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Kilgarrah collected some of the comments this week, to help Sissel and me write a post.
Saturday 29th

Sissel solved Alan’s riddle by identifying Moonmilk

Kelda summed up the level of ‘evilness’!:
>Well done Sissel. That was harder than milking a Camel! That’s the closest metaphor I can find that resembles ‘like getting blood from a stone’ :-)

Sunday 30th.
Most of Sunday was taken up with a not so happy WordPress issue. Some of us found our sidebar had gone south,  some of us lost it altogether! Oops

schteve said: This is a SNAFU…

Oliver St John-Mollusc said:Let’s hope it doesn’t turn FUBAR.

Geolurking spoke up for the IT world:
In defense of IT people world wide….

Many times when you work on something, there may be wide ranging conflicts/interconnects with systems, routines and gear that are not readily apparent, or annotated anywhere.

Example: I changed out the batteries on an APC SU2200. This particular model is designed with “hot swappable” batteries so that you can replace them without having to take the attached equipment offline. In order to clear the error, you hit the test button after the batteries are in place and the system does a quick load test and clears the battery error. Since the local IT felt that they did not need to be there for me to change the batteries because there was no need to take the system offline, they were in a different town dealing with other user issues that they were responsible for.

Hit the test button.

The whole rack goes offline. Mail servers, file servers, switches, routers… the whole stack.

Though I got the system powered back up, and got the local IT enroute to check everything, out, that was unplanned.

Likewise, I had one call from a site that was complaining about their server beeping. Turns out that a recently added application would activate the speaker on the server if a dongle (a thing that is attached to the machine in order to prove to the software that it is a licensed and valid copy) was not attached. And the operating guidelines that they had dictated that they had to pull the dongle and lock it up at the end of business every day. There was nothing wrong with the equipment. It was just doing something that the software vendor had coded into the program.

Yeah.. we may be a bit different, but we do our best to make the user’s gear work. Our job is to work through that mess and try to get the systems up and running.

Spica and Sissel breathed a sigh of relief when GeoLurking supplied the solution and the sidebar reappeared and/or drifted back up! Phew and thanks GeoL.

New Years Eve

Chryphia produced this intriguing and impressive plot:

Here is a plot of the recent earthquake swarm at the Bozburun peninsula on the Greece-Turky border which was suggested by Prof. Dr. Övgün Ahmet Ercan could be a new submarine volcano “frency” forming. The report from Dec, 31th.: mentions an 8 m swirl on Nov 24th and they have been measuring a slightly elevated temperature above the fault (19.2 vs 16°C), all under close observation of the Greece coastguard (my interpretation of the giggle translation, no guarantee!).
The earthquakes have subsided a lot as you can see in my plot. Most of the earthquakes were above the Moho layer, but a couple are deep in the Benioff zone.

Notice a new feature: Annotations! :-)The Bozburun region, like the Nisyros caldera and Santorini for example, is right above the Benioff zone marked by a belt of deep (green) earthquakes, as can be seen on this screenshot from the IRIS earthquake browser showing historic activity.

Diana Barnes spared a thought for all those disappointed by the anticlimax that was 21.12.12:
Well! here we still are. The end of 2012… For those suffering from Doomsday withdrawal symptoms here’s a list of the next possible End of World dates.

May I remind you that The Apocalypse is not recognised by Government tax departments as a reason for Tax evasion. Tax collection is probably older than prostitution as a means of making a living and carries equal if not more social stigma and debate.
Have a very Happy 2013 and may it be more secure, prosperous and peaceful for you all where ever you may be.

We all wished each other a very happy New Year – in various glyphs and languages! Here are a few …

Bruce Stout: Flying by…. just stopping in to wish you, as one of VC’s biggest fans, a fabulous New Year and a huge huge thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is, in particular Spica, who has invested a ginormous amount of time and effort into making this place tick, and all the dragons (and, of course, Carl in his absence, though technically Carl is not a dragon, but is rapidly becoming a mythical being, which is close, I guess). Really sterling stuff all round. And thanks, too, to all who post comments as this often takes us to places hitherto unthought of… (no, that is not pronounced hit-her-too as one student once asked me)… and all the other banter and chit-chat… never fails to make me feel a bit chirpier (in what has actually been a really crappy year … but more of that some other time) and all the plotters and other thinkers. It is kind of sad we were more or less shoe-horned out of Erik’s blog by disqus but, in the end, maybe we now have the best of both worlds: Erik’s for the professional, technical aspects where we can throw a question at Erik or Boris and this place we there is room for every idea and concept. I’ll be toasting you all tonight, come midnight. Cheers! B.

Ursula: Happy New Year to all from me too!!
PS: just checked the annual report, very impressive! 1 100 000 views – let’s see if 2013 can beat that!

Alan The Evil : 

Happy New Year to all you volcanoholics!
May your brains never rest in 2013

irpsit :

Happy new year to everyone!
And may 2013 bring a lot of nice volcanic eruptions for all to watch! But not in Iceland…

And finally greetings from a first time poster

Hi to everyone here and Carl too if he happens to peak in one of these days. I am one of the people who contributes to at least 10 visits everyday although I rarely write. I have alot that I keep meaning to say but never reach the point of doing it. I just want you to know that I have been following this group since we were on the other site so long ago after that ejafjatlaocoot (Ejafjallajökull) eruption. Anyways Happy New Year to everyone and mybe we will someday meet on that lonely mountain to watch carl eat his hat. :)

New Years Day

We woke up (in my case, rather unprettily hungover) to a post about A BRITISH VOLCANO!

Thank you KarenZ

And Alyson wished us happy New Year in Welsh!:
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!! – i bawb –
Happy New Year! – to you all

Oliver St John-Mollusc put Bob in its place: F

rankly, El Hierro is just as exciting a volcano as is watching paint dry. Tens and tens of thousands of earthquakes and all it has to show for it is a miniscule submarine eruption. After the last episode where several thousands of large earthquakes, many above M 4.0, failed to produce any result whatsover, why get excited over a dozen or so small ones and a tiny bit of “tremor” that could well have been caused by something not volcanic at all?

And all this when we have an ongoing and unusually large fissure eruption in Kamtchatka…

GeoLurking defended our ‘pet’ volcano: Well… El Hierro does have the aspect of being more heavily instrumented with publicly accessible data output than volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula.

I think El Hierro is a great little volcano from a fans perspective. 

Sure, it will probably wind up being a plutonic emplacement in the long run, but it gives people something to watch from a point of view that you usually can’t find.

dfm then provided us all with another superb Bob plot:

Evening all!

Here is the update for the El Hierro earthquakes since December 12th. To explain the plot here are the following points.

Earthquakes prior to 12th december 2012 are shown as small green dots.

The island terrain is shown as a surface in the first part of the video and as a mesh for easier earthquake viewing in the subsequent parts.

In the first part of the video, the one showing elevation color, the Moho is shown and also each new earthquake appears as a big red dot. I have removed the Moho layer for easier viewing afterwards.

The other earthquakes (since Dec 12) appear as blue dots, with dot size proportional to magnitude (look at the pink colored scale on one side of the plot).

In the last parts of the video the color of the dots is age related (up to 20 days) and proportional to magnitude.

As we can see there are quite a few events (about one hundred in less than 2 days).

Also the quakes’ depth is for the time being under the Moho layer, so I think we can safely say that the action is still far from the surface.

One very interesting point is that it seems that the location of the events is quite new, meaning that this new zone has not seen many earthquakes before. This could mean it is a new bolus coming up and that the magma has found a new path. This can be seen at about 8 to 15 seconds ,from seconds 21 to 30 and finally at 55 and 1’03”.

You can see it quite well also from the top around 1’24″

The bulk of the present swarm is more to the north of El Golfo area than previously.

Finally the earthquake magnitude seems to be higher for this swarm but also quite similar in strength, around 2-2,5.

Do not hesitate to ask questions if you want more information.
You can change the video resolution (HD) by watching it on YT directly.

Data comes from plots made on Octave, video made with avconv. OS is Linux

The final words on the Bob debate go to DebbieZ :

I just have to say, that to many of us here we must like watching paint dry ….., Bob on El Hierro is our baby, and we have a real affection for her…..I know it is a bit or totally irrational, compared with other volcanic activity in the world, but we cannot help ourselves. I just remember when we were all looking so closely at the El Hierro subterranean erruption, that a huge one actually happened in the red sea, (was it off Yemen or somewhere like that)…and actually created a new island…however that did not excite us here as much as one lava bomb hitting the surface of las calmas sea…. to lots of us here Bob is special, so pleeease just bear with us..isn´t VC just the best place in the world to be a little crazy and irrational?? :)
This is exactly the reason why we are all here xx

Wednesday 2nd.
The final Happy New Year comes from Sherine France who gave us these amazing pictures of Tolbachik:

Happy New Year to all with some pictures of Tolbachik :

Thursday 3rd 

GeoLurking said he’d got a pretty good handle on what drives Iceland.

Everything: Horsts, Grabbens, Calderas, Rifting, Tansform Faults, Strike-Slip, Normal, Reverse, faulting, Non-Double Couple quakes, Crustal Pancakes, and Hotspots, Microplates, Book-Shelf Faulting, Cryptodomes, Flood Basalts, Rift Jumps, Cone Rows, Stratovolcanoes, Pockets of ancient subduction material…

… and if you look at it right, even a hint of harmonic interference.

Take two waves… say two strings of a guitar or some other instrument that are close to the same note.
Pluck them. Notice that you will hear a “beat frequency” as the sound waves from those two strings fall into and out of synchronization. That is harmonic interference… when one frequency is just a smidge off from the other frequency.

Those quakes along the SISZ show a pattern… sort of a beat pattern as “something” gradually goes into “sync”, then off again. It repeats this three times… the strongest over in the Hengill region.
Why its there is any bodies guess. It could be some manifestation of the two plates grinding… maybe a slight difference in some elasticity constant.
Mainly… it’s just out and out weird.
And the Ruminarian presented us with his fourth ‘must read’ post! Ending with the words ..

Okay.. that’s the show. Hopefully you weren’t bored by the post. Enjoy! GEOLURKING.

I hope I spoke for all of us when I said: Not bored – fascinated! Please keep on ruminating!!

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