Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava: Answers! I – XIX

The page is continued on part 2 answers from #20 to

Current standing: Name that Lava: August 3rd.

8 Spica
7 DFMorvan
5 Sissel
5 Ursula
5 Diana Barnes
4 Talla
4 KarenZ
3 Cryphia
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Schteve42
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
2 Lisa
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Inge B
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Henri le Revenant
1 UKViggen
1 Alan C
1 Bobbi

Honorary mention for GeoLurking, for naming the lavas in advance!

#19 Was posted on Sheeoy Dalek Name that Lava XIX

Click on the image to enlarge the picture. Good luck!

1. Name two lavas on the picture.
2. Name the volcano.
3. Name the countries most famous cultural celebrity.
Lisa identified a similar image.
Winners and answers:
DFMorvan 1 point for White Island.
Lisa 1 point for Peter Jackson who is premierily famous for not making the movie Silver Surfer. He was so miffed at it that he had Legolas surf on a shield instead.
KarenZ 1 point for Whakaari.
Spica 1 point for Te Puia o Whakaar.
Diana Barnes 1 point for being down and Dirty with the lavas.

More info to be found in Answers to Name that Lava XIX and Alans riddle # 12

#18 Was an image by Ursula posted in Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava XVIII on Sunday June 29th.

Answers: Teschenite sill, Isle of May in the Firth of Forth in Scotland,  puffins and grey seals.
Winners: Sissel (2), Talla IngeB and Lisa;

More information is available in the following post answering all the riddle questions of the Name that Lava Sunday Special,  the original image is also included.
#17 Sheepy Dalek, Name that Lava XVI !: Author Spica July 20th.

Here is the original image which Sissel detected correctly.
Answers: Riegersburg Basalt and basaltic tuff, Schilcher
Winners: DFMorvan 2, Sissel and Chyphria

More information: A whole post was devoted to the all the answers and to Volcanoes on Austria.

#16 Happy Midsummer & Sheepy Dalek XVI by Carl on June 22th.

Lovely picture, you will love the answer to this one! Click on the image for a larger picture.

Answers: Castle Rock, Athurs seat, Microgabbro Whisky
Winners: Ursula, Diana, Spica.

# 15 Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XV on June 15th.

Answers: Pico del Teide, Roques de Garcia, Phonolitedogs.

Winners: Spica (4), Sissel.

More answers on Sheepy Dalek and NtL XXII, an evil riddle and answers to Name that Lava I and XV: Pico del Teide

#14 was placed as Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XIV  on June 8th.

Answers: Llullaillaco, andesite and dacite, 3 mummies;

Winners: DFMorvan, Ursula , KarenZ

Honorary mention for GeoLurking and guessing the lavas a day in advance.

# 13 Not meaning bad luck was held on June 1st. by me. Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XIII

happy guessing

The riddle came again from Henri le Revenant

Original image

Answers: Khorgo, Basanite and Basaltic Thracyandesite, Airag

Winners: KarenZ (2), Chryphia

#12 Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XII on May 25th.

This riddle came from henri le Revenant

Answers: Vogelsberg volcanic complex, Basanite,Vogelsberg Müller Thurgau

Winners: Talla, Ursula, Sissel, Bobbi;

#11 Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XI on May 18th. Again with an extra riddle by AlanC.

Click on the image to enlarge the picture. I wish you all the best of luck!

Original image!

Answers: Monte Somma, Vesuv, felsic Lava,Garum.

Winners: DFMorvn, Stephanie Alice Halford (2);

# 10 Saw a new invention An extra Riddle by Alan C Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava X, on May 11th. You can find the answers to Alans riddles ( in the Gem section of the menu) and  here.

Photograph: All rights reserved, used by express agreement between photographer and Volcano Café.

Answers: Hengill, Hellisheidi eruption, Olivine tholeite with hyaloclastites, Grámosi

Winners:Alan Irpsit (2) nicked the Grámosi and the Hengill points, and finally Spica had the Hellisheidi eruption

#9 Took place on  May 4th . with  Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava IX, 

Part nine of the volcanic trip around the world.

Answers: Enderby Island, Ross volcano, Alkaline Olivine Basalt, Auckland shag

Winners:dfmorvan 2, schteve

#8 Sheepy Dalek Name that lava VIII!  on April 27th.

Lava of the Week!

Answers: Quote: Lughduniense” Lake Monoun/Mount Oku, Cameroon, the Oku Volcanic Field. There are tuffs, trachytic lavas and breccias as well as phonolites but there are also basaltic cinder cones.

Winners: Lughduniense s 3 points.

#7  A new Sheepy Dalek _ Name that Lava VII!competition was published on April 20th.

Click on image to enlarge. Photographer, Doug Merson.

Image by Dough Merson.

Answers: Volcanic System: Three Sisters, Middle Sister Volcano, Collier Cone, basalt-rhyolite.

Winners: Talla, Henri le Revenant (3)

#6 Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava VI! Author Carl, April 13th.

Image from Alan C.

Image by AlanC

Answers:Quote Dough Merson “Tao-Rusyr caldera on Onekotan Island Krenityzn Peak is in caldera lake and erupted a dome on the east side of the island in 1952. The island is located southwest of teh Kamchatcka Peninsula.>/em> Acid Andesite

Winners: Dough Merson (2) Henri le Revenant,

#5 Part 5 of the competition: Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava V! on April 6th.

Picture by Ukviggen. Click on the image for a larger view.

Photo by Ukviggen

Answer: Svartsendi eruption, Reykjaness fires, tholeitic basalt and olivine and/or plagioclase phyric, Thingvellir, eruptions: Eldvarpahraun, Illahraun and Arnarseturshraun.

Winners: Jamie, Ursula (2) IngeB

#4 Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava IV! was published on March 31th.

Photograph by our own Ursula. Click on the pic to get a larger version.

Photo by Ursula

Quote Diana: ” Mt. Gambier, South Australia. A Maar Complex rather than a single volcano. Last erupted 4300 years ago. This crater is called The Blue Lake.

The surface rock before the eruption was limestone, a band of which can be seen around the lakeside. Above is Tuff and Ash. The limestones in places has been changed to Dolerite by the volcanic activity.”

Winner(s): Diana Barnes 3points

#3 Name that Lava III happened on March 23rd.

Name the volcano, and name the type of lava.

Villarica and basaltic andesitic lava. Carl was a tiny little bit lazy and Google and Photoshop are great to look for images nowerdays.

Winners:Ursula, Spica.

#2 Came on March 16th. Name that Lava IIhad an image given to Carl by Hailey.

Photograph by Hailey. Please click to see a bigger version.

Quote Talla:”It’s a potassium feldspar matasomite known as Charoite with Canasite found only on the Murun Massif, Sakha Republic, Russia (volcanic event – Siberian Traps)

Winners: Talla 2 points, (Carl also asked for a very spezific event when this happened, This was the Norlisk deposit.)

More info on Answers to Alan´s riddle #15 and NtL #1 and #2 Author Spica: August 26th.

#1 The very first Name that Lava competition happened on March 2nd.

Picture by DF Morvan showing the first mystery lava.

Image sent to Carl by DFMorvan

Answer:  Lavabomb of Pico de Teide, found on Roque de Nueblo on Gran Canaria at 1400m height.

Winners: Schteve, Jim, Luisport, HeatherB;

Teide is with 3718 meters height the highest mountain in Spain.

More info on Answers to Alan´s riddle #15 and NtL #1 and #2 Author Spica: August 26th.

2 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava: Answers! I – XIX

  1. Looks high up to me, Pine forest/ krumholtz on one of the Canaries maybe, I’ve looked closely at the fullsize picture but I haven’t spotted the cute little lizard which would be the giveaway, however the pine needles are possibly in bunches of 3 which would be correct for pinus canariensis… Small lava bomb, context makes me think it landed in a flow/deposit of softer stuff (whose colour is distinctly Canarian) and has “eroded out” since. Gonna guess Teide as the process of erosion looks like heating/cooling/seasonal freezing with a certain amount of moisture involved, that requires altitude at this latitude…Difficult to tell but but the debris flow makes it looks proper steep too…

    Dunno if this is exactly what you’re after, but this is my scoring guess for Name That Lava 1…

    Some tourist info on El Teide:

    You can visit Teide even without a car, there is one bus a day from Los Cristianos in the South of Tenerife and one from Puerto de la Cruz in the North (both leaving the bus station at about 9am ish, returning from the National park at 4pm ish.) It is well worth knowing that if the first bus is full TITSA will lay on a second (and ensure that there is enough room for everyone on the return journey.)
    Anyone can ascend to the “observation platform” which is approx 200m short of the summit either walking (for the superfit, with thier own car, i’m almost certain there is not enough time for this using the bus, though staying in the Parador Nacional del Teide is an option…) For the less energetic the cable car whisks you up there in a few minutes apporox 30 euros return… you can cable car up and walk down (or vice versa) but you will need good knees 😀
    If you want to visit the summit you will need a permit, available online from the National Park Authority, this is an arduous climb (200m, scchteeeeep, at altitude) from the cable car station…
    Please remember that even at the base of the cable car, you are at altitude (2500m ish, my ears pop on the bus journey 🙂 Take care those with heart/ respiratory conditions, the cable car is definately not recommended x
    Sounds obvious, but watch out for the weather, it can be chilly especially at the top of the cable car (-5c one time I went!!!), but the sun is fierce because you are usually above the clouds and the wind will dry you out nearly as quickly as the sun…
    All in all, a grand day out x

    • Hi steve. There is a little glitch there as the picure was taken near Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria. If it struck me it was because it was lokking like a pillow lava, but was at about 1400 m high.

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