Answers to miscellaneous Riddles

Name that Volcano(es) Answers moved to because we already have 9 of those by the same Author Suzie!

Lurking posted a riddle on Friday 28th. which became an official VC riddle:

A Bald Hiker disappeared, the other ran away.

Answers: Quote Carl: ” KarenZ blew Lurkings riddle apart. Bald Hiker is a double anagram substitution code containing the words Hekla and Bardi (Bardi is of Katla fame).”
Winners: 2 points KarenZ

On the 14.9.2012 Summer had us looking for as much as we could find on the subject Montroyalite. A very special friday “riddle” Author Summer, September 14th.
I am still waiting for the results, because as long as this was Summers riddle, she should hand out the points achieved.


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