Alan´C Evil riddles and the answers

This is a special selection of Alans Evil Riddles, so that newcomers can learn how “Alan ticks” 😉 ,  so you can get a better idea about those minerals and so Alan remembers what he already asked!

Ranking: ( last updated 13.10.12) This ranking wont be updated. It ends with riddle #20. The current ranking can be found on Alan´C Evil riddles and the answers #21 to …

10 Sissel
8 Talla
6 KarenZ
4 Ursula
4 Kelda
3 Henri le Revenant
3 Chyphria
1 lughduniese
1 Sa´ke
1 Diana
1 purohueso745
1 UKViggen
1 Carl
1 Spica

Riddle #20 was posted in

Volcanic Riddles for the Crowd!

I sound as if I should have some connection to Dundee! Mmm, whilst I won’t do you any good, a relative is good on ice!

What am I? To what are the good and bad referring? (3 points to be had)

Answers: Crocidolite, Blue asbestos,  Ailsite (riebeckite granite);
Winners: Talla – 2; Sissel – 1



Riddle #19 was posted in Katla and volcanic weekend Riddles!
Ek jou gesonde-of-tuin se gesig-gesentreerde kubieke “, maar my hoppers sou wees van geen nut in ‘n stope

What am I? What do I look like? What is the mining jargon? 3 points to be had.

Answers: Halite, Hopper crystal, Afrikaans,  Salt
Winners: KarenZ – 1, Sa’ke – 1, Diana – 1 (first to name directly as Salt!)




Riddle #18 was posted in Sheepy Dalek, Name that Lava XXIII
TI sound as if my home area is from Eastern Europe-ish! Wrong! You may find a ruffed mouse tho’!
Where is my type locality?
What are my main constituents?
What rarity has been landed on my shores?


Answer: Ankaramite, type locality Ankaramy, Madagascar, Coelacanth (or Latimeria)
Winners: Kelda, Sissel 2;

Quote Alan: “Ankaramite is a dark porphyritic basanite which has abundant pyroxene and olivine phenocrysts. It contains minor amounts of plagioclase and accessory biotite, … (from Wiki)”
More Info:

Riddle #17 was posted in a comment on Answers to Name that Lava III and a friday riddle as a reward for #16 winner Kelda.
To a pilot, this main part of a tree would show the communist side of a channel!

What am I?
How was I formed?
Answer: Red bole – ancient lavas weathered to soli horizons
Winners: Ursula (2)

More Info: Red Boles in the Deccan traps: Time constraints from alteration processes.

Riddle #16 on Answers to Name that Lava III and a friday riddle 

Of ancient origin and of violent birth, into this world I came; all but to end in fire!
With almost my Masters name, I am located near the home of a small dog!

What is my name?
Of what is this rarity composed?

Answers: Allende meteorite, carbonaceous chondrite in Chihuahua province
Winners: Kelda (3)

More Info: Wikipedia Allende Meteorite

Riddle #15 on Sheepy Dalek and NtL XXII, an evil riddle and answers to Name that Lava I and XV: Pico del Teide

Yes, German, sub-marine hydrothermally altered lava may exist, but it’s not me; I suppose I’m just a bit of an ole’ ‘rusty’ prototype rock!
What is my name?
What do I look like!

Answers: Jaspilite Protore – ie banded early Gondwana iron ores as Hammersley etc; Yes=Ja (german) + Submarine hyrdo altered lava= Spilite Hence Jaspilite
prototype deposit-Protore

More informtion: Mindat Jaspilite

Riddle #14 on On Name that Lava XXI and Alans riddle #14 + Katla update

‘If you wish to see my castellated layers, look hard amongst empty shells!
Oh! and don’t forget to look; you may find a dyke!’

a) What exactly am I?
b) With what is my dyke associated?


Winners: Karen ?
Answers: Fortification agate, agate dyke

More informtion: Answers to Name that Lava XXI and riddle # 14

Ridlle #13 came from Carl again, on Name that Lava XX and Alans riddle # 13

I do naught,
I make naught.
Joyless in my chair,
deep in my lair,
I think naught.

Answer: Apatite
Winner: Chyphria

More info: Wikipedia

Riddle# 12 came on Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava XIX
Chyphria found the correct answers. 2 points to her.


Give me a short-back-and-sides and you will make me cry!
Who will cry?
What is the Evil One on about?






Answer: Pele´s Hair, Pele`s Tears
Winner: Chypria (2)

More Info: Quote from Wikipedia: “Pele’s hair ( is a geological term for volcanic glass threads or fibers formed when small particles of molten material are thrown into the air and spun out by the wind into long hair-like strands. The diameter of the strands is less than 0.5 mm, and they can be as long as 2 meters. Pele’s hair is deep yellow or gold and commonly found downwind from active vents. Pele’s hair is named after Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.
More info: University of Hawaii
Quote from Wikipedia:”Pele’s tears is a geological term for small pieces of solidified lava drops formed when airborne particles of molten material fuse into tearlike drops of volcanic glass. Pele’s tears are jet black in color and are often found on one end of a strand of Pele’s hair.”
More info: Instant Hawaii

Riddle #11 Was Alans again. But it was handed out via a comment not a post. 
Dark, sun-tanned apple juice? I am not, but I’m nothing without water!
What am I?
In what and with what am I found?

Answer: Sideromelane, a vitreous basaltic volcanic glass, usually found in palagonite tuff, often together with (opaque black) tachylite.
Winner: Sissel (2)

Then there was a new Riddle from Carl instead because Alan was absent on Sheepy Dalek, Name that Lava XVI !

“Oh no, here comes the mother of all golfers!”
It is a mineral of course.




Answer: Pegmatite
Winner: KarenZ
More info on Pegmatite by Wikipedia.

Riddle #10 on The Icelandic Hotspot Hypervolcano™ – Why old traps won’t erupt again

Huh! Last week, I went into a nice bakers – they only had this rock-cake! ???

Answer: Boulangerite
Winners: KarenZ
Spica got an extra point from Carl who announced the answer.
Quoting Carl:
KarenZ got the Boulangerite. And I also awarded an extra point for Bakerite to some mysterious person named Spica…
I flat out refuse that Bakerite is not a correct answer also to that conundrum. Not only is it perfect for the Riddle, it also alludes to Sherlock Holmes who lived on Baker Street. And all the Riddlers in here are rather Sherlockian in their approach.

More info on Boulangerite on

Riddle #8 and as a special “revenge” on Carl #9 followed on Sheepy Dalek, a friday riddle for your entertainment

Riddle #8
Spanish Tea! Brother, you’ll make me cross! What am I? What’s my ‘brother’? What am I found in?

Answers: Chiastolite
Winners: Henri le Revenant

More info to be found at Andalusite Chiastolite

Riddle #9
How ‘strange’! Do you realise 7×0.111(recur)
comes from Carl’s home!
What am I?
Where is my type locality?

Answers: Swedenborgite
Winners: Carl and Talla

More info to be found at

Riddle #7 on Happy Midsummer & Sheepy Dalek XVI 

Oh dear, what was this ‘cashier’ trying to ‘cook the books’ in?
What am I?
Where is my home?

What is large in me?

Answers: Pantellerite, Strait of Silcily
Winners: Ursula,

Riddle #6 on Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XV

Elgar’s mineral is a riddle in itself!

What’s my name?

What am I found in?

Answers: Quote:“Aenigmatite is primarily found in peralkaline volcanic rocks, pegmatites, and granites as well as silica-poor intrusive rocks.  Its name comes from αίνιγμα, the Greek word for “riddle”.
Winners: Sissel

More Info:  Enigmatite

The next instalment of Evil Alan’s Riddle #5  on Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XIV

I’d a crazy idea to give another mineral riddle, but I couldn’t think of one this week!

What’s my more volcanic name?

Where am I found?

Answers: Idocrase, var. Vesuvianite
Winners: Henri le Revenant

More info:  Vesuvianite

Riddle #4 was solved in Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XIII

How would Carl’s religiously-clothed mischievous sibling fit into a rock?

What is the rock?

What is the type locality and what am I?

Answers: Carlsbad twin = Carl’s mischievous sibling religious clothes= habit= crystal form. Carlsbad, Czech Republic, Trachyte.
Winners: Talla 2,

More info:  Orthoclase Carlsbad Twin

Riddle #3 went in on Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XII

What are we made of?
How many – at least – are we?
What is the ‘zone’?

Answers: Quote: Talla “What are we made of : basalt with olivine xenolithsHow Many, at least, are we: over 100What is the zone: Tornqvist Zone Reasoning: The griffin and the truck – symbol of SAAB (and Vauxhall) and Scania trucks. The region is Scania in Sweden where there are over 100 ‘basalt necks’. This is called the Tornqvist Zone. Tor means tower and kvist means twig!”

Winners: All 3 points to Talla!

More info:  Xenolite

Riddle #2  went in on Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XI

In the Land of Beautiful Horses we stand;
but who were our parents?

Answers: Cappadocia, Erciyes and Hasan
Winner: ukviggen

The first riddle went in on Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava X

My name is in part from one of my constituents
Spica’s mother-in-law may have once lived here
Who is our nearest neighbour

Answers: Drachenfels, Wolkenburg, Trachyte

Winners: lughduniense, purohueso745, KarenZ


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