When will Hekla start going into action?

For those who have not yet entered its time for a competition here on VC ….

Nearest to guess the date and time (local) of the first Hekla ‘explosion’ …. I will keep a record of all entries …. and think of a prize ….

I will start with my entry …. April 19th midday!

I will acknowledge all entries here on VC!

Whilst we speculate on the potential for an eruption of Hekla, we are nonetheless mindful of the inherent dangers that it will bring and would like to remind everyone to heed the warnings issued today by IMO and to take great care of themselves.


Entries so far .. (I think I’ve got all of them, but let me know if I missed someone!)

Chryphia March 26th at 19.17
Islander March 26th/27th up to 4pm
Jamie March 26th 23pm to midnight
LAKAT March 27th anytime
Diana Barnes March 27th at 7.30am
Lamiah87 March 27th 12.37
Talla March 28th at 2pm
Georgiade March 29th at 2.30pm
Sam March 29th 4pm onwards
Karenz. March 30th 4pm tp 5pm
Stoneyard April 1st midnight to 4am
Spica April 1st 00am to 06am
Floodwarn April 1st/2nd midday to midday
Inannamoon667 April 1st midday to midnight
CJWINWIN April 2nd anytime
Ursh April 2nd anytime
Irpsit April 6th at 8.30am
Newby April 7th 3am to 7am
Cowboy Andre April 9th 1pm to 5pm
El Nathan April 9th late afternoon
Barbara Germany April 12th 6am to 8am
harrie April 12th/13th 8pm to 4am
Bobbi April 14th 2am to 6am
Stephanie Alice Halford April 14th 5.05pm
Denise April 17th midday to midnight
Jim Ludwell April 17th 4am to 11am
Kilgharrah April 19th midday
Kobba April 20th 9pm and 10pm
Schteve42 April 23rd 6am to 8am
Christian Thordin April 27th 3.30am
Tyler Mannison April 30th midday and 5pm
Bo Minik May 2nd 1pm to 3pm
microcollector May 18th at 8.32am
Grimmster May 21st anytime
Alison May 25th midnight to midday
Summer May 30th anytime
GeoLurking June 25th anytime
Bruce Stout July 1st 1pm

Stefan August 16th 00am to 6am
Edward 2014 anytime
Lughduniense April 19th, in the (late) morning.



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