Essential info for new readers

With recent developments in Iceland the Volcanocafe audience has increased tremendously. We are very grateful for this, but we have noticed that new readers sometimes can’t follow properly as discussions among oldies that can be technically quite demanding (we have after all been talking here for several years now). Here we have therefore collected a list of posts with basic information for new readers.

So if you are a new reader, please, read these posts – this way you will be able to follow our discusisons with much more ease (and we hope, satisfaction in learning new things).

Volcanoes 101

Volcano basics 1:

Volcano basics 2:



Tremor charts and strain plots:

Beach balls:


There is no link betweeen…

…far away volcanoes and earthquakes:

…lunar phases and volcanoes:


What you need to know about Iceland to follow current developments:

How rifting occurs in Iceland:

What is a jökulhlaup:

Bardarbunga and Askja: there are too many posts on these two volcanoes to list, so please, do the following: click on Dragons Hoard -> Archive sorted by topic and scroll down for posts on these two volcanoes (or any other favourite volcano of yours).

So, read, learn, enjoy, think and then jump into the discussion on the current blog post – we are happy to have you around!

The Dragons


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