Earthquake databases

On this page we collect worldwide earthquake lists as layed out in this post:

We will try to keep it updated if new resources roll in. So please leave a comment, if you find a good website listing earthquakes with at least origin time, latitude, longitude, depth and magnitude.

In most cases utilizing the data in a non-commercial way with properly citing it´s sources, is sufficient in respect to the corresponding copyrights, but please check it out for yourself!

World, IRIS SeismiQuery  (Seattle, USA) from ICS, NEIC PDE, ANF and GCMT catalogues for quakes something above magnitude 1.7 dating back to 1960. Output as map, html or WEED event file (txt):

World, EMSC (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre) for magnitudes min 3. Output as map, kml, csv (max. 5000):

World, USGS custom region search magnitude 2.5 dating back 1900+ (check options). Under advanced search options you can select moment tensor, phase data etc.  Output as csv:

World, ISC-GEM (International Seismological Centre) Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue magnitude 5.5 or larger as csv:

World, GFZ Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam GEOFON Program magnitude 3 or higher. HTML (max 1000 per page) or RSS (20 events) output:

World, Harvard CMT, Global Centroid Moment Tensor database. The database covers 1976 to about 6 months before the present:

WOVO (World Organization of Volcano Observatories) has loads of links which may have more hidden treasures:

Europe, Archive of historical earthquake data (AHEAD), year 1000 to 1899:


Alphabetical list, by country or region: 

Australia: Australian Government Geoscience Australia. Earthquakes located in Australia and world with magnitude 1.3 or higher. Output as html (maximal 5000 events), csv, kml, xls:

Austria: Local earthquakes from 2002 to present as html or pdf:

Azores: The Centro de Vulcanologia e Avaliação de Riscos Geológicos / Universidade dos Açores unfortunately only provides a Google map without depth information as far as I can see:

Belgium: Earthquakes in and adjacent areas of the last 6 months by the Royal Observatory of Belgium: . A complete catalogue of events since 1900 can be requested by mail!

Britain: Earthquakes around the British Isles of the past 50 days:

Czech Republic: Catalogs of regional seismic events recorded by the Czech Regional Seismological Network from 1976. Output as txt.

Chile: CSN earthquake list per day above about magnitude 2: Click “Bajar datos” for up to 120 days.

Colombia: Servicio Geológico Colombiano, Boletines de sismicidad by month or semester from 1993 as pdf:
Search the : Ingeominas earthquake database

Costa Rica: Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional:

Ecuador: Earthquakes over 3.5 of the last 90 days from the Instituto Geofísico as map and web list:
Search the database:

France and more: GeoAzur, output of seismic query will be sent by email.

Germany: Events located in Germany and adjacent areas. The specified time span must be shorter than 1000 days for German events or shorter than 400 days for all events analysed by the BGR. Output is kind of pdf (?), no space between numbers and units…such a pain…:

Local earthquakes registered by the seismic station Bensberg:

Greece: Institute for Geodynamics, web based output of earthquakes since 2008 and google map:

and historic earthquake (magnitude 2.5 or higher) catalogues since 1628 BC:

Guatemala: Insivumeh´s map and table of earthquakes of the last 24 hours: and boletin 2012 as pdf:

Iceland: And the classic:

Iran: Latest 60 local earthquakes. Link to Buletin search on the same site:

Italy: Custom search of all (?) magnitudes. Output as googlemap, csv, kml:

Italy (Vesuv, Ischia and Campi Flegrei): Osservatorio Vesuviano Sezione di Napoli dell’Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. Output as map and html. Just noticed the 3D Applet, neat!

Italy (Sicily), INGV: Regional earthquakes since 1999. Unfortunately they come in chunks of 15 earthquakes per page, that is hard work to copy to txt. Cite as: Gruppo Analisi Dati Sismici, 2013. Catalogo dei terremoti della Sicilia Orientale – Calabria Meridionale (1999-2011). INGV, Catania:

Japan: Japan University Network Earthquake Catalog with text files per month from
1985 to 1998:

The BRI strong motion database also contains additional information like waveforms and response spectra:

NIED Japan strong-motion Seismograph Networks earthquake search:

Mexico. SSN Earthquake querie (magnitude above about 2) from 2006: and from 1998 to 2005:

New Zealand: Geonet local quake search. Export as map, csv or kml.

New Caledonia: Nouvelle-Calédonie (New Caledonia) Sismological Network, mainly covering the surrounding pazific Islands (like Vanuatu, Tonga, Loyalty Is. etc.) up to parts of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand: and Java applet with more detailed information:

Philipines: Philvolc´s (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) earthquake boletin has a list of the last 2 years on this site:

Portugal with Azores and Madeira: Fortunately,
Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA) does a better job. They provide earthquake data from 1998:

Romania: Searchable from 2008, only in html:

Russia, Kamchatka: Export local quakes as txt, kml, csv or xml: . Final catalogue of the geophysical service RAS for older Kamchatka events:

Spain, Canaries: Well, you know that one: (list is not maintained at the moment).

The full Canaries catalogue is searchable from this page, with output in txt form available for easy transfer of large lists to Excel:

Sweden  Steinar Midtskogen s seimsmometers in his basement.

Switzerland: The SED provides a html list of recent local earthquakes of all magnitudes:

Turkey: Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (Koeri), National Earthquake Monitoring Center (NEMC) provide a list of last 6 weeks in Turkey in html or export to Google maps:

USA, Pacific North-West. PNSN Historic catalog 1793 to present. Searchable from 1976 with magnitudes between -2 and 9. Output as CSV (max 10000):

USA, Alaska. The Alaska Volcano Observatory maintains a database of volcano earthquakes located since October 1989. Request size is limited to a few thousand per search. Exportable as txt, kml and other formats:

USA, world: ANSS catalog search from 1898 to present minimum magnitude 6, exportable as kml, csv:
Maps of earthquakes (world, USA):

2 thoughts on “Earthquake databases

  1. Re: Chile. On the website you have already listed, , there is a facility to extract earthquake data and save the results as csv file on your hard disk. On the main page, on the right side of the black bar just below the header, you see “Bajar datos” in grey. Click on that and verify you are human.

    Then fill in all fields (all are mandatory!), with the date not exceeding 120 consecutive days.

    For somone wishing to plot over a longer period 120 days is bit nifty, but better than nothing.

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