Burfell Dalek BBQ

Burfell Dalek BBQ Party

As the regulars of this place know we have been talking for quite some time about having a get together ontop of the Burfell Mountain overlooking Hekla Volcano.

This page is for discussions about the event. What we need to decide is the date, if we should hold it ontop of the mountain, or if we should have it somewhere else infront of a volcano-cam on Iceland. And of course what we possible can do more for fun than just BBQ sheeps and hats.



43 thoughts on “Burfell Dalek BBQ

  1. First off dates…
    Originaly I had in mind july 14, but possible should also be 21 and 28.

    I am for some odd reason going to be in Iceland the first week in August being totally sober accompanying my then wife to Reykjavik. So for me the later date would be better… Because then I could start a week of vacation BBQing my hat, and then going around looking at volcanoes up untill she has her thing during the weekend. 14th would be a bit hard since I then would be flying back and forth twice.

  2. I could imagine for this crowd the most interesting would be a mixture of the usual tourist things like visiting the Golden Circle (Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir), some adventure tourism like going up on Mýrdalsjökull and to the Fimmvörduháls eruption place by jeep and into Thorsmörk (with discovery of the Webcam places? 🙂 ), guided tours e.g. in Hellisheidi power station and IMO (!) if you still have some contacts there in.

    As to having the Barbecue up on Búrfell, I think this could cause logistical problems, because not all of them are perhaps able to hike up the steep mountain or can to hire a super jeep (expensive!). Perhaps Irspit or someone could find a better place – Hrauneyjar could perhaps be an idea. It’s a highland hotel a bit to the north of Búrfell (former worker cabins with a slightely Alpine touch, you have to go around on (slipper) socks e.g.), but can be reached by normal car and you can see Hekla very well from the place and at the same time have a “out in nowhere feeling”. This is also a great parting point if you really would like to discover the highlands, go in to Landmannalaugar (just a really great place) or up crossing over Springisandur road to Akureyri. Depends on what you and your people would like to do, how much time and money they’d like to spend etc. 🙂

  3. Carl, I am really easy as far as dates and what to do, It will just be a matter of if it is affordable for me. Inge’s highland hotel sounds cool.
    I have a really bad habit of not noticing the links at the top of the page, as I usually just look on the right hand side for things. So I was wondering if others have missed seeing this page.

    • I think that they have…
      We will have to remind them.
      If we go for the hotell we could perhaps get a big discount if we are many.

      • To your surprize: There is (one) Volcano (Café) Bar in downtown Reykjavík. I probably am free on all dates in period…

        • Haha!
          Well, that would be a must 😉
          But, the comment on that Búrfell might be hard to ascend and descend for those who are not young is good.
          Do you know a good place to hold it at? With a nice view, and perhaps a webcam around we could dance in front of?

  4. I am sooooooo tempted.
    However, I’m spending a month in Paris soon – so a return trip to the northern hemisphere so soon may prove a little difficult ………. but not impossible. Rather depends on work etc.
    I’ll have to stay in the ‘maybe’ category for a while 🙂

    • What volcanoes are there in the Paris area? Never heard of any. Oh… Doh! People DO have other interests after all. 😉

        • So it is and in 1789 Le Bastille erupted. Btw did you know that the rivets for the Eifel Tower came from Borgviks Bruk in (the county of) Värmland? Apparently back then the highest quality iron came from this god-forsaken part of the world, or so the ET engineers insisted.

          • The highest quality steel still comes from this godforsaken part of the world (sweden)… So I am not surprised.
            Most of the beams in the worlds skyscrapers comes from here you know.

          • Yep, even here in the Uk that liked to make so much of Sheffield Steel it is still Sweden that is rated the best for steel. Hubby when he did loads of sea fishing would only use Swedish Steel knives. He bought them when he was 15 years old, now 40 years later he is still using the same knives.

            Sadly I also wont be able to make the Burfell Dalek trip. Finances don’t allow it due to the UK pension being the worst in Europe. Hey Ho, I will have a BBQ on the same date in my garden (thunderstorms permitting) and be with you all in spirit. Enjoy all you lucky people.

      • 🙂
        Yes, there IS life beyond volcanoes – hard to imagine, but true!
        Past visits to Paris have always been for only a week at a time, so I’m really looking forward to spending an extended time there.

  5. I am am sad that unless I win the lottery, Iceland is off limits for me. I will however follow the activities on line and wave at the web cams :D. Carl does the height of Burfell mean you and the other Gentlemen are chickening out? I so want a capture of all of you hugging the Dalek 😀

    • Well, the bet was that I would BBQ my hat on top of Búrfell if Katla erupted before Hekla.
      But Inge said that it might be hard to get up there for many, so I think it might be better to on a slightly more accesible spot.
      I hope that Irpsit, Islander, Jamie, or one of the other who live on Iceland can help with finding a nice volcanic accessible spot with a webcam so that all can come who can come.

      I am still thinking about hiking up Búrfell during the week with my wife. So you might still get the sight of me hugging a 2 story Dalek.

      • I am looking into the matter but can not make promeses if it will work out. Perhaps set up our own web-camera just for the operation? In good weather I know of one fairly good place, with view of many most of our recent favourite volcanoes.

        • Mike the fane says:
          March 22, 2012 at 09:02

          “Why not make the BBQ in front of the Mila i Beinni Hekla Web cam? That way everybody can join in, even those who for some reason cannot travel to that beautiful Island. At the same time the view”

          islander says:
          March 22, 2012 at 03:44

          “This cam is VERY close to Hella Town (in town actually), but up a MILA broadcast mast. Check out Hella Town (and lodgings) on Google Earth, this cam is located just west of the Airfield. Them horses often there hanging around belong to Farm Helluvað. Been so often there I can walk around blindfolded. Beutiful view in all directions, if sky is clear. Putting own web BBQ camera might be possible, just for the day. Was to suggest the spot but, too early to know if I can be there ;-)”

          Carl le Strange says:
          March 22, 2012 at 09:17

          “Who would one need to talk to for having a BBQ there? Or would it be OK to just go for it?”

          At Hella Airfield (Grass-field), I am familar with this place & activities, there is (small) one storey “Terminal” house, with free access to toilet and running water to wash hands, a veranda, all grass around, and a fireplace (for small bonfire even) beside a hangar. Parachutist Club built this and use.
          I will look into this, if no other (club) is using it that is, that weekend/evening. However there can be aviation related activity ongoing weekend 14th July, as no events calender is yet published, that I konw of. Nearby in Hella (the Town), beside this little used airfield, there are several restaurants, a petrol station, super(small)mall(store) etc. Hella is by the No.1 Ring Road. Hard to miss as it crosses it.

  6. I’m definitely open for these dates. And I can BBQ some mean horse. For those who have never had it, it taste like a mix of pork and beef…. I kid you not.

  7. I’d love to come, especially since I’ve never been on Iceland, but I am not sure I will manage, as there will be some big changes in my life in the next months (new job, new country). So, I’ll stay with “maybe” for now and let’s see what happens.

      • Thanks! 🙂 I’m running around like a headless chicken right now, trying to organise everything and not to kill myself with all the stress…

        • Now I just got this really weird picture in my head…
          Just remember that you are still recouperating from the laparoscopy, you have to relax Ursula.

          • I agree I should be relaxing, but life has other ideas lately… 😦
            Still, not doing too bad and I should be completely back to normal soon.

          • Tack sa mycket, du ar jattesnall! 🙂
            (please imagine the appropriate swedish characters, am too lazy to go look them up and copy them)

  8. Much as it sounds awesome, I won’t make it to Iceland this time… (pauses to check lottery tickets…) 😦 but what about some satellite BBQs? Newby and I are not so very far apart and at least one other person Inannamoon? has mentioned they are in Brighton.

    Bruce Stout n Geoloco are fairly near to each other…

    You get the idea…

    • The idea of course is interesting, but that belongs to the individually concerned. The Burfell BBQ in Iceland is a bit of a black or white / 1 or 0 thing. Who is ready to reveal his real identity if not for “THE EVENT”? 😉
      I tried to fit my holiday more or less in this time span. But “I” am a family. What I saw meanwhile all is hard to realize with 2 still small kids and for the situation right now (had to do some “little” reparations of my heating system…) reasonable prices. Should find some kind of “family at the farm” for 2 weeks and plan to come up for the BBQ. But will not let my wife and kids alone somewhere abroad and don’t really know if I want to raise my 2 youngsters with the image of a wild swede BBQing a hat in adam’s costume… 🙂
      Really not sure what will be. For the moment I state one more weak sissy pussy “would like but probably not”.

      • Well, sorry to disapoint you here Geo, but I will only BBQ my hat if I loose the bet.
        And me being in Adams costume was not in that bet to beginn with. It was Dianas fervent wish… 🙂
        So, it should probably be pretty child-safe… Well… Hm… 😳

    • Satelitte barbecues are a good idea for those of us without funds to get to iceland – lets try for a UK one – we can hold it in the drizzle 🙂
      Somewhere where we can watch the burfell hat burning, anyone central able to host it ?

  9. How about we all go up onto Heklas summit, jump up and down a few times and start an all natural BBQ?? 😉

  10. I wanna go, but what if Hekla erupts?

    I’m gonna check the price on tickets.. I’m I allowed to bring my Irish-No-Interests-In-Volcanoes man with me?

    • If you are really afraid with volcanic eruptions, Iceland is not the country to go to. It’s not just Hekla, there are some others also waiting in line: Katla, Bárdarbunga, Askja, Hengill, Krýsuvík, Torfajökull – perhaps I forgot one or two now … Like one of my French aquaintances said: “L’Islande, c’est la beauté dangereuse.” 😉

      • But on the other hand, most of the time, they just don’t erupt, they are just waiting to do so some day, so … 🙂

  11. I would sooooo love to be able to go to the BBQ. I’ve never been to Iceland. Actually never had a desire to travel there until I found this blog with all of you great people, beautiful pictures and OMG so many articles and comments to learn from. Unfortunately, my newly purchased house would be crying 😥 if I spent the promised “updating” money on the trip. Maybe next year if another get-together is planned. I wish you all a very fun time and I will be watching whatever cam you end up with.

  12. burfell? isnt there like a superheated vent stuck under a piece of crust pushing up so hard as to cause a domed cap totally unknown to science…just like the photo. side events to the bbq could be like signalling ufos with laser pointers and magic ritualson mountaintop and tiddlywinks on the full moon hahaha I’m in. july 4th independence day hehehe or bastille day july 14th chopchop

  13. okay BBQ is offically on July 14th. BYO dalek.
    but perhaps on Herdubreid rather than Burfell.
    I have walked around an caldera erupting…illegally… White Island NZ back in the 90s. The main vents sounded like 100 747s taking off at once and shook your insides.Overnight rocks bigger than houses disappeared and new ones even larger appeared.
    My great grandmothers family lived on the island for 2 years sulphur mining.in the early 1900s.
    through countless eruptions as the supplyship didnt come for 18months.
    So I am eager to see another live one.
    can someone send the gps co-ordinates for my garmin phone?

    also a side trip to Katla for a short subglacial walk.?anytakers.

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