Name That Volcano(es). Answers #1 to #20

Ranking for  NtV: Updated February 23th. Not including the winners for #18 at the moment

14 Alison
8 Sherine France
8 Kelda
6 KarenZ
5 Sissel
6 Chryphia
4 DebbieZ
4 Spica
3 dfm
2 Bruce Stout
2 UKviggen
1 Irpsit
1 tgmccoy
1 Inge B
1 Stoneyard
1 Grimmster
1 cbus20122
1 jeannie
1 fred
3 Newby
1 Talla
1 Purohueso

Name That Volcanoes #20 went in on The count of Etna paroxysms in February 2013 now stands at 4, Author Spica, February 21th. 2013

4 volcanoes 4 points

No 1 – Does it serve as a warning beacon for ocean going ships? Its nickname includes the name of an ocean. 
No 2 – 
This volcanic island’s artifacts/treasures, specifically A & A,  can be found in both the B M and the L. A & A are the names of ancient statues. 
No 3 – 
Here the salty craters hold a current ‘known’ subaerial world record. 
No 4 – 
During a warm, summer month in 2012 its summit displayed an historic ‘first’.Icelandic volcano.

Answers, links and points for NTV
No 1 – IZALCO Kelda at 23.00 1 point
No 2 – MILOS – Chryphia at 23.05 1 point
No 3 – DALLOL – Newby at 20.23 1 point
No 4 – SNAEFELLSJOKJULL Newby at 22.46 1 point

Name that Volcano #19 was published in Eifel Volcanic Field I, Author Nathan, February 15th. 2013
1 volcano 1 point

During the 1960s ‘cold war’, a discovery in a cavern under this volcano raised the spectre of an impending rocket attack ….
Talla 1 point for Shinmoedake – some scenes from the 1967 You Only Live Twice were filmed on locationn at this volcano! (Spectre’s rocket base!)

Name That Volaconoes #18 published in “And once again the Sheepy Dalek Bar is open

No 1 – Lying close to this volcano is an irritating lake where you will find some large examples of a particular geological feature. HINT Icelandic. 

No 2 – A volcano that is noted for the exceptional proliferation of the same geological feature. Despite the local name given to them, they are definitely not fit for human habitation! HINT This volcano lies 250kms from its Asian capital city.

Winners and answers:

No 1 Krafla Spica, Dimmuborgir, “collapsed citadel”, a collapsed lava tube, Chyphria
No 2  Mt Erciyes is around 250 km from Ankara, Turkey, Purohueso

Riddle #17 Friday Roundup Wk 4, Author Spica, February 1st.

No 1 – Halfway r & r at McCoy’s 
No 2 – Emergency overnight stays for 440 at Bruce’s 
No 3 – Helicopter rides only up this K P high spot 
No 4 – Novices are advised to go down to el jardin from base 1600 
No 5 – The SAH refers to the local conditions as ‘pineapple powder’ 

Answers, Explanations, Links and Points
The link is volcanic mountains with skiing facilities – Alison at 00.17 1 point

No 1 – Mammoth Mountain – Alison at 00.17 1 point
Mammoth Mountain is a lava dome complex west of the town of Mammoth Lakes, California in the Inyo National Forest of Madera County and Mono County. It is home to a large ski area on the Mono County side. McCoy Station – Take a break and enjoy up-front views of the action on the slopes, while enjoying a signature Bloody Mary, a glass of fine California wine or pint of locally handcrafted beer.
No 2 – Mount Ruapehu – Alison at 23.49 1 point
Ruapehu is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and the largest active volcano in New Zealand. It is the highest point in the North Island and includes three major peaks: Tahurangi (2,797 m), Te Heuheu (2,755 m) and Paretetaitonga (2,751 m). The deep, active crater is between the peaks and fills with a crater lake between major eruptions. On 5 July 2003 about 350 skiers and 70 ski field staff were trapped on the mountain overnight at Top o’the Bruce when a sudden snowstorm blew up and within a few minutes made the access road too dangerous to descend. They spent the night in relative comfort and all descended safely the next morning. Such rapidly changing conditions are typical of the weather on New Zealand mountains.
No 3 – Klyuchevskaya – Alison at 14.54 1 point
Klyuchevskaya Sopka, also known as Kliuchevskoi, is a stratovolcano which is the highest mountain on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia and the highest active volcano of Eurasia. Its steep, symmetrical cone towers about 100 kilometres (60 mi) from the Bering Sea. The volcano is part of the natural UNESCO World Heritage Site Volcanoes of Kamchatka. Klyuchevskaya is a large ski resort with no lifts that I am aware of. Klyuchevskaya offers skiers an
incredible 2438 metres (8000 feet) of vertical descent.
No 4 – Lonquimay Alison 1 point
Lonquimay Volcano is a stratovolcano of late-Pleistocene to dominantly Holocene age, with the shape of a truncated cone. The cone is largely andesitic, though basaltic and dacitic rocks are present. It is located in the La Araucanía Region of Chile, immediately SE of Tolhuaca volcano. Sierra Nevada and Llaima are their neighbors to the south. The snow-capped volcano lies within the protected area Malalcahuello-Nalcas. The volcano last erupted in 1988, the eruption ending in 1990. The VEI was 3. The eruption was from a flank vent and involved lava flows and explosive eruptions. There were fatalities. Check out the local piste map – novices should ski on a novice (green) run from Base 1600 piste restaurant down to the el jardin lift.
No 5 – Mauna Kea – tgmccoy at 21.03 1 point
Mauna Kea (Hawaiian for ‘white mountain’) is a 13,796′ (4205 meter) volcanic mountain whose summit sometimes gets a skiable/boardable mantle of snow. There are no lifts, no grooming, no resort, but a road goes to the summit to serve the dozen or so world class observatories located at the summit. You must have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to the summit, which serves as your “lift.” Mauna Kea offers some of the world’s highest skiing.This massive extinct volcano is blessed with the finest snow in the world, opening almost 100 square miles of ski able terrain. At this latitude the conditions are spring like; the snow is sugar corn. We, the SAH (Ski Association of Hawii)call it ‘Pineapple Powder’.

Riddle #16 was published in Sheepy Dalek, Updates and Riddles!
Kilgharrah’s Riddle – Name those Volcanoes
6 volcanoes 6 points – Enjoy!

No 1 – According to local mythology, when shrouded in watery clouds it is weeping for a distant lover and as night falls, and the sun sets, it is showing her its beauty. 

No 2 – 0-6-0ST 

No 3 – An enormous crucifix now serves as a poignant reminder of the graveyard destroyed following one of its nineteenth century eruptions. 

No 4 – Visitors here might consider this an aptly named volcano! Foul smelling odours of penguin poo and fumes pervade the whole island. 

No 5 – Did it get its local name following a visit by Captain Jack and his crew? 

No 6 – Its devastating February eruption caused, amongst other things,  severe hunger in Russia, flooding in Sweden and interrupted the harvesting of grapes in France and Germany.

NtV Riddle – Answers, Explanations, Links and Points

No 1 Mount Taranaki (aka Mount Egmont) – Kelda at 00.11 1 point
Mount Taranaki (aka Mount Egmont) is an active but quiescent stratovolcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Although the mountain is more commonly referred to as Taranaki, it has two official names under the alternative names policy of the New Zealand Geographic Board.According to Māori mythology when Taranaki conceals himself with rain clouds, he is said to be crying for his lost love, and during spectacular sunsets, he is said to be displaying himself to her.

No 2 Vesuvius – Newby at 18.18 1 point
Steam Locomotive 0-6-0st called Vesuvius in 18, build at the Vulcan Factory.

No 3 Hibok-Hibok (aka Catarman) – chryphia at 17.22 1 point
Mount Hibok-Hibok (also known as Catarman Volcano) is a stratovolcano on Camiguin Island in the Philippines. It is one of the active volcanoes in the country and part of the Pacific ring of fire. On February 16, 1871, earthquakes and subterranean rumblings began to be felt on the island, which increased in severity until April 30 when a volcanic fissure opened up 400 yards southwest of the village of Catarman, on the northwest flank of Hibok-hibok Volcano. Portion of the old town where the cemetery was, sank into the sea and is now marked with a huge white cross off the coast.

No 4 Mount Asphyxia (aka Mount Curry) – chryphia at 17.25 1 point
The name refers to the suffocating fumes experienced on the island; volcanic fumes spew from the mountain and to this is added the stench of penguin guano, and the fumes can indeed suffocate a visitor to the island. The same qualities given names to a number of Zavodovski Island’s other features. Argentine hydrographic publications use an alternative name “Mount Curry”, after an Argentine sailor who lost his life in naval combat at Colonia, Uruguay, in 1826.

No 5 Ustica – Kelda at 23.16 1 point
Ustica is a small volcanic island of Pleistocene age off the NW coast of Sicily. It lies on the crest of the fold-and-thrust belt of the Maghrebian-Appenninic chain which runs across northern Sicily, and Calabria before bending NNW-wards along the Italian peninsula. The island is also known locally as the “black pearl”. In the 6th century, Attempts to colonize the island in the Middle Ages failed because of raids by Barbary pirates.

No 6 Huaynaputina – Alison at 18.37 1 point
On 19 February 1600, it exploded catastrophically (Volcanic Explosivity Index—or VEI—6), in the largest volcanic explosion in South America in historic times. The explosion had effects on climate around the Northern Hemisphere (Southern Hemispheric records are less complete), where 1601 was the coldest year in six centuries, leading to a famine in Russia. In Estonia, Switzerland and Latvia, there were bitterly cold winters in 1600–1602; in 1601 in France, the wine harvest came late; additionally, production of wine collapsed in Germany and colonial Peru. In Greenland, the sulfuric acid spike was larger than that from Krakatoa (1883). The effect was felt on the other side of the globe, where a severe winter caused famine in Russia. Snow blanketed Sweden, leading to record flooding and a poor harvest. Wine harvests were late in France. In Japan, Lake Suwa froze far earlier than usual. Galleons travelling from Mexico to the Philippines made the trip significantly faster than normal, perhaps because of altered wind patterns.


Riddle #15 was published in Sheepy Dalek and 2 riddles.

Riddle: Name those Volcanoes!

7 volcanoes 7 dings 7 points

No 1 – Visitors to this mountain, a special biodiversity hotspot, find several differing ecosystems. 
No 2  Ski region Canada ‘02. Golfing center Scotland ‘05. Seaside town Germany ‘07. ? ‘08. 
No 3 – Archimedes, Pythagoras, Newton, Gauss …. & they have in common? 
No 4 – Did the 14th century poet’s journey into hell come to a premature end here? 
No 5 – Fiction tells of a dying man, his life of decadence & recognition of his failure as a writer. 
No 6 – Evidence infers that until the late 1800s a global human record was held by its summit. 
No 7 – First it was cut off & then, by way of the capital’s bridge, it was open to the public.

Answers Explanations Links and Points
Well done to all ‘solvers’

No 1 Pico Basile – Alison at 00.02 1 point
Anagram (diversity!) of ‘special bio’
Far larger than any mountain in the Eastern United States, the dormant volcano of Pico Basile towers over Malabo at 3011 m. Its virgin rainforest is home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and plants. Rising directly from the ocean, it offers visitors the chance to explore four different ecosystems.
No 2 Mount Usu – ukviggen at 18.25 1 point
G8 Summit locations: Kananaskis in Canada, Gleneagles in Scotland, and Heligendamm
in Germany. The 2008 G8 Summit was held near Mount Usu at Lake Toya, Japan.
No 3 Craters of the Moon – KarenZ at 20.05 1 point
Archimedes, Pythagoras, Newton and Gauss are all names of craters on the moon (as well as prominent mathematicians). Craters of the Moon, the largest lava field of the Snake River Plain, covers about 1600 sq km with more than 60 mappable lava flows erupted from eight fissure systems. About 25 cinder cones up to 250-m high formed primarily along a 45-km-long segment of the Great Rift, the principal 2-8 km wide fissure system that trends NW-SE through Craters of the Moon National Monument.
No 4 Mount Erebus – Alison at 17.14 1 point
Dante’s Inferno (Italian for “Hell”) is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. It is an allegory telling of the journey of Dante through Hell. In 1992 the inside of Mount Erebus was explored by Dante 1, an eight legged tethered robotic explorer. Dante was designed to acquire gas samples from the magma lake inside the inner crater of Mount Erebus. Dante successfully scaled a significant portion of the crater before technical difficulties emerged and it lost all communication with the surface. Unfortunately, Dante had not yet reached the bottom of the crater and so no data of volcanic significance was recorded.
No 5 – Kilimanjaro – KarenZ at 12.46 1 point
The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Miller Hemingway. The story centers on the memories of a writer named Harry who is on safari in Africa He has developed an infected wound from a thorn puncture, and lies awaiting his slow death. This loss of physical capability causes him to look inside himself, at his memories of the past years, and how little he has actually accomplished in his writing.
No 6 – Llullaillaco – KarenZ at 18.15 1 point
It has been confirmed that Incas climbed Llullaillaco in the pre-Columbian period. Artifacts on the summit constitute the highest evidence of human presence worldwide before the late nineteenth century. In 1999 on Llullaillaco’s summit, an Argentine-Peruvian expedition co-directed by Johan Reinhard and Argentine archaeologist Constanza Ceruti found the perfectly preserved bodies of three Inca children, sacrificed approximately 500 years earlier.
No 7 – Traitor’s Head – Alison at 23.31 1 point
Upon London Bridge, following execution, the heads of traitors were stuck on spikes for all to see. National triumphs were marked by gorgeous processions over the water. The bridge was the focal point of the city and for all England.

Riddle #14 was published in Friday Summary and NTV Riddle

5 volcanoes – 5 dings – 5 points

No 1 – Carbon dioxide, Hydrochloric acid, Vermiculite, Lanolin ….. and they have in common? 

No 2 – A mountain on Titan is named after this volcano’s alter ego
No 3 – Luckily, coffee is on hand to fortify the local villagers whilst they dare to live inside
No 4 – Oh no it didn’t! Oh yes it did! A devastating flow of toxic water wiped out all the Pantomime’s aquatic stars 
No 5 – Local legend tells of a huge, disgruntled mountain and an abandoned, lonely heart

NTV Riddle
Answers, explanations, links and dings!
No 1 Mount E (aka E san) – Alison at 16.45 1 point
E numbers are codes for chemicals which can be used as food additives for use within the European Union and Switzerland. Carbon dioxide E290, Hydrochloric acid E507, Vermiculite E561, Lanolin E913 etc.
No 2 Mount Ngauruhoe – Bruce Stout at 11.51 1 point
Mount Ngauruhoe was used as a main stand-in for the fictional Mount Doom in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, achieving worldwide exposure. The International Astronomical Union names all mountains on Saturn’s moon Titan after mountains in Tolkien’s work. In 2012, they named a Titanian mountain “Doom Mons” after Mount Doom.
No 3 Fogo – Alison at 17.59 1 point
The mountain’s slopes are used to grow coffee, while its lava is used as building material. Near its peak is a caldera and a small village, Chã das Caldeiras, is inside this caldera.
No 4 Mount Chiginagak – Sherine France at 17.51 1 point
In early May 2005, a catastrophic release of acidic water from the lake, with an accompanying acidic aerosol component, drained and flooded Indecision and Volcano Creeks with acidic water, traveled 27 km downstream and flowed into the Mother Goose Lake, headwaters of the King Salmon River. Extensive vegetation damage occurred along the flood route and Mother Goose Lake was acidified (pH of 2.9-3.1), killing all aquatic life and preventing the annual salmon run.
No 5 Alaid – Sherine France 17.23 1 point
The legend about Alaid’s Heart Island runs that instead of the lake, there was a huge mountain called Alaid. It was so high that it was standing in the light of the rest of the mountains which they didn’t like. One day Alaid, tired of quarrelling, left to find a better place to stay – and settled as an island in the sea. The only thing he left there, was his heart which one can see in the middle of the lake. It is a rose-tinted island which has a form of the heart.

Riddle #13 went in on: Volcanic Mishaps 2: Mono Lake, California. Author Schteve, January 4rd.
Variety number 9280, No 1 is used to produce a splendid accompaniment to VC riddle solving!

French FIS WC silver medalist might have crashed on No 2 whilst he learnt to snowboard-cross

No 3 The ‘toy’ volcano (photo below)

16762 No 4 is potentially hazardous and unstable

No 5’s new island emerged, bravely flew the Portuguese flag & vanished just 20 days later

No 6 (photo below)

With a No 7 Bang Bang I wish us all a belated, but very happy & peaceful New Year!

Winners Explanation and answers:
No 1 Ischia – Sissel at 13.41 1 point
Grape variety 9280 is Pinot Noir Precoce aka Ischia (Monte Epomeo)
No 2 Bayonnaise Rocks – Kelda at 14.35 1 point
Xavier de le Rue is Bayonnaise
No 3 Oldoinyo Lengai – dfm at 18.09 1 point
Katja Kafft the volcano photographer referred to Oldoinyo Lengai as ‘the toy volcano’
No 4 Stromboli – Fred at 18.06 1 point
‘Potentially hazardous’ Asteroid 26761 Stromboli – ‘unstable’ 16762 = 26761
No 5 Capelinhos – dfm at 18.17 1 point
No 6 Santa Ana – dfm at 18.11 1 point
No 7 Tequila Volcano – Kelda at 14.53 1 point
Tequila Bang Bang is a great cocktail!

Riddle  #12– Name those Volcanoes – Answers, Links and Explanations
( Last Sheepy Dalek weekend of 2012! )

No 1 Mauna Loa – Irpsit at 17.57 1 point
The Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation is the world’s largest processor of macadamia seeds
No 2 Pagan Island – Sherine France at 10.15 1 point
Imbolc, celebrated annually at the beginning of February, is a Pagan Festival
No 3 Mount Merapi – Bruce Stout at 08.21 1 point
An anagram of ‘a prime’ – if a clue seems ‘vague’ – look carefully at the wording!
No 4 Ambrym – Sissel at 09.41 1 point
The island is noted for magic, sand drawing, rom dance, and tamtam (tiki) carvings.
No 5 Deception Island – Alison at 00.41 1 point
No 6 Askja – DebbieZ at 17.40 1 point
No 7 White Island – Sissell at 17.28 1 point

Riddle #11 went in on Hurray, it’s DOOMSDAY!

Number one has a forest at its base that statistically ranks a ‘macabre’ second
Number two is sometimes referred to as the first one of America
Number threes’ most recent eruption officially started at 17.30 and ceased at 07.00 7 days later
Number four, although officially termed a stratovolcano, could be considered a mutant one
Number five has a structure that resembles a large UGG
Number six is actually more than 50 ancient ones, spread over 417,000 sq mi

No 1 Mount Fuji – cbus20122 at 18.03 1 point
Aokigahara forest has the highest global suicide rate after the Golden Gate Bridge SF

No 2 Mount St Helens – jeannie at 22.07 1 point
Mount St Helens is nicknamed the Mount Fuji of America (answer to the ‘first’ clue!)

No 3 Grimsvotn – DebbieZ at 19.48 1 point

No 4 Mount Etna – Spica at 12.06
A stratovolcano and an anagram of ‘mutant one’

No 5 Giants Causeway – DebbieZ & KarenZ at 20.30 1 point each
One of its structural features resembles a giants’ boot

No 6 Christmas Island Seamounts – Alison at 21.14 1 point

Riddle # 10 went in on Ruminarian III – Holey Musings (calderas) Author GeoLurking, December 14th.

I’d had a stressful day struggling with some cinematic effects software.
Back at home I tried to relax, a Jazz/Fusion band was playing softly in the background and a delicious bowl of Mexican food was steaming on the table.
Then the army decided to dispose of some explosive ordnance – so much for peace and quiet!!

Winner:  Sherine…/vg148.htm

RIDDLE – Name those Volcanoes # 9 went in on Ruminarian II – Tolbachik Author GeoLurking December 7th.

The first was briefly the subject of a ‘blague Francaise’
The second used to have vents (now pits) that share their name with a footballing legend
The third is the only volcano within the arc of the SS islands chain to have erupted rhyolite pumice
The fourth is located approx. 3 kms due west of a small group of ’sibling’ rocks
The fifth shares its name with a species of lacertid

One point for each volcano and one point for spotting the link!

No 1 Surtsey
No 2 Lo’ihi Seamount
No 3 Protector Shoal
No 4 Kick ‘em Jenny
No 5 El Hierro

The link was submarine volcanoes

Well done and points to –
KarenZ 1 point
Sherine France 3 points!!
Chryphia 1 point
Alison 2 ? 1  points

# 1 Surtsey – Alison
# 2 Lo’ihi Seamount – Sherine
# 3 Protector Shoal – KarenZ
# 4 Kick ‘em Jenny – Sherine France
# 5 El Hierro- Sherine got it first, Alison 2nd.

Chyphria for the link between the volcaoes. All of them are submarine volcanoes!

Name That Volcano # 8 went in on  A Tube’s Tale: Part 1 – formation Author UKViggen, November 30th.

RIDDLE – Name those Volcanoes!
The first shares its name with a US Armed Forces gold medal
The second was also a 1990s top-rated, psychological TV thriller
The third suggests a digitally challenged Black actor
The fourth claimed a European victory for Ireland in 1970
The fifth could have been, but wasn’t, named after Chekovs’ Masha
And finally, for the numerologists, the sixth can be represented as 16916042108

6 in words SIX points to be gained this time. I also received a hint but that will go in later.

Answers and winners:
volcano #1 Ding for Sissel and Silver Star Mountain – Washington,_Washington)
Despite being called the Silver Star medal it is in fact gold coloured
volcano #2 Dings for Stoneyard and DebbieZ for Twin Peaks – Utah/Idaho
Cult US TV show, first series broadcast in 1990
volcano #3 Ding for Alison and Three Fingered Jack – Oregon
Jack Black is a US comedy actor who starred in Shallow Hal and other hit movies
volcano #4 Ding for Inge B and Mount Dana – Alaska
Irish singer Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970
volcano #5 Ding for UKviggen and Middle Sister – Oregon
Masha/Maria is the name of the middle sister in the Checkov play Three Sisters
volcano #6 DING! Well done Chryphia!
Mt Shasta – California
Numbers linked to periodic table again – but with a twist!
This time they represent the number of neutrons in most abundant isotope, not the atomic numbers as before!
MT 169
S 16
H 0
AS 42
TA 108

Ranking for  NtV: Ranking December 1

 3 Kelda
2 Spica
2 Chryphia
2 Sissel,
 1 Grimmster
1 Sherine France
1 KarenZ
1 UKviggen,
1 Stoneyard
1 DebbieZ
1 Inge B
1 Alison,

Name that Volcano #7 riddle by Suzie!
went in as an update of the post: Monaco Bank: An Unstudied European Volcano Author: Lucas Wilson and GeoLurking, November 22th.

Out of chaos came darkness.
Out of order comes enlightenment.

Answers: Mt. Erebus
Erebus was a primordial Greek god of darkness, the son of Chaos (Khaos).
Periodic Table – Atomic Numbers
5 = B
63 = EU
109 = MT
75 = RE
16 = S
The letters make up an anagram of Mt Erebus – by putting them in order one is enlightened!!
Winners: KarenZ and Sissel.
Ranking for  NtV: 3 Kelda, 2 Spica, 1 Sherine France, 1 Chryphia, 1 Grimmster, 1 Sissel and 1 KarenZ.

Name that volcano! #6  Suzies riddle

You should be wary of me in Iceland
So lets get together in the Kenya
Then you can try me for size in Philippines
Ask me to marry you in Indonesia
And make our love affair legal in Finland!

Answer: Laki, Quote: Laki means ‘law’ in Finnish – ‘to meet’ in Swahili – ‘size’ in Tagalog – ‘husband’ in Indonesian – and I think we all agree that one should be ‘wary’ of it as it is truly lethal!
Winner: Sherine France
Ranking for  NtV:

3 Kelda, 2 Spica, 1 Sherine France, 1 Chryphia, 1 Grimmster.

Name that Volcano riddle #5  by Suzie posted as an update on Sleeper Fish… A look at the Taal and Laguna de Bay setting. Author GeoLurking, November 9th.

The prime minister and the volcanologist were having a heated debate about health and safety issues.

”You are grossly over estimating the danger” shouted AP in frustration.
”Yes its active but it has not erupted for a few thousand years, and the local fishing community, who admittedly get a bit confused about their birthdays, stay safe by holding hands!”

”Ahhhh but you are forgetting something important” retorted BP immediately ”smoking kills!”

Quote Suzie:
Ants Piip an Estonian Prime Minister and Boris Piip a Russian volcanologist are both accredited by Wiki as possibly having this marine volcano named after them. It is c60 kms from Bering Island, Kamchatka.. The Islands only claim to fame is its large and thriving colony of sea otters – who form rafts at sea at night by holding hands in order to protect themselves from predators! It has not erupted for at least 7,000 years but is classified as active due to its large number of black smokers!

So the answer was: Piip
Winners: Spica


Piip is a submarine volcano close to the eastern coast of Kamchatka Russia. (Latitude: 55.4200, Longitude: 167.3300) It rises from around 2500 m dept to around 300 meters below sea level.
The last eruption is guessed to have happened around 5000 BC but there are areas with lots of gas emmision and Black Smokers.

See the rest of the explanations on Riddle answers Author Spica, November 11th

Suzies Name that volcano riddle #4 on Friday post Author Spica, November 2nd

I am the largest of the group of 3 –
I am the legendary 1 of 3 –
I am closely associated with an ancient 3 –
I am the sacred ritual source of 3.

Answer: Olympus Mons on Mars
Winners: Spica ( Quote: I only jokingly said Olympus Mons but it was the correct answer 1 min before Kelda)

The score on Suzies Name that Volcano so far was:
Kelda 3 points, Chryphia and Grimmster got 1 point.

More explantions on Answers to the friday riddles.  Author Spica, November 4th

Name hat Volcano riddle by susie #3 was posted on A Volcanic ‘Grand Tour’ Part 1 Author UKViggen, October 26th.

Once upon a time K met A They kissed, married, argued and had a baby!
But did they live happily ever after?

Winners: Kelda 2 points.
Answers:  Suzie: Explanation for Name that Volcano Riddle:
I wrote the riddle as a fairy story, ‘once upon a time’ and ‘happily ever after’, to hint at a solution that would be associated with a literary/drama reference. Karin and Antonio are the main protagonists in the 1950s Rossellini film STROMBOLI starring Ingrid Bergman. The second line of the riddle is a synopsis of the plot! And as a note of interest – during filming on the island there was an eruption – negating the need for any special effects and saving the producers a huge amount of time and money! Every cloud ……

On the 21.9.2012 we started a new series of riddles:
This week we will try a new version of the friday volcanic riddle game. It is a “Name that Volcano Riddle!” by commenter Suzie.

#2: Name that Volcano Riddle by Suzie on Volcanic Riddles for the Crowd!

2012582 Who am I?

Here are 4 picture clues.

Clue number 1
Clue number 2
Clue number 3
Clue number 4

Answers: potassium K 39-19=20, astatine At 210-85=125, lanthanum La 139-57=82,  2012582#1:
Winner: chryphia

#1: The French footie fans looked on in horror as their European opposites ran riot round the capital! They asked themselves “What does this unruly orange mob mean to us?”

It was published on: Name that Volcano Riddle! Author Carl, September 21st.
The winners were Grimmster who spotted Amsterdam Volcano and Kelda hit Boomerang Seamount.
Carl wrote a post with the answers: Chain of Dead Poets! Author Carl, September 22nd.

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