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This page features some treasures by our volanocafé contributors too good to be lost, sorted by location. You will also find some information on how these videos were made and where to find more.

Iceland 1995-2012 Quakes, by Geolurking, first shown on on volcanocafe Feb 19, 2012:

3D and 4D plots of Iceland and Hekla seismicity for March 2013 by dfmorvan, first shown on volcanocafé on Mar 18, 2013:

Read about Hekla here: Deconstructing Hekla – Hells Gate Revisited by Carl Le Strange.
A 3D plot of Hekla seismicity 1995 to April 2013 by chryphia, first shown on volcanocafé on April 19, 2013:

Read about the Tjörnes Fracture Zone on volcanocafé in this post “How rifting occurs in Iceland…” by Irpsit and here “TFZ – Tjörnes Fracture Zone…” by Inge B.
3D plot by chryphia of the earthquake swarm April 9, 2013, compared to previous years, first shown on volcanocafé on April 9, 2013:

-Vatnajökull area
Vatnajökull earthquake animation 2012 by dfmorvan, first shown on volcanocafé on Dec 2, 2012:

Askja to Herðubreið seismicity 1995 to Feb 2012 by Geolurking, first discussed on volcanocafé March 16, 2012.

Iceland Grimsvötn area earthquakes 2011-2012, by dfmorvan, presented on volcanocafé Dec 4, 2012:

-El Hierro
3D plot of the June 2012 earthquakes featuring the Sedimentary layer, Oceanic crust and Moho layer, by Geolurking, discussed here June 25, 2012:

A rotating 4D plot by dfmorvan from April 26, 2013:

A density plot by dfmorvan of the 2013 earthquake swarm, described here on April 26, 2013:

A rotating 3D plot by chryphia showing the earthquakes from 2011 to March 2013 color coded by time, first shown on volcanocafé March 29, 2013:

An overlay of earthquakes 2011 to March 2013 with a gravity inversion model by Stepanova et al., described in this thread on March 23, 2013:

Earthquakes for Etna from 2012-02 to 2013-02 by dfmorvan, see his description of March 3, 2013:

New Zealand -Tongariro
GeoLurking´s plot shows the quakes in the Tongario area NZ. Quote: “This is a plot I did of 3 years of quakes (2009 to 2012) for the Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu area. On the second rotation I opened the depth up to 250 km so you can see the descending slab that feeds the volcanic systems as it melts.” Volcanocafe, July 31, 2012

3D plot by Geolurking featured in his post But it´s swollen and first posted on volcanocafé June 1, 2012:

Read about it in Geolurking´s Ruminarian II – Tolbachik
3D plot of earthquakes under Northern Kamchatka by chryphia, discussed here Dec 1, 2012:

Rotating 4D plot of earthquakes under Tolbachik by dfmorvan from Dec 6, 2012:

3D plot by Geolurking featured in his post Sleeper Fish… A look at the Taal and Laguna de Bay setting from Nov 9, 2012:

-Eifel volcanic field
Read about the Eifel volcanic field here.
3D plot of earthquake activity in the last 36 years by chryphia, published here Feb 17, 2013:

Bozburun peninsula Dodecanes Islands earthquake swarm Nov 11, 2012 to 30. Dec 2012 discussed here:

Every contributor found his or her own way to produce these videos. Here is a short overview: 
dfmorvan: Gnu Octave (free Matlab version), avconv (video)
geolurking: Dplot
chryphia: Excel, Igor Pro (by Wavemetrics, 3D visualization), CamStudio (free screen capture program), Windows Movie Maker (Video editor)

Where to find more: 
dfmorvan (dfm) has his own page on
and on “Chaîne de dfmorvan” you can check out his other youtube videos.
More plots by chryphia on youtube can be found here.
And here is Geolurking´s youtube channel.

Finally, if you developed a liking for it,Schteve wrote a post on how to become a plotter: Plotting for Beginners Part One, aaaaand Another Look at Malcolm. August 22th   2012

Spica and chryphia

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