Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava III!

Name the volcano, and name the type of lava.

I thought that last weeks mystery lava would post a bit of a problem for the crowd. It was of course a Charoite from the Siberian Traps, associated with the Norilsk deposit. Talla caught the two first parts in just over 4 hours.

This makes Talla the leader of the competition.

2 Talla
1 Schteve
1 Jim
1 HeatherB
1 Luisport

Todays competition is the name of the volcano, and the type of lava. So, there are two points to grab this time around.


514 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava III!

  1. Hi all – for those that can see BBC clips, this is an interesting interview on GPS distortions prior to large earthquakes. It raises some interesting questions about the mechanics of large earthquakes (annoying reporter though) see

    I wonder if there is a similar phenomenom prior to volcanic eruptions?

    ” Heki analyses GPS signals by measuring the TEC, or Total Electron Content, in the upper atmosphere. Whilst measuring how the TEC was disrupted by sound waves after the Tohoku earthquake of 2011, he discovered – quite by accident – that the TEC was also disrupted in the 40 or so minutes before it.

    Going back through GPS records he has found similar correlations for other major earthquakes, a discovery that is being heralded as a major breakthrough in our understanding of earthquake phenomena. “

    • It’s worth looking into.

      There have been reports of lights being seen before eruptions, like there have been reports of lights being seen before earthquakes. But I don’t know how reliable data is for this.

    • Well…
      Piezo electric stress effect… Duh…
      That is how the electron counts increase prior to the event (if it is true), due to the silicic chrystals are starting to reach the critical tear threshold.
      For those who wish to try. Take an enevelope with that glue that is reopenable. Close the envelope, go into a dark room, and then pull it open. As you pull you will see a faint bluegreenish light. That is piezo electric stress effect causing the light.

      If this is true, using GPS satelites wound be a roundabout and not so good idea since they are not built for it. Instead it would be better to use satelites with a simple electron counter. Then one could probably get something like a 1000 times more sensitivity. So instead of minutes of warning, we would be in the hours of warning ball park.
      But, even if it is true one would have to do years of studies to check if there are other sources that creates similar effects that are not of quake origin.

      Breakthrough? Well not that much really, it still will take a hell of a lot of research to verify it, and also the political will to pay for some 40 satelite launches.

      The great merrit is that it is a very simple theory that someone should have checked for before. But all great ideas are always filled with people saying, “I could have come up with that”, but didn’t. If it checks out it is a big thing Heki has found.

  2. In the “TIN FOIL Hat wearing crowd” there is a theory about the US and others Harp facilities being able to create the differences in the electron fields being able to trigger earthquakes and influence weather events. true or not i don’t know but the reports of strange colored lights/ clouds prior to the huge chinese earthquake give a hmmm to the thought

    • Well, when the “tin foilers” get a theory one can normally strike that off as being correct. I am amazed at the time they put into creating the most unlikely theory ever.

      For those who understand Swedish, here is the part 1 of a TV documentary proving that the 1958 Football championship never happened. In reallity it is a fake documentary that was sent on the Swedish TV without any heads up at all that it was ironic. The day after there was hell to pay from all those that believed it. Great psychological experiment that people will believe any crap.

  3. Carl i agree that most of the time you are right about tin foil hatters however there are things that i think they have right IE 911 who did it questions. it is a interesting how anything outside the official explanation is tagged as a “tin foil hatter” as a way to undermine the possibilities that they might be right the old shoot the messenger thing. if they are right 10-20 % of the time ???

    • With 9/11, did you mean the theory that the owner and the CIA blew up one of the buildings to collect the insurance money?
      Or did you mean the true thing, that George W Bush order up private jets to fly members of the Bin-Laden familly out of the US during the flight ban?
      There are so many true and untrue things around that time that it will take real historians a hundred years to get through that mud pile.
      The big difference between 9/11 and the rest of the tin foilings is that there the hidden agencies had a good reason to muddle up things. Why? Because they fucked up. Mightily. And they needed to save their jobs.

      • MIHOP- Made it happen on purpose
        LIHOP- Let it happen on purpose
        these are the 2 main camps in the US. The first proposes Bush and Co-defendants actively made it happen, the second that they knew it was going to happen and let it, to further their goals (going to war, of course). If you can find a copy of “Project for a new American Century” you will see why I consider them both valid hypothesis. The neo-cons are serious sociopaths

        • The funny thing is that the TFH-crowd credit Authority with a desire to “Shake Things Up In Order To Keep Us Plebs Bedazzled and Befuddled” and far greater intelligence than they actually possess. The truth is that your average politician/apparatchnik is an individual whose CGI (“career greediness index”) exceeds his or her intelligence quotient by a factor of at least five. Truly gifted people, people who would expose the charlatans in office and might make an organisation work as intended, are eliminated as soon as they are identified. Appartchniks, by definition, have intellectual capabilities barely sufficient to advance them through their chosen host organism and their primary concern is to maintain the status quo as any change confuses and disorients them. If you want proof, just take a look at how authorities always have reacted to the threat to airliners, never ever taking the initiative but always reacting to the latest “incident”. They are too stupid and preoccupied with self-advancement to think outside the box and a plot such as the 9/11 one is as far beyond them as matrimony is to amoebae. I’ve seen it from the inside and knowing how extremely limited the people who make it all the way are frightens me far more than even the very best horror novel by Peter Straub.

          • My point is that no oganization filled with the aparatchniks has ever had enough brain capacity to actually pull off a cover up. The truth always comes out in the end.
            The history is filled with events like this.
            And to be honest, they do not have the fantasy to invent a plot as convoluted as the imaginative conspirational theories.
            For instance, being able to fill a house with explosives withing an hour with thousands of police officers around. We are talking about the same government that can’t manage filling in a pot-hole.

            Normal cover-ups are of the “let us shut the hork up and pray that it does not come out” cathegory.

            Conspiratonalists give them to much credit actualy.

          • that’s why I lean towards LIHOP, they couldn’t plan it themselves, but when they received info that could have helped stop it, it appears that they willingly ignored it. They knew it would help their side to have amerikans terrified and shell shocked. And it worked.. more than 80% of my country followed along.

  4. It is a question of trust i think, when the FBI supplied the explosives for the first WTC bombing it tends to flavour the trust in the honesty of the government.
    I trust the u.s. government about as far as I can toss a elephant

    • The first WTC was not even dynamite, it was Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil. Or in other words artificial fertilizer and diezel.
      And FBI does not supply it, the nearest farmers shop does.

    • Excuse me? All you need to do is go to the nearest gardening outlet and buy some sacks of fertiliser, then pass the petrol station on your way home. No need to insult the intelligence of terrorists by intimating that they need the assistance of FBI to do such simple shopping.

      • But remember kids, if you do so… Do not buy a full ton (1000kg) or a 1000lbs (in the states), then you will be asked for your drivers licence. And do remember to pay in cash so the card slip doesn’t give you away.
        Diesel you can buy as much as you wish as long as you can transport it safely.

        Remember kids, do not get caught 🙂

  5. There was just a small quake (0.5M) 5.3km SSW of Hestfjall.
    That puts the quake pretty much at the suspected spot. So something is definitly brewing at Saurbaer.

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