on riddles, I think. Hello to all the newbies. I remember my first days and how excited I was about Bob. This is way bigger.

  14. Pic from livestream at the start of the fog. IMO the top of the screen is browner than one would expect should this be a cloud or even a rain cloud. But I’m no expert.

  15. Shame the pictures aren’t so clear. The photos earlier were fantastic. For my penny’sworth I do not agree with the IMO (here’s me challenging the experts..bad move). I do not think this rift has done anything more than banged up against the Askja fissure zone where it is meeting old, cold magma. If it can crack its way through that to Askja’s core then, OK, we see something interesting. But I’m placing my bets on this taking quite a bit of time, if not happening at all.

    Meanwhile, I am rather fed up careless posting has hurt Luisport who has been a regular here for more aeons I can remember. Please can we remember that words on the screen don’t always show the humour that may be intended.

    • Agree Clive, but we must also be minded to think how tired and excited/fearful many contributors are. Tempers will fray: we’re all human. Don’t leave Luisport! Especially not now. Love to all.

    • Re: Luisport
      I agree with you Clive, and well said.

      This is an amazing community because of the information provided all on a voluntary basis! No matter the culture or language, lets remember to be KIND; no need for unnecessary harshness.
      Many thanks to Spica, Carl and all the dragons who generously give their time and resources so that we all can learn about and share this experience.

      • On behalf the dragons thank you for your kind words – as mentioned above, anyone who stays within the very tiny set of rules we have is ALWAYS welcome

    • The UK Met Office still show it deviating off north to Iceland over the next few days. Mind you, knowing the UK Met Office that probably means it will go right through the middle of Manchester. We’ve got drizzle coming in right now – am waiting for the MO’s yellow warning of severe drizzle….

      • Hell No Clive. It will deviate just a little on an Easterly trajectory, miss Manchester and hit between Bury & Rochdale. I am having a bumper harvest or runner beans and the Bramley apples are not ready to be shaken off the trees. 😦

      • Er.. how many levels of warning does the MO have? I’m thinking they’d need one of those paint colour brochures to cover them all! When I was living in Surrey, I experienced an incredibly wide range of rain levels, from “misting” to a full-on hurricane! 😀

    • Not sure where you got the picture from BillG but the GFS charts are still showing the centre of the storm moving across Iceland with the strongest winds just to the south of Iceland but not touching the UK at all. Try checking Netweather UK.

    • This is familiar to me from USA’s NOAA website. The “bat” is 3 day cone of uncertainty. Do not extend the bat on your mind. Storm could dogleg at day 4 or 5. (Amateur experience tracking hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike, et. al., for disaster recovery)

      • It may not be “high pressure” but some pressure is involved. Releasing that can trigger changes throughout the entire conduit system. The question is, what sort of changes? Will the function of that effect have a sigmoid shape and lead to an avalanche of that function into a separate realm?

  16. How come the tremor graphs doesnt show much difference from before the eruption started? Shouldn´t there be a large-ish increase in the 0.5-1 Hz band? Screenshot (not link) below and it was taken 2 minutes ago..

    And one more question.. the 5.2 EQ on the caldera rim of Bardarbunga could that be caused by pressure beeing released by the eruption? Or is it something going on there as well?

    Thanks for all the info guys.. 🙂

    • The spike in there occurred directly when the eruption occurred. So there is that, and from what we know, the eruption died down pretty quick, leaving us with the tremor chart where it is now.

      Some people here have speculated that each spike in the tremor has coincided with a small fissure eruption like what we saw last night, but we haven’t been able to observe this due to glaciation.

      • It is easier to see with the graph at a different resolution that it did spike for a very short period

        What is also shows is we have yet to see any really major long lasting tremor, that spike is huge compared to others

        • that’s of course terribly interesting, if only for the taste of forbidden, so the last spike would correlate with the eruption. But then, what do the previous spike cluster would mean? It’s about half the final spike, but denser. And much more red frequency in it if I see well. Stupid question -my last – why not FFT like for the Canaries?

          • I think you’ll find that the spikes correlate with earthquakes at Bárðarbunga – the higher the spike, the stronger the earthquake to follow. When I saw that spike around midnight, I predicted there’d be another strong ‘quake following it. The ‘quakes don’t follow immediately but generally seem to be within 4-12 hours of the spike. In this case, there followed a series of quakes at Bárðarbunga:

            29.08.2014 _ _ _ 16:27:44 _ _ _ 4.9 km _ _ _ 4.1 _ _ _ 99 _ _ _ 4.5 km NE of Bárðarbunga

            29.08.2014 _ _ _ 12:21:46 _ _ _ 9.2 km _ _ _ 5.2 _ _ _ 99 _ _ _ 6.6 km NE of Bárðarbunga

            29.08.2014 _ _ _ 11:14:59 _ _ _ 6.8 km _ _ _ 4.8 _ _ _ 99 _ _ _ 4.9 km NE of Bárðarbunga

            29.08.2014 _ _ _ 8:16:25 _ _ _ 6.1 km _ _ _ 3.4 _ _ _ 99 _ _ _ 7.9 km ESE of Bárðarbunga

            29.08.2014 _ _ _ 4:37:54 _ _ _ 0.8 km _ _ _ 3.8 _ _ _ 99 _ _ _ 7.2 km ENE of Bárðarbunga

            It’s a little clearer on this composite chart from Aug 26th. The tremor graph appears blurry because I had to stretch it to fit with the time scale of the magnitude chart:

            • Pulses of magma entering the dike by means of the central volcano and afterwards an adjustment of Bárðarbunga’s magma reservoir resp. edifice?

            • That’s what I thought… I was looking for patterns in the data and that seemed to be a possibility. Need to look at a lot more data though! 🙂

    • No, the rim ring quakes have nothing to do with this little surface pop. Dozens of kilometers away and essentially no pressure or volume. All those ring quakes are because of what’s going on down in the dyke.

    • I think that that the most recent Bardarbunga quake was not directly caused by the eruption. The eruption is small and seems much less than the amount of magma flowing into the dyke each day, recently (correct me if this is wrong!). And there have been quite a few such quakes there over the past two weeks so one (or even several) happening today is not implausible. But the overall flow into the dyke will have reduced the pressure and this has caused the whole series of quakes. Magma is buoyant so pushes the rock above it up. Remove some and settlement should occur – hence the quakes. There are other effects (gas pressure, water seeping through) which can increase pressure – active volcanoes are inherently unstable things!

      I was wondering whether the current eruption was perhaps related to a branch of the magma dyke hitting the water table.

  17. OT (sort of).

    Terse comments from earlier came about due to a bit of exasperation with a question. Generally speaking, some of the information that people seek, can be obtained with a bit of rumination and searching on the topic. If you hit a blockage, then is the time to ask. For the most part, all questions related to volcanoes are welcome, but sit for a moment and think about what is being asked. Has it been answered already? Maybe in a different context? Is there a reference site that has an article on that already? The most important thing is to use your head. It’s what keeps Homo Sapiens from evolving into Homo Stultus. (thinking man vs stupid man)

    And above all, remember the mantra. “Be nice.”

    • Most important answer sought for the question below

      Will the Webcams survive?


      Please will the Webcams survive

      • Nothing is certain. But in all likelihood, yes.

        They are fairly well back from where the activity is taking place. However, if things go bad really really fast, all bets are off.

          • It actually has one it’s just well hidden.

            If you click on the notifications tab, top right looks like a speech bubble, you can then see who has replied to your past comments. If you then click on the comment it will allow you to “like” or reply to their post 😀

            I have no idea if it is possible to like comments that aren’t a reply to your own though 😦

            • It’s also a shame that you can’t edit your own posts, typing phrases like ” how if it is possible ” makes me look slightly special 😎

              DragonEdit: fixed that for ya (that’s what friendly dragons are for) /Dragoness

            • Due to a recent venture into mobile surfing I found out how to like any comment, because the normal website would not load.
              You just need to find your way into the WordPress reader and follow this blog. You can e.g. get there from the notification tab, open “View archive”. Click on “Comment” under the respective post, and there you go. The like function is just not activated in our blog theme, but it is there 🙂

        • 😀 Frustrating isn’t it. Watch this since the 16th then when something starts to happen all the world and his dog want in on the action.

          • …. Yeah – followed this blog since “we” left Jon Frimann and Carl le Strange & co started VC up.
            Must admit it is nice to see that “all the world and his dog want in on the action”!

            • I agree old cowboy and it is really nice to get so many newcomers commenting but it is everyone crashing the cam sites that frustrates me. we follow dragons orders but that pesky dog wont! 😀

            • Or worse, do what my dog did last night. Take my shoes outside without me noticing and leave them out in the rain all night. Well he has taught me to growl now. Grrrrrrrrrr!

            • I have a “tooth monster” that I reward with a doggie cookie whenever he beds down next to the bed. He is quite literally, a beast. The plan is that if an intruder comes barging in the front door, he will at least try to eat them. While he is doing that, and the intruder is preoccupied, I can retrieve my shotgun. his purpose in life is to alert me, and buy me time.

              (yes, home invasion is a threat around here)

        • Heh… true story. I found a webcam in a box here the other day. Perfectly operable when I boxed it, but windows couldn’t identify a driver for it so I could no longer use it. I had to go out and buy a new one so that we could come up on skype to share Christmas with a grandkid.

          Note: He has since had his own kid, so now we have one more to add to the pack 😀

          • I had a similar predicament with a second-hand printer I was given – there were no drivers for it. So I emailed Canon about it and they obliged by emailing the drivers and the user’s guide to me! The printer has worked perfectly ever since!. 😀

    • Very nice. Added to my FB page. Someone has been able to add “Bárðarbunga” to the FB database 🙂 (No, I don’t have a paying job and no, I never get enough sleep.)

  18. To address Clive’s statement “Shame the pictures aren’t so clear”, they are fuzzy because I’ve pulled them (via screen capture) off the YouTube live feed. YAYNews, which is running the live feed, says it does not have the bandwidth to put up a higher-resolution image. … I am saying this here on the slim chance someone reading this who has a blazing bandwidth can do a new YouTube live feed. Also, YAYNews is not certain how much, if any, of the footage will be available as archive. That is entirely up to YouTube and would happen after he’s closed the stream. Also no comment archiving. (Comment searching would be very handy to see if anyone saw something that was only briefly visible — one might be able to pinpoint the time.)

    • Thanks Leslie for taking the trouble to do it! Well, talking about bandwidth – our ISP conked out most of today, so you can imagine my howls of frustration until service was repaired! It would be good if they could provide better bandwidth to an event that is massively interesting. Perhaps this could be a nudge to them that there is value in doing something better. Good to have the service all the same.

  19. Hi folks . Been slaving over a hot instrument panel lately, following this on the ‘ol
    4g. I wonder about the caldera …

    • Howdy, long time no see. You wouldn’t happen to be stuck somewhere in Idaho would you? Forestry’s local IT guy is “on assignment” out there somewhere and his local duties are being done by someone out of the State capital. It’s a bit difficult at second guessing his prowess at things computing since I have no experience with him.

      Not saying anything further since I don’t want to piss in anyones Wheaties.

      The guy “on assignment” seems to be one shit-hot communications technician. (in my experience, based on my interactions with “Comm ETs” while I was in the military.)

  20. Earlier today, there were sugestions about names for any new shield volcanoes that may form, but I couldn’t work out how to log in from my phone. One of the suggestions was Babybunga,but I was thinking that Barnabunga might be more appropriate, after all, it is Iceland.

  21. Can someone find me the new addresses to both of the new live streams of Bárðarbunga from MILA webcams now?

    Now i use this as the address for the Bárðarbunga 2 stream on my blog: *removed*

    It’s the same with the Bárðarbunga stream to that does have this as the address: *removed*
    But those 2 streams doesn’t work any longer.

    If someone could help me with this, it would be awesome 😀

    DragonEdit: links removed /Dragoness

    • That chart ties in well with the GFS charts. Windiest period shown on that chart, as the centre of the low moves across Iceland the strongest winds will be to the south.

  22. Sorry if this a duplicate but don’t have time to read 931 comments 🙂

    The aviation code for Askja was raised to yellow sometime today (I believe):

    Source: IMO.

    Any one know how the number of comments correlates to the number of EQs?

  23. The earthquakes aren’t as focused in the dyke as they were previously – – – over the past 48 hours, they look like more of a scatter-shot when viewed from the top. Unless I’m seeing things.

    • Very few of the dyke quakes are manually confirmed because there are so dang many with this event; the automatic recording scatters them like you see. The 99 quality ones still form said line as an epicenter.

      The dyke may be broadening slightly, but the auto-plotted earthquake scatter *is* exaggerated and full of echos.

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