Mount Halloween + Riddles

The Demon under the Ice. Eyjafjallajökull 2010 Radar Image.

The Demon under the Ice. Eyjafjallajökull 2010 Radar Image.

The image of true Nightmares, well, at least if you are an airline company. This scary image was released during the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull and is a radar image of how the mountain looks like under all of the ice. Weirdly enough the 3 craters of Eyjafjallajökull form an almost perfect skull. For me it was a perfect image stating; “Beware, There be Monsters under the Ice”.

So, without further ado I pronounce Eyjafjallajökull to be the perfect Halloween Volcano, a Pumpkin Face au Naturel.

Mount Halloween is the youngest island in the Jebel al Zubair group. Discovered by Cryphia (NASA Landsat L8 images from 20.08.2013 and 23.10.2013).

Mount Halloween is the youngest island in the Jebel al Zubair group. Discovered by Cryphia (NASA Landsat L8 images from 20.08.2013 and 23.10.2013).

The weeks biggest volcanic news have been that Jebel al Zubair have once again sprouted a new Island. Due to piracy it will sadly not be studied up close. Thanks to Cryphia for pointing that out. I still say that we should name the new volcanic island “Mount Halloween”.


As usual there will be two points awarded for every correct answer given during this Halloween Special Edition of Riddles. After I have appended clues there will be one point awarded. And yes, the riddles is pretty much themed for Halloween. Muahahaha!

And regarding the score there has not been any big change. Evan Chugg is still in the lead with 7 points and he is still doggedly being followed by Henrik and KarenZ at 6 points each.Riddle image

  1. Mourning + Image – Morne Diablotin (Diablotin is the name for the Black Petrel, it is also french for Small Devil. Sissel, 2pt)
  2. Bereft of all Senses we steeply climb – Antisana (A very hard mountain to climb. Kelda, 2pt)
  3. The most useful Volcano for Brain-BBQing Zombies – La Grille (Evan Chugg, 2pt)
  4. The Mechanical Asian (Populus populus, be thee large) – Chinameca (Harrie, 1pt)
  5. Murdering Vampires with your Wand (Mirror mirror on the wall and a truly titanic friend) – Jingbo in the Wanda Mountains, Jingbo Lacas is on Titan and Jingbo is the home to the Mirror Lake. (Arjanemm, 1pt)

Score board:
7 Evan Chugg
6 Henrik
6 KarenZ
5 Harrie
5 Talla
4 Diana Barnes
4 Sissel
4 Stephanie Alice Halford
3 Alison
3 Michael Ross
3 Sa’Ke
3 Shérine France
2 Lughduniense
2 Matt
1 Bobbi
1 Cryphia
1 Edward

Volcanic Recipe

To celebrate the dives on Kick’Em Jenny (and since Zombies are Caribbean) we celebrate Halloween with a Kick’Em Jenny recipe all the way from Austria.

Kick em Jenny Guglhupf ( Caribian Version with pineapple and rum!)


Kick'Em Jenny Guglhupf.

Kick’Em Jenny Guglhupf.

50 g white chocolate,
220 g butter
160 g sugar
4 eggs
300 g flour
3 TS, baking powder
200 g coconut milk
5 drops vanilla aroma
200 g pineapple ( cut into tiny pieces)
25 ml rum
4 spoons desiccated coconut
butter and flour for the form

1 teaspoon desiccated coconut
100 g sugar powder
1 spoon rum
1 spoon pineapple juice

Chip the white chocolate into tiny pieces. Beat the butter with the sugar till it is foamy. Add the eggs one by one. Mix the flour with the baking powder and add it alternately with the coconut milk .Carefully stir the rest of the ingredients into the dough.

Heat the oven to180°C. Butter and flour a Gugelhupfform. Fill it with the dough and bake it for approximately 60 minutes. (To test if it is done, try with a thin stick, if no dough get stuck.. -> Ready.

Mix a topic consisting of the pineapple juice, sugar and rum and sprinkle it with desiccated coconut.


CARL (The Zombie Riddler) & SPICA (The Cake Monster)

239 thoughts on “Mount Halloween + Riddles

    • Hi Bobbi. Yes, the figure is really challenging. Superheated water due to the water column pressure (26 bars or so).
      On the surface we would get some steam and the vent would be blown up.

  1. Yeah I needed that like a hole in the head. What a wonderful way of telling you “hey, you’re an old piece of shit, get lost.”

    At one time, in a different point of my life, I spent about 8 hours a weekend, every weekend, roller skating. It didn’t take long to accumulate a large number of hours on skates, flirting with others of my cohort group. Your vestibular system and fine motor control adapt and minor sensory input instantly translates to a counter movement in your musculature to deal with that input. This is dealt with in muscle memory. It’s pretty much automatic after a while. Outside this system, you have various motive and drag forces that that system operates upon to achieve the desired effect. Things like truck movement, wheel drag etc. The trucks are quite important, unlike ice skates or inline skates, the lean of the skate platform translates into the alignment of the wheels, effecting a turn (much like a car) for that particular skate. Tight trucks mean you have to put a lot of force in your lean on the platform to get a certain amount of turn. Loose trucks, the turn quite easily. How much is needed goes into the learning process of your muscle memory. Another aspect, back when I was skating a lot, floors were hardwood with a shellac coating. Wheels were polycarbonate. A slight skew in the wheel would effect a certain amount of skid. You would use this to slow a particular skate down, or to do a fine adjustment to it’s trajectory. Nowdays, floors have a more advanced polyurethane coating, and wheels are a more advanced mix that comes closer to hard polyurethane than polycarbonate. Where the two meet, they have massive traction.

    That was the physical problem. The other one, was now they have these PVC pipe “walkers” with casters on the bottom of them. Those are for the novice skaters so that they can get out and putter around the rink. Think of them as moving traffic barricades on the floor that warn of a flailing skater nearby.

    Yeah…. wonderful way of saying, “Hey, you’re old, get out of here!”

    On a plus side, they did play “Secret of the Fox” and I got to watch idiots trying to act out the dance on wheels.

    Embarrassing moment of the day. Went into a turn too fast and instinctively turned sideways, kicking one foot into a trailing aspect and leaned into the turn. Usually this yields an obscene amount of traction and positions you to stay directly centered over your mass pivot point. It doesn’t work so well if your body hasn’t learned the amount of truck play that you have and one foot darts in while the other drifts out. I didn’t loose it, but it scared the shit out of me and made me curse the trucks.

    In hindsight… had I found my skates, I would have just cursed the floor and been equally embarrassed.

    My only recourse now, is to just get bitter and wait out my final days… as all old men are allegedly supposed to do.

    Another plus for the day. The grand daughter absolutely hates her mothers mother-in-law. She cries whenever she holds her. That little tidbit sort of makes my wife happy. The granddaughter goes right to sleep when she holds her. The mother-in-law, as a person, is a class “A” number one bitch. I’ve met her. As such, I could care less. But, it makes my wife happy (she won’t admit it, but I can read people) so I’m okay with it. A happy wife is peace on Earth.

    Caveat: I realize that “roller skating” isn’t really skating to the purists. I’ve done the “strap razors on your feet and don’t slice an artery” thing. That experience is about the only thing that makes today’s cluster @#$@# mentally acceptable.

    Quick! Someone give me a VEI-6 so I can get this out of my head! A Toba sized caldera in Delaware would be cool with me. 😀

    • You have my sympathy and understanding, I misspent many a weekend and evening on my schkates..
      I do however know exactly where they are and if I should have no choice but to roller disco, it will be on my own personal set- up… Which will need a good clean and a hit of WD40 🙂
      I had to laugh at the Zimmer Frames on castors; the product of a litigious society I guess…

    • Nah, we are not getting old and bitter… we know how to strap a rocket to our backs and get back on them young ones. Or, we can just grab bow and arrows and shoot them in the ass if they pass us… 😆

    • Yer gotta skate while yer can, I reckon. Another thing I realized about not being able to skate. If you fall in front of a woman, you win their heart, just like that. It’s got to be genuine incompetence though. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

      • Depends if you fall in such a way that she falls over you and twists her knee out of alignment… that is not popular. Trust me. (Did that on ice scates though… not the roller ones)

        • Yeah, that’s probably not so good. I’ve never doing roller skates either, only ice skates. I have done inline skates but only when holding on to the pram.. I guess I was using my baby son as some kind of airbag, when I think about it, which is probably some kind of criminal act, but at least we both survived.

          • I suck at skating, I can do long haul ice skating out on open ice, but anything that requires quick turns… Nope. On the other hand I love going out on the ocean ice in a ice yacht… Sailing in 100 kilometers an hour is good. 🙂

            • I should have known that sooner or later Bear Grylls would take a perfectly nice sport and turn it into shit…
              I though solemnly promise that I can outsail him in anything, anywhere, at any time… and that I can do it with a champagne glass in my hand while doing it. :mrgreen:

  2. Jingpo,Jingbo, jingbohu or any of the like for #5 . means mirror lake and you have Jingpo lacas, a liquid methane lake on titan. A suturn moon having this lake named after jingpo volcano in china.
    No clue what staking a vampire has to do with it though…

  3. “isolated showers about the ranges, becoming heavy this evening”.. gawd I love the internet, living in Germany listening to the Radio New Zealand concert program and hearing the weather forecast which invariably, somewhere in the country, has “isolated showers, heavy about the ranges”. Love it. Cracks me up every time. Anyway they just reported a M6.4 in Tonga 10 km depth.

            • What the word?


              Note…. this song is actually a take off/spoof on the advertising campaign for Thunderbird “wine.” “What’s the word? Thunderbird!” was one of the catch phrases.

            • Funny you should mention that.

              Since the Barbie subtopic was brought up, I have been pondering going out and buying a couple of dolls and taking a few measurements. I already have about 350 sample points of the measurements of actual female stars, starlets, and performers. It might be interesting to determine just how far an actual Barbie deviates from the “ideal” figure of actual women.

              The comparison would be quite telling since the women in my sample group are the ones who are allegedly the most sought after on the screen. (or that made the pages of Playboy) (This makes their ratios different from the average overall female population and not suitable for that sort of comparison) One of the goals of my data collecting was to determine what direction the “preferred form” was headed by comparing trends over several years. So far, it appears that there is no definite trend, especially in the hip to bust ratio. But, I don’t have enough reliable data to make that a definite call. The difficult part is getting the sample data for when they were at the height of their career. One side feature that I came up with is a way to make an educated (numerical) guess as to whether enhancement was used in their figures. It’s still a bit rough, but I think it has about 75% accuracy.

            • Cryphia, here is my perfect scientific hottie. In the end, which other woman in historia has been so hot that she litteraly glowed in the dark? Seriously, brains is hot. Marie Curie is one of the very few who got two Nobel Laureates.

              Lurking, I think you would be better of searching for bust to waist ratio if you want trends. As you have noticed the Bust/hip ratio stays the same.

              Image and video hosting by TinyPic

            • @Carl. Did that also. Remember, I was originally looking for Fibonacci numbers. I just don’t recall how that particular ratio turned out. As noted, my dating info is a bit unreliable. However, I can guess the bust-waist-hip measurements of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar based on the average female height. 38-23-36. (based on the Burney Relief)

            • I guess with comparing Barbies with actresses you miss the point. Barbies are supposed to be for kids, mainly girls, who, at the age they play with them (and identify with them) may have a certain kind of suspicion of too female figures. 🙂

            • No… I think that is the principle complaint that many have. Barbies have proportions in excess of what a normal female figure would have. The idea is that this provides a warped perspective that leads to ideas of self that are pretty much unobtainable, or are actually unhealthy to strive for.

              (Anorexia, Bulimia)

  4. Uffly…
    The spam for the worlds most discusting boots is back… This is how they really look.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Just thought you should know how these so called boots really look like… when not worn by Lurkings “model” above in a fashion magazine. Do not buy them.

        • I guess that my favorite boots were the pair that I wore with my bunker gear. With wool socks on, they kept your feet nice and warm. They were waterproof, and withstood kicking around burning bowling balls quite well while trying to get in the front door. Not the most comfortable foot-ware, but they saved my feet more than once.

          My current prefered foot-ware are a pair of steel toed Caterpiller branded black lace-up work boots. They come up around the ankle. Again, I like them for the protection they afford. Yeah, I have to take them off for security scanners because of the steel toe, but if you drop a 60 lb piece of equipment on your foot, you will appreciate the hassle of having to do that.

    • And it is finally time to release how we are going to take over the world… It is not through IKEA or any some such… It is through the “fika” concept. Slowly the word fika is spreading. Just know that if you ever use the word you will be magically transformed into a swede… Be warned. :mrgreen:

      • “you will be magically transformed into a swede”

        I would prefer a Finn, that way I could hold my own in parking lot knife fights. My current method is to carry by keys with the carabiner hanging loose from my keys while walking across the parking lot. It makes a handy weapon if you can catch their temple.

        (think lump of steel on a strap)

        I may just be too paranoid, but carrying the don’t “f” with me gait goes a long way in not getting accosted in some pretty unsavory streets. You have to be careful with it though, sometimes you just invite those looking for a reason to tangle with someone. The last time I was in a high threat encounter was at an ATM as I was getting some money for something. Guy out in the parking lot was bellering for a dollar and I told him “no!” Then I caught a glimpse of the other asshole easing up behind the vehicle, positioning himself to snatch the money from the ATM when it spit it out. He freaked out when I put it in reverse and he ran away. We were gonna take a ride and he was gonna be the ornament on the bumper. I reported the incident to the bank the next day… they improved the lighting in the area and got rid of a bush.

        • You seem to forget that we where the ones who ruled them, not the other way around 😉

          Whenever I go sailing I have a tendency to forget that I am carrying the manual pump handle for the toilett tank in my pocket. It is remarkable how people do not want to fight with you when they see a 30cm steel bar with a comfy handle in the hand of someone. Well, except the two dimwhits in Casablanca. They thought a knife over-trumfed a shit-handle, it did not. In the end though I was escorted out of town by the police for thumping their thieves. I guess they wanted to do the thumping and did not want the thumping competition.

          • Problem is the same historic one as we did… we did not leave the rest alone. And in the end we had pissed off all of the rest of the planet and got a beating and lost our empire.
            Norway never pissed anyone off, they never attacked anyone, and still they have the largest empire on the planet (in regards of raw materials). Go figure…

  5. A few too many people dying in NZ’s mountains at the moment. All of them very experienced. Two last week on Taranaki and one yesterday on Mt. Cook. Great places, mountains. But they deserve huge respect. I lost five friends in two separate mountaineering incidents in my teenage years. Again really experienced climbers, all of them.

  6. Sunny morning here. Good morning friends!! All the cats lined up doing cat-barks at the birds.
    The camera dude at Sakurajima needs to go outside and clean the window. He must fall asleep periodically which allows the camera to focus on the dirt stuck to said window. I would move away from there if only to escape that awful looking weather. Ain’t no sunshine.
    My daughters were competition roller skaters. Didn’t mess with the trucks that much, just an occasional turn. We had to order the ball bearings from Germany and have the skates custom built. My older daughter only skated dance and figures. The little one skated those plus freestyle. FIVE pairs of $600 to $800 skates to drag all over the country. Not to mention the outfits. I made their practice outfits – had the fancy ones made. Thank goodness charges for luggage and carry-on weren’t what they are now. And the traveling – well, this has turned into a rant. I usually only get to read them. Now I wrote one.

  7. I wrote a comment earlier about the Pacific ring of fire having so many earthquakes (seems from Aleutians following the ring down to Tonga each country had one or more). I view the map on Earthquake Alert! by Josh Clem daily along w/Volcano-Cafe. Map (Google) data is from USGS and for me such an easy visual at a glance. A tap on any ‘earthquake circle’ gives details. My observation was this morning when I saw the world map how highly unusual the number in a 24 hour time frame in the Pacific. But lost the comment!
    But it is a beautiful, sunny, crisp autumn day-got an extra hour of sleep-so the day will be a good one. Wish all the same!

    • Nothing unusual really, it is just that there has been a couple of swarms in two different areas ontop of the usual business.

      • Carl. may I ask you a clarification about the expression “eruptable magma”? Does it refer to the amount of gas/pressure content in this portion of the chamber or to a higher temperature gradiente, or else it is simply a matter of location respect to the magma chamber? I keep hearing the term and wonder what makes this magma especially “eruptable”; the question came up to me while reading Erik’s interesting post on Laguna deel Maule (maybe we should discuss the odds of this volcano having a caldera forming event in the coming centuries…) Thanks in advance. 🙂

        • Counter question that may illuminate the term.

          How much toothpaste is squeezable? 95%? 98%? What determines the amount of toothpaste that is left in the tube?

          “eruptable” material is just an estimate of how much could come out. Not of any specific characteristics of it. The number is usually based on later analysis of how much actually came out, verses how much went into the emplacement dynamics, and how much is estimated to have been re mobilized and then caught up in the eruption.

          Then, when a new system is observed, the previous analysis is looked at and comparisons are made to the current situation. Rules of thumb are applied, and a ballpark guess is made. If the average stratovolcano squeezes off 5% of its material, its a pretty safe bet that a similar stratrovolcano will do something similar. If the Mogi Model points at a 1000 m³ emplacement, then 5% of 1000 m³ is 50 m³. (*note, numbers were snatched out of thin air, no mathematicians were harmed or injured in this exercise)

        • Hello!
          I would like to add to Lurkings explanation.
          Eruptible magma is also about the quality of the magma. Magma that is highly depleted of gasses and or highly chrystalized will not be as prone to erupt, and if it ever does, it will erupt less volume than a gas rich highly liquid magma.
          Eruptible magma = the amount that can possibly erupt from a volcano, quite often a very loose guesstimate.
          No hairdressers were killed or horribly maimed in this explanation.

    • Wow! Thanks Schteve! It always amazes me how lava that is glowing brightly in the dark cannot be seen in daylight. I guess it is cooling down so quickly that the glow from under the solidified surface doesn’t come through in daylight.

      • I think it’s about contrast and how our eyes work; night vision “tends” towards the infra- red end of the spectrum, it’s more or less the same with cameras…
        A campfire is not nearly so impressive looking at midday as it is at midnight.
        But it’s just as hot…

  8. Hello all!
    While I was tinkering on my new webcam page for Sakurajima I have seen some action of the volcano during their local night time. What struck me was that night long glow from the Showa crater, as we know it from Popo; I had never seen it in Sakurajima. Maybe I watched the wrong cameras most of the time? Anyway, here it is…
    A part 2 for other Japanese volcanoes is soon to come.

    Any suggestions for improvements or additional cameras are most welcome! – And… @ dragons, pretty please remove the old link to my pages in the Dragon’s Hoard/Webcams, it is not working anymore. Thanks!

  9. I am getting some mails from people asking how to refresh the camera images on my page. Obviously, you can always refresh the whole page, but that should not be necessary. All cams display either the live stream, or, most of them, run a script that let them display the latest image as soon as it appears in the camera’s storage folder. That means they are automatically refreshing on my page after so many seconds or minutes (as stated above the image). Sometimes they stop refreshing, and I have not found the reason for that yet. But normally, if you keep the page open, they should be auto-refreshing all the time.

      • Yeah… but it would disrupt the watching of, say, an eruption unfolding by the whole page disappearing and reloading every few seconds. That’s the reason why I had been looking for a way to auto-refresh the images and not use the meta tag. Does it not work properly for you?

        • Dunno, haven’t really used it. When I find a cam of interest I usually go to that specific one. I was just forwarding an idea.

          When I run into problems such as you have mentioned, I have enough sense to know that it is a problem between me and the server, not the person who provided the reference link to it. In general, I’m not one to complain much.

          And I agree that having a page auto refresh in the middle of an eruption is an undesired effect. The only other solution that I can think of would require a lot of coding and script effort on your part. In some cases, massively violating the sanctity of image ownership and opening yourself up to cease and desist demands. (you know lawyers, like the leaches that they are, they will suck and bleed you dry if you give them half a chance)

    • No, but an enterprising person would try to localize where the source was. If the phenomena appear on some of the seismos, they could be time correlated to a line of bearing. Get a few of those and they will cross, forming an AOU if you could work out the amount of error in the calculations.

      Somewhere inside that AOU, will be the source.

      I’m not going to do it, I’m just going to keep my hopes of a large scale subsidence event for Washington DC alive. Maybe even a continental shelf collapse just off the coast. 😀

      “… learn to swim…” → Aenima – Tool.

      For the math challenged. Find the arrival times on the traces. Locate a point that would provide equivalent times of arrivals at each station. There should be a series of points that will fit this requirement. This will be your line of bearing. Do this for a few different station pairs. Where the lines intersect will be the approximate midpoint of your AOU. Using a map will help considerably. You may run into a problem dealing with whether the signal arrived via the ground or via the air… the acoustic travel time is different for each media.

  10. OT: About 20 million years ago, the Columbia Flood Basalts began occuring as the Farallon plate made it’s final departure under the North American Plate, and began the formation of the San Andreas Fault when the ridge on the west side of the Farallon plate snuggled up against the over riding plate.

    At around this time, the fauna of north America was a bit strange. Rhinos, Camels, Horses roamed the area…. as well as ferocious pigs.

    • Heh… yeah. I first saw the description of this critter as a “Pig from Hell.”

      Dunno if you watched the vid, but it compensated for the loss of feeding from Hyenadon’s kills,to doubling in height to about that of a Bison. Even at that it was more of an ambush predator. It met it’s demise in competing with the newly arrived Bear-Dog. (Usrids are part of Caniformia anyway, so it’s not that big a jump) The Bear-Dog had one interesting development that the carnivorus Pigs didn’t’ have…. larger brain to mass ratio. This made them smarter, and in all liklihood, capable of something that many canines are known for… pack hunting. Planning out the kill and hitting an opponent from multiple sides at one time. Structurally, they were fully capable of equaling what Hogzilla could do to a prey animal.

      While I’m sitting here watching videos of the bizzare… I am reminded of the strange hog mutilations that occurred up in Mississippi a few years ago. Penned hogs were having their ears gnawed off by something in the middle of the night. This spookiness didn’t last more than a few weeks until an intrepid hunter tracked whatever it was back to it’s den. Turned out it was a couple of large dogs. Nothing like fresh pork rinds on the hoof eh?

      (The dogs were summarily shot)

      • Wait until you see a video of a male grizzly ran off a mule
        carcass by two wolverines. I’d like to know if that one is still around…saw it about 20 years ago.

    • Very funny, l’ve had nightmares of trying a forced landing in four-engine Douglas on such a freeway.
      At rush hour. Little old lady reminded me of my mother..
      Finger salute too..

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