Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava: Answers! 2 XX –

Quote Carl: “Name that Lava, Magma, Intrusive or Otherwise Volcano Related Rocks”
Ranking for Name that Lava last updated 23.2.2013

10 DFMorvan
10 Spica
8 Sissel
5 KarenZ
7 Diana Barnes5 Ursula
4 Talla
4 Chryphia
3 Schteve
3 KarenZ
2 Renato Rio
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
2 Lisa
2 Henri, Liet Kynes
2 UKViggen
1 Topey
1 Inge B
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Alan C
1 Bobbi
1 Alison

Honorary mention for GeoLurking, for naming lavas in advance!
Special points for Chyphria and Sissel for the “Special riddle”

A new Name That Lava Nr. XXV
Winners and answers: Lughduniense got a ding for the lava and a ding for the Azores, Karenz for Ponta da Ferraria, Sao Miguel.

NTL XXIV finally reapeared on: Friday Roundup Wk 4, Author Spica, February 1st.


Phonolite. Image by Spica.

Winners: Karenz and Alison.

Answer:  Phonolite. More information provided in this post Phonolite and more.

A “special” Name That Lava for the end of the year Author Spica, December 28th.

Sissel nailed the cathedral: Cologne Cathedral in Germany (Kölner Dom). And Chyphria got the rest:
Historically three volcanic rocks were used:
Andesit of the Wolkenburg, trachyte of the Berkum quarry near Godesberg, from Drachenfels and from Stenzelberg. For restauration basalt from Niedermendig, Mayen and Hannebach (Eifel) was used. Sandstone and others were also used. (in German)

Name That Lava ! #25 went in on “The Taupo Volcanic Zone – Part I” by Bruce Stout on November 16th
The image was sent by UKViggen who also did the Dinging!

Happy hunting!

1: What are we made of (type of lava)?
2: When and where were we made (exact vent name and month required!)?
3: What are we called (you might cook in us!)?
4: What died near us and why?

1: alkali basalt
2: Montaña Rajada (Lanzarote), July 1731
3: Los Hervideros (‘boiling pots’). Water blowholes eroded into lava flow where it meets the sea
4: Fish. Lots of dead fish washed up, probably as a result of a contemporary submarine eruption
Winners: dfm ( DFMorvan) 3, KarenZ 1.

#24 was published on Friday riddles
Name that Lava XXIV!
Here are 2 images of the same rock:

What am I?
What is my magmatic companion?
What national dish makes you swear?

Answers: It is a Rhomb porphyry glacial erratic from one of my local Norfolk beaches
No I didn’t steal it from Cryphia’s garden!!
see attached below scroll down about 1/3 way
True rhomb porphyry is a lava containing conspicuous rhombic (‘diamond’) shaped phenocrysts. It is only found in three rift areas – Mount Kilimanjaro in north-eastern Tanzania; Mount Erebus in Antarctica and in the Oslofjord in southern Norway. It is derived from magma which when cooled in deep-seated plutons is a coarse-grained intermediate rock called larvikite. It has often been quoted as evidence for Scandinavian ice reaching Britain but this is disputed by the geologists at the British Geological Survey and Royal Holloway University of London. Nevertheless it has escaped from Norway somehow and has found its way across the North Sea, either by iceberg transportation or by the interaction of the British and Scandinavian ice streams. Larvikite is also found on the beach here but nowadays it is more likely to be derived from the rock armour imported from the Tvedalen quarry 10km west of Larvik that is used to bolster the coast protections works around Norfolk.
There are other porphyries that have found their way to Norfolk and these are presumed to have come from Scotland.
Diana Barnes says: October 19, 2012 at 22:04
The Lava
Rhombic Porphry from the Oslo graban Norway.The lava production was high when the rhomb porphyry lavas were deposited. The lavas reflect a period of abundant earthquake-related movements, when strong forces tore the crust apart during the Permian era . Because this graben is so old it has eroded to expose the deep instusive magma chambers that produced the extrusive lavas . It is unusual to find extrusive and intrusive rocks at the surface. The ancient plume magma is now quarried and is called Lavikite after the town where it is found.
The national dish of Norway is Fårikål……. Now that is hard to pronounce It’s sort of like For-de-korl so it does sound like a swear word to English speakers! It means Sheep in cabbage… Awwwwwww! Poor sheepys
Also another traditional dish is Rakfisk… Yup! They got a fermented fish dish that I must admit would make me more than cuss if I had to eat it!!! Oh! Sod it! :d
Sodd is a traditional Norwegian soup-like meal with mutton and meatballs.

Winners: 1 point Cryphia (- just beat Diana )
2 points Diana – Oh SODD it!! and Laurvikite

#23 on Sheepy Dalek, Name that Lava XXIII

An extra point if this is solved within an hour! Good luck. Update: The extra point was not scored!

1) Q: What am I?    A: Trachybasaltic lava flow
2) Q: Where am I?   A: Etna southern flank
3) Q: When was I born?   A: 2001 (eruption from new cone above Monte Silvestri)
4) Q: What is the local savoury ‘fruit’?   A: Arancino (fried, breadcrumbed rice ball stuffed with cheese, ham, vegetables etc. Looks like an orange which is why it gets its name)
Winners: Schteve, Renato (2) and KarenZ

More info on Update on San Cristobal and answers to NtL XXII and the evil riddle

#22 on Sheepy Dalek and NtL XXII, an evil riddle and answers to Name that Lava I and XV: Pico del Teide
Makhtesh Ramon, all the photoshopping did not help. Sissel blew my riddle within an hour.
Original image from Wikimedia left and my version is to the right.
More answers on Sheepy Dalek! Saturday Special

#21 On Name that Lava XXI and Alans riddle #14 + Katla update

1. The correct rock-type, granite not good enough
2. The main mineralogy og the rock
3. The 2 accessory minerals – brassy and grey
4. What climbers delicacy is the area known for

Second image for the Name that lava competition. Both pictures are of the same lava.

Answers: Quote Alan: ” Shap ‘granite’ – more correctly Adamellite or monzograninte of UKV is a relatively small intrusion to the east of the town of Kendal in the English Lake District.
Winners: 2 Topey 1 Henri/Liet Kynes 1 Karen, 1 Ukviggen

More information: Answers to Name that Lava XXI and riddle #14

#20 Name that Lava XX and Alans riddle # 13 on August 10th.

Picture for the lava competition.

This time around the lava competition is rather straightforward, there will be 3 points awarded. The first one to name both constituents of the stone get the lava point. The first one to name the volcanic mountain (correct version of the name) it comes from gets the second point. The third point would be for the foodstuff that is produced in large amounts at the mountain.

Winners: Quote Carl: Two points for our Spica who ferreted out Apatite-Magnetite and Kirunawaara.
One point to Sissel for finding out that the grow large amounts of Shiitake Mushroom in the old parts of the Mine.”
Answers: Apatite- Magnetite, Kirunawaara, Shiitake;

The answers were merged into a special post: Answers to Name that Lava XX and Alan’s Evil Riddle #13 Author Carl August 12th.


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