Sulfur carvings, 
another way for the miners to make money. Image by rachel in wonderland (Flickr) taken June 2, 2014.

Lughnasadh riddles

While August 1st marks the beginning of autumn and harvest time in the Gaelic culture, Carl was spending a fortune to snatch the last fan of Sweden to survive the heatwave. Everyone else´s brains also seem to have melted down, so here are just a few photographic impressions snatched from Flickr and NASA in order to…

Stunning photograph of this years Volcano of the Year Award winner, Etna. The beautiful photograph was taken by Turi Caggegi. Could there be more beautful fireworks than Etnas Grand Show number 21?

Happy New Volcanic Year!

2013 will most likely go down to history as the year with the least amount of interesting volcanic eruptions. And with that I mean volcanic eruptions that have good instrumentation and webcam, because we need both to be really interested in them. Otherwise it has been a rather regular volcanic year. The two stars have…