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Mopshell August 26, 2014 at 01:32

1. right click on the image

2. click on “save image as” and give it a name
3. If you want to edit the image, click on the download and edit (eg crop or resize), and save edited image

4. go to:

5. click “choose file” and click on the file from your computer

6. click on “upload now”

7. copy URL which begins [IMG]

8. paste it into comment (must be on a separate line with no typing before or after it) then REMOVE [IMG] and [/IMG] from URL before posting.
Eight simple steps…

If you want an image to appear automatically, you need to take care that the URL is typed on a new line all by its own. I suppose images that have no .img or other image file ending ( .jpg or .png …) will not show automatically, as the system does not recognise them as images. Graniya

One rather new rule should be considered!!!!!
If you paste in a link with an page which is already on another site, it will automatically display. This is a rather new WordPress feature. But this means it automatically connects to the site were the image is shown originally.
So we dragon ask you to PLEASE not link any site links but use the hraun versions instead. The reason for this is… if you have the open in another window it is one connect gets. if you paste the link into your comment on VC IMO gets a connect whenever one views this site, or refreshes. We had over 6k views on average per hour lately.. i think you see the problem. is an internal site link, hraun is not.

Spica ****

How to change your Avatar. Image done by Lurking

How to add Smileys (thanks KarenZ)

How to create a video from a streaming webcam. This PDF was sent by Diana Barnes.

To take a screen shot in a Windows environment:
With the image open, hit “Prt Sc”
In an image editor, eg Photoshop, open a new file & paste the image into the file.
Tidy up the image (e.g. crop unwanted elements) and save.
Upload the image into Tinypic or equivalent.
Paste the link for the raw image into your comment on here.

If you use Windows 7, you can get an uploadable image directly using “Split Screen”.
Carls explanation:
1. Press alt + PrtSC (Print Screen)
2. Open a picture program like Paint.
3. Press Ctrl+V


About Photobucket:
I use the free service for more than a year now and am satisfyed with it at this moment. You do not need to have any social media accounts (in that case I would not use it either).
The pictures and videos seem to be safe, haven’t seen any of them being removed yet. They are well organized in easy to access albums. It is easy to add and edit descriptions and there is a fairly good photo editing feature.
The bad thing is the aggressive advertising I experienced in the beginning. Just once I could not resist the screaming pop-up message: YOU ARE VISITOR #10.000.000!! YOU WON AN I-POD!! (or something like that) and clicked it. Then I had to fill in a very long survey including my address. I clearly stated NOT wanting to receive any ads of any kind. I received an email with some thanks – but of course – never ever “my” I-pod. What I got: Hundreds of spam emails from businesses thinking I had joined their mailing lists voluntarily. – It took much time to filter them out.
So- never ever click a pop-up if you want to use Photobucket.

the link:

1. Just browse the file you wish to upload.
2. Click upload.
3. Fill in the security phrase.
4. Copy the link named “Direct Link for Layouts”.
5. Insert copied link into VC.

No loads of ads, neither when you use it, or for the person looking. You do not need to log in or anything, and you do not need any accounts with Gaggle, Farcebook or Phisqus.

Tinypic images disapear if no one checks them anymore.

Flickr lets you upload many images for free and has a nice uploader but when you reached a certain limit you have to go Pro which costs around 25 Euro per year, or you cannot upload a single more photo even if you delete images (This should help but did not in my case and i reached the limit ong before i had the ammount of images allowed, uploaded.

Flickr uses Yahoo, Picassa is now connected to Google and Mediafire, to Facebook.


WordPress supports youtube ( which belongs to Google). Any video is shown within the comment if you have the video running in another window while you paste the link in.

Schteve wrote a post on plotting: Plotting for Beginners Part One, aaaaand Another Look at Malcolm.

Chryphia wrote a post on making maps with a custom set of locations with the GPSVisualizer.

Greg presented a detailed instruction on Capturing Timelapse Videos in Windows.

Schteve appealed to all readers and commenters to contribute their own post in Apocalypsathon; Post 21/12/12 Appeal….

Granyia has kindly provided some instructions for measuring distances using googlemaps:

The font used in the headers is not a font, it is an image made of letters produced by kids during the Voestalpine sound cloud 2012. One letter is around 70cm high.

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  1. Windows 7 users can use “snipping tool” instead of print screen. Can be found by writing “snipping tool” in the search box after clicking the windows start symbol.

  2. Similkimeen suggested this if tinyurl is not working – he uses the Snipping Tool (from the Windows Accessories menu) to draw a box around the image you want, then paste it into Snaggy gives a URL you can paste into a comment here. This blog recommends tinyurl but seems to work too.

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