Friday Night Riddles

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Kilgharrah’s Friday Night Riddles … ‘Name those Volcanoes’

Our ‘guest’ Riddle Master has once again contributed this week … many thanks … only 5 volcanoes to identify this week but we think they’re tough so … 3 points for each correct answer … Ding! … until Saturday morning when hints will be added … then just 2 points!

Good Luck 🙂

  1. Oddly, you can get this answer in a heartbeat by asking the jury nicely!
  2. Twice baked dragons, scorpions and snakes … amongst others. SOLVED Garibaldi by Spica
  3. Don Giovanni’s Spanish wife? SOLVED Dona Juana by Chrism
  4. An unholy alliance between the lion and the water loving rodent? Actually no!
  5. 16762 is highly unstable and classified as potentially hazardous. SOLVED Stromboli by Woodstocksj

Enjoy ❤

Points Table for Kilgarrah’s Riddles (UPDATED 06.12.14)

Alison                      24          KarenZ                      2

Chrism                     10          Kat                           2

Tecopeco                  5           Woodstocksj             2

G Y                          4           judithdw2014              1

Francis                     2           Evan Chugg               1

Cabrageo                  2           Kelda                        1

Albert                       2           Bobbi                        1

Avalonlightphotoart     2          Sissell                       1



Archipelago!  (These riddles have a common thread)

Sorry, no pictures today!
Note:  These will be the last of my riddles until at least January 9th, unless other dragons wish to post and ding them!

1.  Tin cans, lots of coconuts, and a big ring!
2 points Alison Niuafo’ou (It’s name means “many new coconuts.”  It is also known as Tin Can Island, as mail was once delivered in a tin can, which was thrown off a ship and retrieved by a strong swimmer.  This caldera is a ring-shaped island, and it’s on the so-called “ring of fire.”)

2.  This bird once played host to another island’s volcanic evacuees, perhaps because it wasn’t as inaccessible as the alternative.
2 points Alison Nightingale island.  (In 1961, Tristan de Cunha erupted, forcing the evacuation of its population to Nightingale.  Inaccessible Island is bigger and closer, but its steep slopes make it nearly impossible to land a boat.  Nightingale is, of course, a type of bird, and there are plenty of seabirds on the island.  Interestingly, there was a submarine eruption here in 2004.)

3.  The division came before the war, as did the uprising here.
2 points Alison  Jeju island (Before the Korean war, Korea was divided.  An uprising occurred on Jeju before the war started.)

4.  Survivor + Agent
Clue:  Take the red pill, Neo, or you’ll be voted off the island.
1 point Chrism Smith volcano in the Phillipines.  (It was featured in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, and Smith was the name of the “agent” in “The Matrix.”)

5. This volcano is not amazing, and it is not on bacon.
2 points Alison Amasing (It’s on Bacan island in Indonesia.)

– Matt
Points for my riddles on 12/19:

16 Chrism
16 Alison
9 Judith
8 Frances
8 Sissel
4 dianyla
4 Bobbi
2 Avalonlightphotoart
2 Cabrageo
2 UKViggen
2 Schteve
2 Hurax
1 rogierdev
1 dinojura44


Kilgharrah’s Friday Night Riddles … ‘Name those Volcanoes’


Our ‘guest’ Riddle Master has once again contributed a few brain aches this week … many thanks … you know who you are ❤

2 points for each correct answer … Ding! … until Saturday morning when hints will be added … then just 1 point!

Good Luck 🙂

1.  Its doubly puzzling when you amass one datum and it’s always the same sad amount. SOLVED Adams Seamount by Chrism

2 x anagrams … amass one datum/same sad amount

2.  Glabrous, unlike the Texan example! SOLVED Bald Knoll by Bobbi

Glabrous = bald & Dallas has Grassy Knoll

3.  Does this volcano carry part of your Ethernet? SOLVED Coaxial Segment by Chrism

Coaxial cable carries the Ethernet

4.  I’d like to include this one in here … so I have! SOLVED Ketoi by Sissel

‘like to include’

5.  The first person to arrive on a camelid. SOLVED Llaima by Chrism

‘I’ in llama

6.   Its a special biodiversity hotspot with several differing ecosystems. SOLVED Pico Basile by Alison

Anagram … ‘diversity’ … a special biodiversity

7.   It was completely cut off and then, by way of an ancient bridge, it was opened to the public. Hint … The bridge referred to is in London! SOLVED Traitor’s Head by judithdw2014

Self explanatory!

8.   Where a noxious flood totally ruined the traditional Christmas entertainment? SOLVED Mt. Chiginagak by Alison

Mt Chiginagak’s volcano lake flooded and devastated/acidified Mother Goose lake down stream.

9.   A mountain on the 6th moon is named after this volcano’s fictional alter ego. SOLVED Mount Ngauruhoe by Alison

The 6th moon of Titan has a mountain called Mount Doom. Mt Ngauruhoe was the location for Tolkien’s Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy films.

10. Did the locals commemorate a visit by Captain Jack? SOLVED Ustica by Alison

Locals around Ustica refer to it as the Black Pearl, Cpt. Jack Sparrow’s craft in the Prates of the Carribean films.

A general hint … when a clue seems to be pointing to one of several Volcanoes … there will always be something in the wording to narrow it down! 

Enjoy ❤

Points Table for Kilgarrah’s Riddles UPDATED 06.12.14

Alison                      24          KarenZ                      2

Chrism                     10          Kat                           2

Tecopeco                  5           Woodstocksj             2

G Y                          4           judithdw2014              1

Francis                     2           Evan Chugg               1

Cabrageo                  2           Kelda                        1

Albert                       2           Bobbi                        1

Avalonlightphotoart     2          Sissell                       1




Potpurri (Three volcanoes, a historical figure, and one other thing.)

1.  Riddle:  The two images:
2 points Chrism Triton seamount  (This is in the Canary islands, hence the canary in a coal mine.  Triton is a moon of Neptune.  Triton seamount was once an island, and may be again someday.)

planet lalalalalalala

2.  Segelflugzeug
2 points Alison  Wasserkuppe. (Segelflugzeug means “glider” in German.  Wasserkuppe became a popular place to fly gliders in Germany after WWI, an activity that became popular since powered flight was essentially banned after the war.  It was an important training ground for those who would become German pilots in WWII.  It is still a popular sport there, today.)

3.  This caveman had a hot mass.
Clue:  Look for the Lutheran in the time of Benjamin Franklin.
1 point Dinojura44  Jón Steingrímsson  (This reverend, who gave one of the best accounts of the Laki eruption, lived with his brother in a cave for a short time.  He once conducted the “Mass of Fire,” which he assumed would be the last mass in his church, since a lava flow was rapidly approaching.  After the mass ended, the flow stopped!)

4.  They could drop explosives on their highest point and only potentially active volcano…
2 points Alison Bombalai (This Malaysian volcano is on Borneo, not the mainland.  It is the only potentially active volcano in the country.)

5.  The best of this hot commodity comes from the slopes.
2 points Chrism Coffee.  (It’s usually served hot, and it’s the second most traded commodity in the world.  The best quality coffees are grown at high altitude, in the tropics, and on volcanic soil.  Naturally, the slopes of volcanoes is the ideal growing location.)



Kilgarrah’s Friday Night Riddles … Name those Volcanoes!


Actually, they are NOT all my riddles … I received an email this week with some terrific ‘brain aches’ and as they are so tricksy I have decided to inflict them on you 🙂

As usual, you will get 2 points for every correct answer until I add hints on Saturday morning, after which there will be just 1 point on offer.
Good luck!

WOW this is a first … no correct answers yet! I have now simplified the clues or added hints!

  1.  Bad ass instruction. SOLVED by Kelda … Kick ’em Jenny
  1.  Potentially part of our boom list … there’s an anagaram in there. SOLVED by Cabrageo … Stromboli
  1.  Sounds like you don’t want her in the Icelandic crowd! SOLVED by Woodstocksj … Heckla
  1.  Man … Skiddaw … Fox’s mints … English/Icelandic translation! SOLVED by Chrism … Eyjafjallajökull .
  1.  According to Homer he definitely can’t sail home to Ithaca from here! SOLVED by Albert … Calypso
  1.  Apparently (sounds as if) the goat went AWOL. SOLVED by Evan Chugg … Biliran
  1.  Where Albert studies his deposits and withdrawals? SOLVED by Cabrageo … Monaco Bank
  1.  Cheers as the Russian (Ms Sharapova) serves a double! SOLVED by Woodstocksj …Tiatia
  1.  Pre the super-fast dog (Greyhound) transport those in a rush went up by snowmobile. SOLVED by Chrism … Erebus
  1.  Its desolate past was transformed into lush growth overnight in September 1983. SOLVED by Albert … Mount Liamuiga

Enjoy ❤

Points Table for Kilgarrah’s Riddles

Alison                      20
Tecopeco                   5
Chrism                       5
GY                            4
Avalonlightphotoart     2
KarenZ                      2
Francis                     2
Kat                           2

Score for Matt´s Riddles 21 Nov 2014

11 Chrism
4 dianyla
9 Judith
8 Frances
8 Sissel
4 Alison
2 Avalonlightphotoart
2 Cabrageo
2 UKViggen
2 Schteve
4 Bobbi
2 Hurax
1 rogierdev

218 thoughts on “Friday Night Riddles

  1. 10. Ustica
    An ancient island, it was first inhabited by the Phoenicians. It’s older than the Aeolian islands and is actually the rocky top of a an undersea volcano. Ustica means dark rock~ therefore called the black pearl of the Mediterranean

  2. 8. Mt. Chiginagak. Acidic water from Mt. Chiginagak escaped the summit cauldron lake and travelled downstream into Mother Goose Lake killing all the aquatic life.

  3. 1. Niuafoʻou
    The ring shaped island is located in the southern Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Samoa, 574 km north of Tongatapu island group and 337 kilometers northwest of Vavaʻu. It is still an active volcano.
    Another names for the island is Tin Can island

  4. Is no 5.
    Amasing Hill (Indonesian: Bukit Amasing) consists of three small andesitic volcanoes. The volcanic complex is located on Bacan island at the west of Halmahera island, Indonesia. The two volcanoes, Cakasuanggi and Dua Saudara, were constructed in the southeast. The other volcano, Sibela Mountains, is a metamorphic complex of volcano

  5. 2. Nightingale Island.
    In 1961, the 2060 metre high shield volcano on Tristan da Cunha erupted and forced the inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha to evacuate to Nightingale. Inaccessible Island is another volcanic island in the group.

  6. I’ve been looking at locations for the filming of “Survivor” but am not getting anywhere – probablu totally up the wrong track

  7. 4. Upolu , Samoa
    Upolu is an island in Samoa, formed by a massive basaltic shield volcano which rises from the seafloor of the western Pacific Ocean.
    From the red pill clue
    Season 24 Episode 14 “Perception Is Not Always Reality” and other episodes were filmed here.

  8. Greetings all … TGIF … I will be around every so often during the evening to ‘Ding’ … and note each correct answer is worth 3 points this week 🙂

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