The ice covered volcano basking in the sun prior to the current unrest.

Cotopaxi – A most dangerous volcano

As we started our series about the New Decade Volcano Program we had to do some hard choices about which volcanoes we would include. We opted to not feature Cotopaxi even though it is situated near the Ecuadorian capital of Quito and has a proven track record of very large eruptions. It could though very…

Image from the 2014 eruption of Gunung Kelud. Photograph by AlexMG.

The Water Volcano – The new Decade Volcano Program

What is a better starting point for our proposed list of new Decade Volcanoes than a volcano that operates in a way that almost no other volcano does? As the number ten of our list we hereby present a volcano that equally blends being an artesian well and an andesitic tephra producer of note. Without…

Fumaroles on the north flank of Mount Chiginagak
Photo courtesy Robert Dreeszen, March 28, 2014,

Mount Chiginagak

Mount Chiginagak sits some 600 km southwest of Anchorage, roughly situated on the Alaska Peninsula between Aniakchak and the Katmai Volcanic Complex.  It is a single peak that tops out at just over 2,200 M.  The peak itself is composed primarily of andesitic and pyroclastic layers.  It also has basalt lava flows with some evidence…