Wonder whats going on in Iceland?

This is to become a page like ” Wonder whats Bob up to” but with Icelandic volcanoes.

Webcams in Iceland:

Other links:



Special page on Bardarbunga: https://volcanocafe.wordpress.com/info-on-bardarbunga/


In case somethings happens in Iceland, this TV channel will have the news. http://www.ruv.is/ruv

A list of links Islander provided:

2003-062 “Jarðhitakort af Íslandi og gagnasafn um jarðhita” (ágætis tafla í síðari hluta ritsins)
(Iceland Thermal charts and graph)
Water seepage in rock, Skaftá River area (map at last page)
OS-2002/035 “Berglektarkort af Skaftársvæðinu” (kort á síðustu blaðsíðu)
OS-2002/039 “Sprungulektarkort af Skaftársvæðinu” (kort á síðustu blaðsíðu)
(Power Plant in Skaftá – pre-design)
OS-2002/059 “Skaftárvirkjun ofan Skaftárdals : forathugun”
OS-2002/060 “Hólmsárvirkjun : Hólmsá í Skaftártungu. Forathugun”
OS-2001/031 “Í Torfajökli : TEM-viðnámsmælingar”
OS-99045 “Skaftárveita : berggrunnur – jarðgrunnur”
OS-97067 “Skaftárveita : berggrunnur við Langasjó : jarðfræðikortlagning 1996″
OS-85076/JHD-10 “Mat á jarðvarma Íslands”
OS-81011/JHD-07 “Jarðhiti og ölkeldur í Skaftafellsþingi : yfirlit”
(Other reports) Aðrar skýrslur
OS-2002/068 “Vestmannaeyjar : könnun á jarðfræði og tillögur um boranir eftir heitu vatni”
OS-2006/014 “Þróun efnavöktunarkerfis til varnar mannvirkjum við umbrot í jökli”
OS-2005/031 “Jökulhlaupaannáll 1989-2004″
OS-2002/058 “Markarfljótsvirkjanir : forathugun”
(Overview of Reports) Yfirlit:
Iceland Thermal charts and graph (other three posts are stuck in moderation)

Papers worth reading to understand the volcanoes of Iceland better.

Deep Thought:

Understanding the geologic process involved in Iceland & all present happenings……
Rift basins produced by orthogonal and oblique rifting are defined by segmented border fault systems parallel to the rift axes and by intrarift fault systems that are subperpendicular to the extension direction. Segmentation of the rift margin increases with increase in obliquity of the rift axis, resulting in a consequent increase in displacement on intrarift fault systems. Offset rift modelsare characterized by highly segmented border faults and offset subbasins in the rift zone.

This is a MUST READ comprehensive document
4-D Evolution of Rift Systems: Insights from Scaled Physical Models
Ken McClay, T. Dooley, P. Whitehouse, M. Mills

Click to access mcclay03.pdf

Enjoy 😉

Links provided by readers.

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18 thoughts on “Wonder whats going on in Iceland?

  1. I am not sure if this paper has been listed but it throws some questions at the Icelandic Plume/ Hotspot theory and so is worth reading to help you understand the tectonic behaviours under Iceland. It will probably confuse you even more but you will not be alone with this! http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CC4QFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dur.ac.uk%2Fg.r.foulger%2FOffprints%2FAstron-Geo.pdf&ei=guOIUL6TH4mg0QX0m4GQBQ&usg=AFQjCNFMviornQMDYQexXig09hQVM8dq2g&sig2=RuRQ1BMQy5CVwZdiMQavWw

  2. Thanks for a great article and the latest contributions everyone involved!
    I have been looking at topographical maps for the last few hours and i’m at with jay bee on the lake situation.
    I’ve been staring at this map.
    For a serious lake on the east side the lava has some hard work ahead, it first has to reach vadalda to block both svarta and and a part of the jokulsa a fjollum catchment area to the west.
    In the west i think a triangular lake of 6x6x6 km can form pretty easy.
    To get a proper carlvatn, after blocking svarta the lava has to move east and block it up to Rifnifnjukur to get a long few hundred meters wide puddle . but for a proper lake it has to block the valey krepputuga completely. Al the way till the hills between the kreppa valey and vadalda. That gap is about 10 km.
    I don’t see carlvatn happening before svartavatn starting to form.Svartavatn could easily join dyngjavatn and get called like that.

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