Info on Bárdarbunga

Very basic video on events up to 26/09/2014, good for any newbies among us:

Futurevolc at Holohruan:

New page IMO brought in on the 20th of August:

Last 15 days:

Icelandic-English Glossary of geoscientific terms

Vatnajökull monitoring for the Grimsvotn eruption 2011:

A useful page of plots etc from © cow anonymous & the glp volcanotards :

All of Iceland:

August 17 2014 4:10

August 17 2014 4:10



Customisable plots of Earthquakes in and around the area of interest.The first link is from the start of the event until now and the second one is day by day and you can go back in time:

Tremor graphs
All of Iceland:
closeset station_


Stream flows

GPS.  Sigrún modified her Vatnajökull GPS page so it now contains the four most pertinent GPSes for Bárdarbunga (rapid ITRF08-detrended to boot!), so just go there daily to get the trend. Currently the trend is with 1 or 2 datapoints, but all four stations concur to a medium sized intrusion into the crust at Bárdarbunga.árðabunga-including-recently-installed-continuous-gps-station-gsig



Chronological playlist of timelapses as produced by the Volcanocafe crowd, images courtesy of MILA:

Aviation situation:


A paper on the climatic effects of SO2 from Edgja volcano:

Earth wind map:,51.20,821,31.97,247

Winds in Iceland

Jet streams

As long as so much happens it is impossible to keep this page up-to-date


The newest plots can also be found in the comments of the posts or in the posts itself.

dfm August 27th.

First view is an hour by hour evolution showing the quakes’ position and magnitude. View is from the south East, with a 10° forward tilt.
Second view is from the top, hour by hour also.
Pay attention around 30” and 1’15” to see the “backward action” of yesterday then a new progression today.
There may even be a tentative sill formation, look @1’15 coordinates -17, 64.8 or on the left of the “g” of “Dyngjujokull”
Magnitude is given by the scale on the bottom of the plot.
Date is given by the quakes’ color, refer to left side of colorbar.
Terrain elevation is given by the right side of the colorbar.
Quake data from IMO, quality 99%, terrain data from NOAA, made on Gnu Octave
by IMO 3D plot from IMO:

by dfm.

Bardabunga Earthquake Animation 16-18/08/2014
the data comes from the “listi” pages Don’t hesitate to play with the definition (up to 1440) or go on YT to see it directly.

There are 2 event by event sequences, with views from the south then from the East. Then there is an horizontal rotation with all the quakes.
Finally there is a vertical rotation and return.
The color of the quakes gives the date as shown on the left of the colorbar. Terrain elevation is given on the right of the colorbar. On the first sequence, the magnitude if the earthquakes is given by the scale on the right of the plot.
Data from IMO and NOAA, made on Gnu Octave.

Bardabunga Earthquake animation 28/07-17/8/2014
data from IMO and NOAA
I used the etopo 1 bedrock data for the terrain.
The first 2 sequences show day to day earthquake animation from 2 different points of vue.
Then there is an horizontal rotation with all the quakes and 2 vertical rotations.
This is a old piece of code, so be indulgent, I’ll try to do something better next time.

Animation by KarenZ

Animation by chryphia: This is a 3D plot of the Bárðarbunga earthquake swarm from 25 July to 24 August 2014 (cold to warm) and past seismicity from 1995 to 2014 (green). The data are from the “listi” (99% quality) from, the digital elevation model (DEM) is from GMTED2010 (USGS) and the gray layer (a bit ragged, that was part of the problems) shows the Mohorovičić discontinuity according to
Looking back 20 years (which is really no time) it seems like the NE dyke went into previously relatively “quiet” territory whereas the other seismic centers are not new.

Still image of the same plot (top view):


Roads closed

Road conditions ( Mostly due to normal summer activity )


Overview of Bardabunga Volcanic system from forthcoming Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes:

Seismic measurement of the Icelandic mantle plume:

Tomography of Bardarbunga’s plumbing, these are all based on the 1996 non double couple EQ at Bardarbunga:

On the geology of Vatnajökull National park: ( Dragur Bragason thinks it is very incorrect :  “Look at the comparison list on page 4 and compare that to reality.” )

Interesting paper about Bárðarbunga from Meredith Nettles and Göran Ekström
Haraldur Sigurðsson has thougts about the paper here:

Plate boundaries, rifts and transforms in Iceland Páll Einarsson:

Magma chambers: Formation, local stresses, excess pressures, and compartments Agust Gudmundsson

Tulane University Prof. Steven A. Nelson: Volcanoes and Magma:

Volcanoes beneath Vatnajökull, Iceland: Evidence from radio echo-sounding, earthquakes and jökulhlaups.

Gravity studies of the structure of the Vatnaöldur and Veiðivötn crater rows, South Central Iceland Jeanne M. Giniaux;jsessionid=2F179D8C37E03A4E35DF2F637B8BEBDE

Insights into the kinematics of a volcanic caldera drop: Probabilistic finite-source inversion of the 1996 Bárdarbunga, Iceland, earthquake Fichtner and Tkalčić (2010), Earth and Planetary Science Letters 297 (2010) 607–615.

Evidence of recent fault movements in the Tungnafellsjökull fissure swarm in the Central Volcanic Zone, Iceland Þórhildur Björnsdóttir and Páll Einarsson

Schpeaks fer itself:

The Relation Between Mantle Dynamics and Plate Tectonics: A Primer:

The propagation of a dyke driven by gas-saturated magma:

Recent(ish) activity at Tungnafellsjokull; paper published in 2012:

A nice blog post from John A. Stevenson:

Older posts on VC on the subject:

Links from readers and most were collected by me over the years.

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  10. I apologize in advance for any typos, a I have been to the dentist and am quite heavily medicated :p….but can someone tell me if there has been anything earthquake or unusual going on at Yellowstone? I as making my cam rounds and noticed the live cam looks unusual…normally it is dark and not much to see at this time of night…but it is all lit up and looks odd for this time of night…..just unusual….heres the link

    Its almost bright as day?

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