Hekla – the Movie

Eggert Norðdahl at Holuhraun for Volcanocafé Production Movie.

Copyright Eggert Norðdahl,  At Holuhraun 

This has been unprecedented weeks for Volcanocafé in terms of visitor numbers and we are witnessing events the likes of which none of us have seen before. As if things weren’t exciting enough, we are, as a volcanic community, about to embark on our most ambitious project.

Hekla: the Movie

That’s right. We aim to become the first popular science site to make its own feature film.

Volcanocafé’s very own aerial photographer extraordinaire, Eggert Norðdahl (Islander), has been planning and shooting for a full length film about our favourite and most idiosyncratic volcano for some years. To that end, he has amassed an archive of stunning film and photography as well as a flaming mountain of research on the big H. He could wait forever to have his film commissioned by an international broadcaster and, even then, it would likely suffer terribly by having the editorial command hijacked from him by TV executives obsessed by viewing figures. He needs to be backed by people with a passion for volcanoes, science and the pursuit of truth. People like us.

Eggert Norðdahl at Holuhraun for Volcanocafé Production Movie.

Copyright: Eggert Norðdahl , At Holuhraun 

It just so happens that we have had amongst us since the birth of Volcanocafé a senior producer from the UK, Nick Small (Manofthemoors). With a bit of Volcanocafé magic, we have put Eggert Norðdahl and Nick Small together and now we want to give them the backing they need to get the film made. Properly. Crowd funding is the way forward…and we really do have a fantastic crowd here at Volcanocafé.

So, here’s the plan. We, as a community, raise the production budget ourselves. Those of us who want to contribute do so with what we can happily afford. There are enough of us to get the production funded and we can each of us have a little piece of movie-making action. When the finished film makes revenue, we get a piece of that action too.

We have set up a Volcanocafé Hekla Movie investment account, which comes with legal protection for foreign investors under Swedish law. We have also created a Paypal account associated with it, for those that prefer to donate that way. Of course, we know that you trust us, but we wouldn’t feel right unless we’d put measures in place for your protection.

Eggert Norðdahl at Holuhraun for Volcanocafé Production Movie.

Copyright: Eggert Norðdahl : At Holuhraun

It is customary for people who pledge to crowd funding campaigns to get something glittery and special in return. In this case there will be a rising scale of investment which will be rewarded with access to exclusive video updates, downloadable sneak preview clips, an exclusive special edition DVD and, for the most generous of contributors, invites to premier screenings and a launch party. We will also announce some super VEI12 prizes for randomly chosen contributors along the way (a photography flight over Iceland’s volcanoes for example).

Unlike in normal crowd funding campaigns you will of course own a stake in the movie, just like if you were a real Hollywood producer.

If you have ideas for other “treats” we welcome your suggestions. We will finalise all the details over the coming days and weeks, but we would like to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Why the hurry?

Eggert Norðdahl at Holuhraun for Volcanocafé Production Movie.

Copyright: Eggert Norðdahl,  At Holuhraun


With the ongoing events we really want to keep Islander flying and shooting, providing Volcanocafé with the very best exclusive images on any eruption…. photage which will also form part of the Hekla film.

For this reason, we have decided to set a series of targets. The first target, to get production started and to facilitate Islander’s ongoing flying/filming, is the equivalent of US $15,000.

The film will cost considerably more to complete. The final budget and the various targets that we need to meet along the way will be established once Nick Small has looked at the existing material and put in place a production, post-production and delivery schedule.

Eggert Norðdahl at Holuhraun for Volcanocafé Production Movie.

Copright: Eggert Norðdahl at Holuhraun 

Investors should email Volcanocafé with their email address, contact details and the amount that they are contributing. Even if you use the Paypal account this is important for book-keeping reasons. We will keep this thread open so that we can answer any questions that you may have and to keep you all informed. We think that this will be a really cool and exhilarating adventure for everyone who hops on board. Apart from anything else, the chance to drop into casual conversation that you are financing a major film about the world’s most unpredictable volcano is surely just too good to pass up.

Eggert Norðdahl is a published author, aviation expert, pilot and professional photographer
Bergsveinn Norðdahl, additional photography and HD-film photographer
Nick Small, professional film producer
Noni AB (Sweden) supplies the Financial Advisor services and the Secured Investment Account

Here is the email to Volcanocafé


Redirect link to the Paypal buttons and information about how get IBAN and BIC codes for direct to bank investment.



1,459 thoughts on “Hekla – the Movie

  1. Just a thought.
    Many of us talk of activity beginning or ending. But is it not true to say that the only things truly beginning and ending here are our perceptions?
    As I understand it events such as these are many years in the making,despite the fact that there are key moments of explosive drama. And if that is the case, this event only has a beginning and an end because we choose to define it as being so?
    I remember that when Eyjaf erupted, I was reading speculation from those who know more than me that it would lead to other eruptions elsewhere….and one year later, Grimsvotn.

    • Grimsvötn was not related to Eyjafjallajökull. It was speculations about Katla, but there was never an eruption there, although there was a large hydrothermal event at Katla one year later.

      On the other hand you could see the entirety of Iceland as a function of Icelands MAR rifting and the Mantleplume. So, in a rather distant sense of it all volcanism on Iceland is related.

      • Thank you Carl.

        You are correct,as I now recall. It was for the most part Katla that people were talking about.
        I think the point I am trying o raise is concerning how we define the start and end of a phase of activity. It may be a simple matter of convenience rather than a matter of fact.

  2. The seismometer site of DYN has not suffered from an increase in Harmonic Tremor. The increase in tremor is the result of periodic spiking that is clearly due to interference. Either from the RADAR or the electrical circuitry from the Seismometer itself.

    Now onwards to the possibility of an eruption under Dyngjujökull. I have it at about 50/50.

    And I repeat, only Icelandic Met Office or Allmannavarnaleid can issue Eruption Warnings for Iceland.

  3. I can’t tell whether it is a bank of cloud rolling off the glacier forming a white band that has just reached the eruption, or water

      • keep an eye on it. Jokulhlaups often throw up a cloud of dust in front of them and if there has been a subglacial eruption like Jon was saying last night, this might be the first sign of it.

  4. What do people think of the 5.2M in the caldera this morning? That seemed to have a rather long ‘tail’ from the drum… not 100% tectonic?

    I’m in Myvatn now, going up to Holuraun later today, for 2-3 days. I will tweet (@eruptionchaser) or FB post (tmfdmike) what I can! But I will be working.

    You might possibly see me on the webcam at some point.

    BTW R2D2 is diesel powered and has to be refuelled fairly regularly; that’s one titbit that came out of our meeting with the IMO stone-tablet givers yesterday.

  5. Out of sheer idle curiosity I plotted all the earthquakes for the 48 hours to 07.50am, just latitude vs longitude.

    I left out a couple of Hamarinn ones because they were too far off the graph and the 5.2 wasn’t there when I downloaded the data. No other filtering – all magnitudes, verified and unverified.

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