Friday Night Riddles 1

Find the volcanoes! 2 points will be awarded for each correct answer, 1 point after a clue was given. 

1)  The two images:BC64flag
Clue:  It wasn’t a Spanish colony.
1 point Chrism:  Gunung Besar (The band is KISS.  The verb “kiss”, in Spanish, is “besar”!  The flag is for the Dutch East India company, which was ran the Dutch colony of Indonesia, where this volcano is.)

2) I could babble on and on about this important historical source of obsidian.
2 points Hurax:  Mt. Nemrud or Nemrut  (Named after Nimrod, whose kingdom supposedly tried to build the Tower of Babel, it was the main source of obsidian for early Mesopotamian civilization.)

3) This one will snuff you out!
Clue:  Make me a sandwich!
1 point Sissel:  Mount Asphyxia on Zavodovski Island

4) The Colossus thunders, but will his eye be red or green?
2 points Alison:  Irazú Volcano (Known as “El Coloso” or “The Colossus” to the locals, it’s crater lake is famous for being green… or red… and it can change overnight.)

5) Find the seven sisters in the bull, then look down to see the highest one.
2 points Alison:  Mount Pleiones (The Pleiades are a star cluster known as the “seven sisters” in the constellation of Taurus “the bull.” Mount Pleiones is the tallest, and the southernmost, so it will be nearest the bottom on most maps!)



Kilgharrah’s Riddle … ‘Name those Volcanoes’  … ALL SOLVED!

2 points for each correct answer, 1 point following any hints/simplified clues posted on Saturday morning.

Good Luck

1.  If you’re studying drama, singing and dancing solving this clue should be a doddle. SOLVED by Alison. Amasing (drAMA SINGing)

2.  10286 + a + 188927 SOLVED by Alison. Nornahraun (Periodic table.)

3.  Post Civil War Hooker’s hang out. SOLVED by Alison. Hell’s Half Acre (Texan historic red light district)

4.  Wandering hot and aimless you might stumble across a short lived dacitic tuff cone. SOLVED by Alison. Metis Shoal (Anagram of hot/aimless. A sub marine volcano that has been known to surface briefly as an island with dicitic tuff cones.)

5.  Enterprising way to get a free ride. SOLVED by Alison. Vulcan’s Thumb

6.  ‘Romantically’ speaking … a whore. SOLVED by Kat. Putana (In the Romance language Putan means prostitute.)

7.  Its big, its bad and the island goats should run for cover! SOLVED by Chrism. Wolf Volcano (Wolf volcano is on Isabela Island in the Galapagos where they cull feral goats.)

8.  Purrfect location for a spa day. SOLVED by Alison. Paka (Paka is cat in Swahili and is hydrathermically active.)

9.  A massive paradox. SOLVED by Alison. Level Mountain (A massive, Canadian volcano.)

Enjoy ❤

Points Table for Kilgarrah’s Riddles

Alison                      20

Tecopeco                  5

G Y                          4

Chrism                      5

Avalonlightphotoart     2

KarenZ                      2

Francis                      2

Kat                           2

Matt’s Punny riddles! (I once sent in ten clever riddles about volcanoes, each a play on words, hoping that one would make it to the riddle page, but no pun in ten did!):

1.  The two images:

fish gk2 points Frances (Khangar!)

2.  The gerund form of covering something with crispy bits of pork.
2 points Frances (Bakening!  Bacon-ing!)

3.  If I’m climbing down into the center of your volcanoes, I’m getting…..
2 Points Frances (Inyo craters!)

4. The sound of an explosion in the morning.
2 points Frances (Ambang!)

5. I am not a female crater.  I….
2 points Sissel (Amboy crater!)  1 bonus for Frances with Manam!

Matt´s Riddles before 10/31/14

10 Chrism
4 dianyla
9 Judith
5 Sissel
2 Avalonlightphotoart
2 Cabrageo
2 UKViggen
2 Schteve
4 Bobbi
1 rogierdev


Kilgharrah’s Riddles … All Riddles SOLVED!

‘Name that Volcano’ 

2 points for each correct answer until ‘Hints’ have been added on Saturday morning, after that just 1 point.

Hints added and/or clues simplified!

1. The curious microbe ends in the Indian Ocean. SOLVED by Alison. Nosy-Be … a volcanic island off the coast of Madagasca. (Curious with microbe ends!)

2. Anonymous creature? SOLVED by Alison. Seamount X. (The pic is of a weedy sea dragon, a species of seahhorse.)

3. In the movies this international superstar was honest in 1960, had a secret affair in 1962, became contemptuous in 1973 and divine in 2004! Solved by Alison. Bardabunga (BB aka Brigitte Bardot … The Truth 1960, A Very Private Affair 1962, Contempt 1973 and The Divine BB 2004.)

4. Ohm, Pascal, Doppler and many others have an ‘out of this world’ connection! SOLVED by Alison. Craters of the Moon, Idaho. (They all have craters on the moon named after them!)

5. Carbon Dioxide, Lactic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Nitrate … are numbered amongst many. SOLVED by Frances. E-san. (The link is E numbers.)

6. Its voluminous lava field can be found when troubled lands diverge. SOLVED by Chrism . Devils Garden, Oregon. (Anagram of ‘lands diverge’.)

Enjoy ❤

Matt´s Riddles:

All are volcanoes or volcanic features

1.  Thank the Lord + image: 2 Points Sissel  Ball’s Pyramid ( Lord Howe Island stick insect” or “tree lobster)





2.  Seven stars and big, easy termites. 2 Judith Mount Qixing (seven star mountain, in Taiwan, the home of the Formosan termite, which is destroying New Orleans “the big easy”)

3.  Reindeer and tigers and lava?
2 points each to Bobbi and Judith, for Sikhote Alin belt and Anik (Anik is one peak of the Sikhote Alin belt, where Siberian tigers and reindeer coexist.)

4.  The local animals feed on the corpses of others, who are blown in by the wind and die of exposure.  A similar species lives on its neighbor to the north.
They’re monitoring the CO2 emissions here!
1 point Judith for Mauna Loa  (Wekiu bugs, first discovered on Mauna Kea, feed on insects that die when blown to the frigid mountain top.  The CO2 emissions are those of humans… atmospheric CO2 levels are monitored at the observatory here.)

5.  This volcano’s chicken was nearly exterminated by recent eruptions. 2 Bobbi Soufriere Hills, Montserrat. The mountain chicken is actually an endangered frog


Points Tables

Matt´s Riddles after 17/10/14

10 Chrism
4 dianyla
9 Judith
5 Sissel
2 Avalonlightphotoart
2 Cabrageo
2 UKViggen
2 Schteve
4 Bobbi
1 rogierdev

Alans Evil Riddles:

2 to Chrism and 1 for Sissel




 Riddles by Kilgarrah … Name those Volcanoes!

2 points each until clues are added, then 1

1. Crazy times on the isthmus. SOLVED by tecopeco … Maderas, Nicaragua.

2. Their fans definitely don’t throw rotten eggs when they lose! SOLVED by Francis … Arenal as sulfur (with ‘rotten eggs’ smell) is missing from Arsenal.

Hint: Consider what ‘rotten eggs’ could represent … and the football (soccer) team that the fans support!

3. He was a bit of a ‘Jack the Lad’. SOLVED by tecopeco … Billy Mitchell who was once the lead singer of the band Jack the Lad.

4. Basaltic plateau prone to controversial settlement . SOLVED by Chrism & G Y with identical times … the Golan Heights.

5. The destroyer of a West Indian jewel. SOLVED by G Y … Mount Pelee which destroyed the city of St Pierre (The Pearl of the West Indies) in 1902.

6. In order to find the solution you need to diagnose the problem! SOLVED by tecopeco … San Diego an anagram of ‘diagnose’.

Hint: Anagram




Points Tables

Matt´s Riddles

10 Chrism
4 dianyla
4 Judith
3 Sissel
2 Avalonlightphotoart
2 Cabrageo
2 UKViggen
2 Schteve
1 rogierdev

Alans Evil Riddles:

2 to Chrism and 1 for Sissel





Los Asertijos!  (These riddles have a common thread!)


1)  The highest peak where the guy in the image lost something.
2 points Chrism Tiede.  (Horatio Nelson once tried to take the island from the Spanish, and lost his arm in the battle.  It’s Spain’s highest peak!)

2) This sharky pair of volcanoes was a favorite of its seals and Russians.
2 points Sissel Guadalupe (Not to be mistaken for Guadaloupe in the Carribean, this island is a pair of extinct shield volcanoes off Baja California.  It is famous for great white sharks.  It is also home to the Guadalupe fur seal, hunted to near extinction by Russian fur hunters.)

3)  I’m blue in Central America.
2 points Chrism Volcán Azul (It’s in Nicaragua, and Azul means blue in Spanish, the local language.)

4)  The country’s highest mountain, like its capital, is not on the mainland.
2 points Judith Pico Basilé (In Equatorial Guinea, on the island of Bioko, where the capital, Malabo, is located.)

5)  This cinder cone appeared out of nowhere, and destroyed a Mexican agricultural area, but long before the one that everyone will guess.
2 points Chrism El Jorullo  (It did, and it’s NOT Parícutin, although it is quite close!)

EXTRA POINT!!!!  What’s the common thread?
1 bonus point Sissel
 (All are places where Spanish is the primary language – even Equatorial Guinea!  Asertijos is “riddles” in Spanish.)



Kilgharrah’s Riddles Return .. All Solved
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

General Hint: This Friday, in honour of her beautiful eruption at Holuhraun,  we are ‘celebrating’ Iceland.

1. What is the next letter in  this sequence and give your reason ….

H  B  K  S  H ? SOLVED Herðubreið … The sixth highest mountain in Iceland.

2. Despite its name this ethnic group is native to an East African Rift Valley Lake and not Iceland. SOLVED Laki … Another name for the Zay people of Ethiopa who on the islands of Lake Zway.

3. 987551 … sort it, period! SOLVED Katla … Periodic table – K = 19 AT = 85 LA = 57
Hint: Sort the numbers into pairs whilst considering the wording of the clue!

4. This station is not a great  place to be cuddled and kissed goodbye! SOLVED Sansskeid SIL … Anagram of ‘and kissed’.
Hint: Look for an anagram … the answer is not a volcano!

2 points for each riddle. Only Kilgharrah knows the answers so the dragons may join in as well 🙂

Points Table for Kilgarrah’s Riddles

Avalonlightphotoart     2
Alison                  2
KarenZ                  2


And  Alan the evil riddle master has a new one for you as well:

With her unbreakable faith, did the First Lady send her man to a Greek church service?
What am I?

Hints for Kilgharras Riddles: The answers an explanations for old riddles:

Hints for Evil Alan´s riddles:´s-riddles-and-the-answers/´c-evil-riddles-and-the-answers-21-to/

Score: 20.9.14

Matt´s Riddles

4 Chrism
4 dianyla
2 Schteve
2 Avalonlightphotoart
2 Cabrageo
2 UKViggen
2 Judithdw2014
1 rogierdev
1 Sissel

Alans Evil riddle:

2 to Chrism and 1 for Sissel

Explanation for Newbies to the blog:

On Volcanocafe most fridays we open the bar and have a set of riddles.  Different dragons put up riddles over the years. At the moment our Riddle Master is Matt but he will be assisted by Kilgharra. Normally 2 points are handed out when a riddle was solved straight away and 1 point when a clue was necessary. When a riddle is solved the Riddle Master or another dragon on riddling duty will shout DING!

As long as the blog sees a LOT of traffic now, it is hard for the Riddle Master to find correct answers with thousand or more comments, so we decided to try something new. This page is shown in the menu. We ask our competitors to post their answers right below this pageAnswers in the main thread will not count even if they are correct. (Answers on a page do not show up in recent comments.)

The queen of riddling has been Sissel and you Newbies will have a hard time beating her, but you will be amazed where your search on the net will lead you to. One finds lots of interesting or funny things while trying to seek a black belt in Google Fu. The prize are just points but don´t forget the honor and the fun. So join in. Let this weeks fun begin.


Old solved riddles:
Riddles from the Evil Chemist Matt!

Riddles from the Evil Chemist Matt!
(All are volcanoes or volcanic features)

1)  Image + a loaf near the centerline.
(You must include the country in which it is located)
2 points Avalonlightphotoart Pan de Azúcar, (The molecule is sucrose; Sugar.  This is a likely extinct volcano in Ecuador, less than half a degree from the equator. It’s name means “loaf of sugar”

2)Al2O3, near some WWII cliff diving.  Banzai!
2 points Chrism Ruby seamount  (Al2O3 is corundum; a little chromium makes it red, which makes it a ruby!  Saipan, which is quite close, was taken from Japan near the end of WWII.  Over 1,000 Japanese soldiers jumped off a cliff there, rather than being taken prisoner.  The cliff is now called Banzai Cliff.)

3)  Although it sounds like there’s a halogen there, they actually harvest a chalcogen there.
2 points Chrism Mt. Bromo, Indonesia where they harvest sulphur (sulfur if you’re American) from the volcano. Bromo refers to compounds containing bromine, a halogen.  Sulphur is in the group of elements called chalcogens.

4)  A rhyolite and dactite dome surrounded by arsenic.
2 points Judithdw2014  Paoha island, in Mono lake.  (Mono lake has high concentrations of arsenic.)

5)  The bromine analog of chlorine bleach.
2 points Cabrageo Nabro (Chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite, or NaClO.  The bromine analog would be NaBrO!)

We celebrate Sissel as the RIDDLE QUEEN of Summer 2014

28 Sissel
8 Inannamoon667
7 KarenZ
7 Bobbi
5 Dinojura44
4 Dorkviking
2  Espadrille
2 Frances
2 inannamoon667
2 Irpsit
1 RenatoRio
1 Talla
1 rogierdev

This week you may find four volcanoes and one geologic feature in Matt´s riddles. As always, 2 points are awarded for each answer, 1 point after a clue is given. Good luck! 

1) The image.  2 points schteve42 Bowie Seamount (That’s a Bowie knife)clue1

2) I played a role in the American civil rights movement, but nobody knew about me at the time!
2 points UKviggen Jackson volcano (There is an extinct volcano buried under the sediments directly beneath Jackson, Mississippi!)

3) Important in both World War 1 and World War 2, it destroyed its namesake twice during the 20th century.
2 points dianyla Rabaul (The city of the same name was destroyed in 1937 and 1994.  It was owned by Germany in WWI, and taken by Australia.  Japan took it in WWII, and held it until the end of the war.)

4) The first visitors to this uninhabited island captured the president in the war of 1812.
2 points dianyla Rockall (This volcanic plug in the North Atlantic was first landed on in 1811 by the HMS Endymion.  This ship later captured the USS President, a frigate, in 1815.  Rockall is one of the smallest points of land that is permanently above water.  Interestingly, a British expedition in 1955, which included raising the flag, inspired a satirical song about imperialism, which goes like this:  “The fleet set sail for Rockall, Rockall, Rockall, To free the isle of Rockall, From fear of foreign foe. We sped across the planet, To find this lump of granite, One rather startled gannet; In fact, we found Rockall.”)

5) “The fake base kept the enemy from invading… you might say it was this:
Clue:   It was once explored by a basilisk. 1 point sissel


AND one more riddle sent to me by our very evil Riddlemaster Alan.

Image Imperial College London

Image Imperial College London

1000 then it blew

Poikiloblast: Imperial College London

2 to Chrism and 1 for Sissel


That week the answers to Matt´s riddles: there are three volcanoes, one volcanic feature, and one volcanic term. 2 points are awarded for each correct answer, 1 point after a clue was given.

#1 Riddle: Hot rocks + image
Clue It has everything to do with domes, ash, and pyroclastic flows, but nothing to do with cars.  Clue 2 Breaking up is hard to do.  Clue 3 This is a process, not an object.
1 point Rogierdev Autobrecciation.  This means “breaking on its own”  When pressure is released on rock containing gas at high pressures, the pressure from the gas can cause the rock to explode from inside.  This can release pressure on gas-filled rocks below, causing a chain reaction, potentially causing a dome to turn to ash in seconds, creating a pyroclastic flow.  Geology blogger Jessica Ball has a better explanation than I do:

#2 In the country where coffee got one of its names, this was the only one to erupt during the 20th century. 2 points Espadrille Harras of Dhamar in Yemen. With Saana’s harbour Mocha as the name for coffee

#3 The volcano came between Margaritaville and Pyroclasticville. 2 points inannamoon667 Soufriere Hills. The song “volcano” by Jimmy Buffet came after Margaritaville and before Soufriere Hills, the volcano it was about, erupted.

#4 Agave and communists? It’s pretty cool! Clue: It took a nuclear reactor to find it. 1 point LDP Gakkel Ridge, surveyed by Arctic Gakkel Vents Expedition (AGAVE), discovered by a Soviet submariner.

#5 This volcano of water once destroyed a capital. 2 points Sissel Volcan del Aqua
pop Score board

pop Score board: Updated Sept 8th

803 thoughts on “Friday Night Riddles 1

  1. 1. Thinking of Mount Lokon or Mahawu for no 1. They are in ex Dutch East India Company terriories and traditional dress in the area features makeup a bit like KISS

  2. 1 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai, a volcano located about 30 km south-southeast of Fonuafoʻou (also known as Falcon Island), part of Tonga. (wikipedia).

  3. 1 Heavy metal could be the significance of the first picture, may point to gold – The Portuguese Gold Cost? Japan, where the Dutch got their gold? Still searching.

  4. I’ll give you a hint: The first picture has something to do with the clue. The second picture has something to do with the location.

  5. 1 Banda Api (Indonesian api, fire) is an active volcano in the Banda Sea, at the center of the Banda Islands group. It has been known to Europeans since the Age of Exploration, when the Portuguese Empire and the Kingdom of the Netherlands competed in the area for spice trade. – wikipedia –

  6. Hint: The word “Spanish” in the clue has something to do with the answer to #1, even thought we know what the flag means.

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