Volcano Webcams +

Collections of volcano webcams:


And here we are starting our own little collection, i plan to add cams where something is/was happening only, for now, because there are so many lists already and it is hard to keep them updated. (Spica)

Granyia’s wonderful webcam pages are now here:


The old address no longer works.
Sorted alphabetically.

Aso, Japan

Chaiten Chile

Colima, Mexico

Cleveland, Alaska

Dominica, Caribbean

El Hierro


Fuego Guetemala

Fuji, Japan


Kizimen Kamtchatka


Nevado del Ruiz Costa Rica

Pelée, Martinique

Popocatépetl, Mexico


Ruapehu, NZ


Japanes volcano seismograms . Look for this in the dropdown menu from the JMA network: 桜島 = Sakurajima

Sakurajima Seismogramms





Santa Maria, Santiaguito, Guatemala

Sinabung Indonesia

Soufrière de Guadeloupe

Stromboli, Italy

Tolbachik, Kamtchatka, Russia

Tongario, NZ

Tungurahua and Cotopaxi

Ubinas, Peru

White Island, New Zealand

Yasur Vanatu

Yellowstone National Park, USA


  • Kvert homepage  (on the top right of this page are various webcams.)

links provided by nes, KarenZ, Renato Rio, Diana, Georgiade, Granyia, chryphia, gittadnew ….. and Spica

36 thoughts on “Volcano Webcams +

  1. This Bob webcam “always” works and does not show ads! 🙂
    Unlike the original link, this link has no full screen feature – but you can enlarge with ctrl+.
    Do NOT click on the picture itself because this immediately connects with the original site and attacks your nerves with loudly screaming ad’s. The site you were looking at will freeze and you need to renew it.


  2. Somewhat off topic – but not sure where to put this – perhaps under webcams?

    anyway I found this website (in french) http://www.activolcans.info/eruption-volcanique-du-volcan-Nabro-201201.html that happens to still be following Nabro volcano – and it says there was some activity today – and that Toulouse VAAC confirmed a small 3000m plume on the 7th of Jan, but the website also looks to let you get to a group of webcams and track some other stuff too – I’ve only had a very quick nose around.

  3. want lots of friends all over the world, love volcanoes, earthquakes but cant find a webcam for all japanese volcanoes please help one erupted last night want to see it anyoneout there?

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