Hurray, it’s DOOMSDAY!

A Sheepy Dalek SPECIAL on 21 december 2012

Planets 2012

Alignment of the planets december 2012. Source unknown.

Today is the day we have been waiting for for years: the very last day of the Mayan calendar. The planets will align, a sunspot maximum will occur, the poles will shift, Nibiru will collide with the earth, the lizards will come, it will be a very unusual day..  Please report on the disasters that happen around you today so we all stay well informed on this once-in-a-lifetime-event! And if the world is still turning at riddletime, the post will be updated with evil riddles – that is, if the riddles manage to get here; if the electric grids still work and internet still exists.

planetary-alignment-dec-2012-e1345496796509 Preview of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn above the piramides of Giza tonight. “Doomsayers are linking the reportedly planetary alignment to the reportedly end of the world on December.” Source:

Diana Barnes:
My morning rumination….
I have arranged all my volcano cams in time order so that I can watch the end of the world through the time Zones before mine. To Renato, Lurking and others in the USA can I remind you to switch on your screen shots videos to record it for posterity as you are over the other side of the Atlantic and will see more than us. 🙂

My crazy story (actually true): when I was 17, many years ago, I was observing the stars and with a telescope in the country forest. First I start seeing something like a light was seeming on the sky but as I looked there was nothing (I though it could have been someone with a flashlight nearby pointing upwards). Suddently I saw a very bright light was shining upon me. Just like the impression of having a car appearing suddently on you on the middle of the night (but on the sky!). As I looked above I saw what looked like a metallic disk shaped objects with 5 bright lights around it. It was gently flying left to right for a few seconds without making any noise and then disappeared suddently. I was shocked and freaked out because until then I would laugh at such stories. 2 days later the tv news reported an ufo observed in a few places, but those places were mostly 80km away and the reports were about 2 hours ealier. I was even more surprised to hear of that strange event. This is the craziest  story of my life. As an amateur astronomer and weatherman I was absolutely stunned by having experienced such event. After it I knew there is either 1) alien tech visiting our planet or 2) manmade undisclosed tech. Unless I propose option 3: a simultaneous mass illusion just on that specific day, induced by either unknown natural phenomena or unknown tech.

Irpsit – you are not alone. Just not something one generally admits to, lest everyone else thinks you are nuts! I had a very similar experience and if it was not for the fact that several other people with me all saw the same thing, I would have questioned myself… and there is probably a good logical and earthbound explanation. That said, I personally believe that on balance of probability a) we are most certainly not alone in the universe and b) civilisations older and more advanced than us may very well have figured out the fabric and mechanics of space enough to produce wormholes and bend space-time, such that they could cover the distances… we just don’t understand how yet. Just IMHO.

Same here – I saw something (actually several things) that I can’t quite explain away before and after becoming a Professional pilot. I’m not convinced that what I ( a disc) saw was entirely alien or was one of ours.. I have no idea. -but then again the Cherokee say they are from the Sirius system..

When I was about 10 yrs old I thought I had seen a UFO from my bedroom window ´… but my form teacher told me it was probably Saturn that I had seen that night!


During the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, the 23th of May 2010, I saw a bright spot in the sky on the thermal camera (FLIR). The spot moved very slowly to the right. It was several times the brightest spot on the image. The daylight cam showed nothing unusual. At last I had captured an UFO! YES! – I realized that I had to make some screenshots of it. Three pictures were made – at 21:08, 21:48 and 22:18:

Eyja 20100523 trilogie 640pxSo I sent the pictures to Mila for confirmation. Guess what they answered? “Thank you for your intrerest in our webcameras. I looked in to this and yes your pictures are real.” Yippeee!! What do you think it was? 🙂  Answer here.

One of my favorite animations of a 500km-wide asteroid hitting the earth..

GeoLurking: The version I like is set to Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky”

The scenario presented in the video is a 500 km wide asteroid. Using the impact effects calculator, and plugging in likely values (rocky roid, 17 km/s, 45° angle of impact) Seismic event – Richter Scale Magnitude: 13.2 Average thickness of the melt pool – 133 km. Final Crater – 3340 km diameter 3.4 km deep. The change in the Earth’s tilt is less than 0.05°. Within 5000 km of the impact, the radiant flux is 4220 times greater than the Sun. Peak overpressure is 141 bars = 2000 psi (at 3 psi dynamic overpressure your eardrums rupture… at 2 psi dynamic overpressure, a wood frame house will explode) Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse. Highway truss bridges will collapse. Highway girder bridges will collapse. And the wind will be 3010 m/s = 6740 mph. This is the original, non glitzy version of the program. Data only, the way I like it.

If you want to recalculate this yourself, have a look at

The makers of the 2012 movie: “Now we don’t just have a few casinos crumbling, but we also have this huge chasm that’s running straight through the Vegas strip.”
2012 LV 640pxSource:

Diana Barnes:
I have managed to survive several world endings,1960, 1966, 1976, 1988, 2000–and both the world and I are still here…..I think!
.. The most dramatic was in 1960, when sitting in the school library , on the alloted hour of Noon, there was a mighty flash of lightning and a great rumble of thunder. Being only 16 years old, we at first jumped with fright, then since, unfortunately the school was still standing and the bell went for lunch time, we headed off to the dining room! It was very dramatic and I will never forget it!

Why I have become a 21.12.2012 doomsday-priest
It must have been around 2004, maybe 2005. A cold morning, November if memory serves. Someone had illegally built a terrace on top of an unstable rock-wall. We knew the case as we had evacuated a house in the neighborhood because of that very problem. We were 2 as our decisions there would anyway end up in some trial, and 2 always know more than one. The dude with me was the only one I would actually call a “mentor” in my professional career. I now consider him a friend. We still laugh when we think of that day. We come to the place that we have to check, look if there’s a car or something, ring the door, call “hello? heeeeelloooooo?” – nothing. So we jump over the fence and start analyzing the context. How was the terrace funded, on what part of the unstable rock, how exactly does the rock look at this precise part of the wall… Suddenly the terrace door into the house opens. Oops. Stands inside the doorframe an old strange guy (~80). It’s 8.20 a.m. We instantly get a smell of garlic sausage and cheap red wine. Both of us stand like paralyzed – expecting the guy to pull out his old army rifle or whatever to chase us off his ground. But no. His face is neutral when he says as first words: “un coup de rouge?” (familiar for “want a glass of red wine”?) Me being the one for “communication” (my friend always gladly let’s me fight with people, and listens delightfully, altough he’s a brilliant negotiator – he loves standing besides and analyzing the strategies of others): “Good morning Sir. Thank you very much for that kind offer, but not during work – which leads me to beg your pardon for our intrusion. We are the dudes from xxx and here to have a look at that new construction.” The guy:”I’m a specialist in the interpretation of facial morphologies. I like your morphology a lot young man. (my friend holds holds his smile and goes hiding behind the corner of the house, from where he shoots photos of me struggling with the specimen) Your forehead shows you’re of high intelligence, your chin shows you’re of strongest character, your ears show you have a good heart and your lips show you are sexually equilibrated, not like those Africans with their big mouthes (I’m sorry, this is total bullshit to me, but it’s how he said it).” He comes close and turns around me inspecting my head. “Truly a brilliant head morphology. Mmmmh and large shoulders. Men have to have large shoulders.” “Ehm, well, I’m not very tall but actually quite ok with my morphology, thank you Sir. But coming back to natural hazards…” “What? Hazards? Hm. A long time ago, a veeeery bright French scientist said it all about hazards. You remember the 1999 Lothar storm? That was nothing, NOTHING, compared to what is to come!!! In 2012, huuuge catastrophes are going to come over us and tear our mountains apart and down. Believe me young man, we don’t have 10 years left before the end. Do you, working in that domain, know that? You shall see I tell you he truth.” “Well Sir, that might be, but my preoccupation right now is your safety and thus the stability of that terrace.” “Then do what you have to do. Truly a remarkable morphology. I trust you.” And back through his door he disappeared the same way as he appeared. My colleague and I stood baffled. Discussed our conclusions and then debriefed intensely, laughing our asses off, while going back to our office.
I was so captured by that experience that I couldn’t go back to office stuff immediately. So I googled 2012. And that was opening the box of Pandorra. All that 2012ers. Meteorites, Yellowstone, Alien invasion, numerologist, astronomical statistics, The Maya, Mardok, Nibiru, Planet X, THE poleshiftera, consolidations of all kinds… All pointing towards 2012. Geeez this was clearly to become my playground and source for years of repetitive jokes. Imagine me reading that Hollywood was gonna film that… I was like a Jack Russel having consumed Ben Johnson’s morning milk… Friday is my day. Really. I’m feeling like Eric Cartman when he sees Ben Affleck’s parents the first time. I’ll be speechless and unable to adequately piss the doomsdayers off. But that does not matter. For many reasons of will be my day and I’ll have a big grin over my face most of the day. And if the lizards come, I’ll just protect the ones I love and fight to my last breath! Ha!!!

salamanderkamThe next evolution in hairstyles:  the Gecko Mohawk

Let us take a look at the latest Breaking News:


The UK’s reaction to doomsday (but then again it is not new to us as we had the domesday):

“Britons have largely ‘kept calm and carried on’ – although some ‘Doomsday preppers’ are ready for the worst ………….. The London Fire Brigade spokesman advised: “Fit a smoke alarm on each level of your home, then at least you might stand a chance of knowing that the end of the world is nigh ahead of those who don’t …………………….. The AA said: “Before heading off, take time to do the basic checks on your car and allow extra time for your journey.””–how-the-world-s-believers-are-preparing-for-the-end-135520325.html

BlackholeFound at:

Renato Rio:
My contribution to Friday’s fun: Carmen Miranda – a Portuguese born girl who came to Rio to become the so called “Brazilian bombshell”.
This song is an irreverent popular poem from Assis Valente composer, which was a hit before she made up her way to America.
The video is just an animated image of another of her performances and the lyrics are pasted below (with a little help from Google) so you guys and girls can grasp a little bit of Brazilian spirit. which Carmen understood so well.

… And the world didn’t come to an end
(Assis Valente)

It’s been announced and assured that the world was coming to an end.
So, my people at home started to pray.
Supposedly, the sun would rise before dawn;
Because of that, tonight, uphill on the favela, there was no batucada.

I believed this bullshit:
I thought the world was going to end!
And immediately I tried to say goodbye
And take advantage of the fact:
I kissed the mouth of those, whom I should not,
I grabbed the hand of those, whom I did not know,
I danced the samba in swimsuit,
However, the world didn’t come to an end.

I picked up a guy whom I couldn’t stand
And forgave his ingratitude;
And to celebrate the event
I spent with him over five hundred bucks.
Now I heard that the dude walks
Saying something that had not happened
Yeah! There will be noise and confusion, oh, there will,
Because the world has just not come to an end!

WILL THERE BE A DECEMBER 22ND? NASA says yes. The space agency is so sure that the world will not end due to a Mayan Apocalypse on Dec. 21, 2012, that they’ve already produced a video about the day after. Watch it today to be sure you can!

Reports of disasters already start to come in. Please, follow up so we do not miss anything!!

Galactic alignment already causing climate change around the world – link here                NB click British flag for very good English translation.

I just hurted myself a while ago, while walking over the icy ground in front of my house. In my ass! Now I have a frozen bread as a way to prevent the swelling of my ass.

Sissel assisted by Spica

POST UPDATE: And even Doomsday could not keep our Evil Ones from sending us riddles.
To celebrate the season and the winter solstice, here is ALAN’s evil riddle:

You may like a silver coin in the christmas pudding, but you’d hate to find this in an apple pie.

And this is SUZIE’s evil riddle – Name those Volcanoes! Six volcanoes to trace, six points to earn!!

Number one has a forest at its base that statistically ranks a ‘macabre’ second
Number two is sometimes referred to as the first one of America
Number threes’ most recent eruption officially started at 17.30 and ceased at 07.00 7 days later
Number four, although officially termed a stratovolcano, could be considered a mutant one
Number five has a structure that resembles a large UGG
Number six is actually more than 50 ancient ones, spread over 417,000 sq mi

We know as little about the answers as you do. Good luck and have fun!

384 thoughts on “Hurray, it’s DOOMSDAY!

  1. ———// Probably nothing but it started to show on the 2-4Hz this morning at 0845.(Iceland time)
    I hope CLS is having a whale of a time.
    He is not in Hell, I can vouch for that b/w…..

  2. Read this on Erik’s site :
    FVAG01 SABM 221400

    DTG: 20121222/1400Z
    VOLCANO: COPAHUE 1507-09
    PSN: S3751 W07110
    SUMMIT ELEV: 2965M
    ADVISORY NR: 2012/003
    OBS VA DTG: 22/1310Z

    OBS VA CLD: SFC/FL310 S3751 W07110 – S3806 W07033 – S3824 W07028 –
    S3751 W07110 MOV SE 25KT

    FCST VA CLD +06HR: 22/2000Z SFC/FL310 S3751 W07110 – S3836 W06434 – S4041 W06430 –
    S3751 W07110
    FCST VA CLD +12HR: 23/0200Z SFC/FL310 S3751 W07110 – S3831 W06159 – S4123 W06158 –
    S3840 W06958 – S3751 W07110

    FCST VA CLD +18HR: 23/0800Z SFC/FL310 S3751 W07110 – S3907 W06503 – S3904 W05749 –
    S4128 W05753 – S4137 W06359 – S4000 W06902 – S3751 W07110

    Pretty impressive plume..

  3. Hi

    Iceland earthquake animation for 2012 (well nearly!).
    It’s a day by day animation where the day’s earthquakes appear in red.
    Afterwards they appear as small blue dots
    Data is from IMO and NOAA
    Made on Octave 3.2, Linux version

    Changes from the previous versions are that the animation is no more quake by quake but day by day. Look with attention on the 9th of February, maybe you’ll see what is probalby a sill and dyke intrusion southwest of Reyjavik.

      • Thanks Kilgharrah.

        I made this video by changing some parts of the original code so as to get a (very much) faster computation time. However, by doing this (the small blue dots), you lose some information. I’m going on making the video with the older code (but it takes some 15 mn for just one day….)

        However you get this result….

        • Thank you, dfm, as I said before, I like your plots very much. 🙂

          Most interesting in this one, is to me, that there is not only one deep feeder recognizable – as under Bárdarbunga – but several more or less intensive ones. Most conspicuous seem the ones under Eyjafjallajökull, Krýsuvík (Brennisteinsfjöll?) and Eyjafjördur trough. This would – in my eyes – speak against the theory about a concentrated hot spot under Bárdarbunga / Hofsjökull as propagated eg. by G. Larsen, and more for an upwelling under a bigger part of the country. What is your opinion about that?

          • Hi
            what I see as different in Iceland (compared to El Hierro) is that mainly the quakes seem to move upwards (generally) in a straight line. So to my opiinion (if I can be so bold as to have one) is that it is more fragmented and “local”. There seems to be quite a few “feeders”, but frankly I’m a bit out of my knowledge zone there.Also I have not shown the Moho to get a closer view so maybe I’ll try to do a different plot next time.

          • This would – in my eyes – speak against the theory about a concentrated hot spot under Bárdarbunga

            Don’t be deceived by your eyes.

            The hot-spot is not in the crust… but under it, in the mantle. All of the quakes in the plot are in the crust.

            Another item that you need to remember. Iceland’s crust is thick. Almost too thick to be (just) an oceanic volcanic island. One scenario that I have read is that it is a slab of continental crust sitting on top of a section of oceanic crust… pancake style.

            Yet another idea is that it is a collection of slab/crust fragments stacked against each other much like overturned bookshelves. This fits with a spreading center’s general morphology of a series of half grabbers on one side of the spreading center.

            Additionally, the hot-spot may not extend all the way to the core regions. Anomalous chemistry points to a mid-mantle source for the magma as the best solution. I think this comes from the Helium content being off for a core-mantle source. If that is the case, some of what we see could be magma percolating off of old crust that is being re-melted. At one time there was a subduction zone in this area, how it was organized is still a point for conjecture.

            Some of Hekla’s magma doesn’t match the other systems and is more like subduction zone magma. Carl mentioned this several months ago if you want to go back and dig through old VC articles.

          • Also the scales may be misleading. I’m working on playing with the axes ratio, but it is a bit….let’s say… complicated. In this plot there are ratios that are not very equal altogether.

          • Inge, like Geolurking said the hotspot is not in the crust where you see the earthquakes, it is much deeper, underneath. It is by studies of crust analysis located to be where the crust is also thickest, under Bardarbunga.

            From there, at around ~100km deep it spreads laterally towards SW and N, feeding all other volcanoes. The top of the hotspot plume spreads as far as 600km towards the southwest, well into the MAR, off the Icelandic crust. Then, well above the ~100km depth, at the crust, you would see the feeder dikes vertically under each volcano (at 5 to 20km deep). But the source is still the hotspot, (well below the crust, 100 to 200km deep and going probably deeper) which is centered under Bardarbunga and around 100-200km wide, but at around ~100km the top of the plume spreads in several directions but mostly towards SW and N, feeding each volcanic zone.

            How do you like this description Inge?

    • Thank you dfm! It makes much sense to me to summarize by days for the yearly animation, I like that very much because it leaves a very good impression how activity levels vary.

      Regarding the SW Reykjavik swarm from February 8th I looked at the data and I am pretty sure that a lot of the about 80 earthquakes are on a default depth (45 at exactly 10.007 km, and 9 at 10.045 km). But nonetheless, it was an impressive swarm on that day.

      • OK, thanks for looking at the data, it is true that it catched my eye, but now I understand why (if it’s default depth). So out for the sill/dyke system.
        As for the day by day plotting, it goes well with Iceland as there are many many quakes.
        It is true also that it show calm and not so calm days so it’s interesting.

  4. Sissel says:
    December 22, 2012 at 10:20 (Edit)

    @GeoLurking: How do you dehydrate the doomsday peppers? I have a special herb dryer where I tried to dry them (for many hours) but no – they remained hydrated.

    I slice the stem part off and then slice the peppers lengthwise, splitting them in half.

    This opens them up so that the dehydrator can remove the moisture. Cayenne can be dried whole since they have relatively thin skins.

    If you are gonna make chipotle, use Jalapenos and then smoke them with your wood of choice. This last batch I used Maple and Hickory, but some people like to use Mesquite. (I’m not that fond of Mesquite)

    Along the topic of smoking. One little known secret, is that Hot Dogs smoked with Cedar while they are being cooked, come out with an almost sweet flavor. Cedar isn’t really one of the well known smoking woods.

  5. I have been about since Before EJ, I have posted from Time to time here, on JF’s and EK,s Volcano blogs. Not enough to be well known.
    Search engines miss initials b/w. lol

    • well, never mind the ID…´It´s been nice to know you Satan/Santa at this time of year…never quite realised how similar the names were…..should I be worried???? OMG don´t tell me that Santa & Satan are one and the same or related to each other… pleeeeeese ….what am I going to tell the kids on Tuesday???? – oh no it´s OK, my kids (20 & 24 years old) have the Spanish Reyes Magos ( “the 3 wise kings) to fall back on! Are there any other countries that have their Christmas day on the 6th January with presents gifted on that day (supposedly the day that the 3 wise kings reached baby Jesus and have him their gifts)…

        • Spica, glad to help make your day…I would also be interested to learn about other christmas traditions…so will be watching closely xx

          • Krizmaz tradischon in Xhell, ve open novoe fisyoure and let new araivels tansoet on Aa lava. Get name frrom skrems – “A–a-a-aieeh!! That’s so hot.”


        • Well then, goes to show you are an imposter….Satan has been around for a lot longer than billions of years…and he doesn´t need internet to make him more powerful,,and last but not least..there is no way that SATAN would say “kool” (“hot” maybe, but never “kool¨) gotcha !! ,so there, you donn´t scare me – I reckon you are more of a SANTA than a SATAN,,,,BTW if you think about it…Santa means saint in Spanish, …so you are probably a little Saintly Santa sent here to watch over us and make sure we all have a happy christmas…

    • Some dragon ( not me) blew your incognito.
      Nice you leave more comments lately, but i am sorry, i do believe that Santa thing is going to stick. 😉

        • Well it´s getting late and I am off to schleep now…but before I go, I just really must say a BIG THANK YOU to Sissel and Spica for their Doomsday post…I think I speak for us all when I say it was a terrific way to say goodbye to the latest Doomsday prediction..and has given us all a great weekend full of smiles and laughs 🙂

  6. It does not matter which other names SATAN has. He is a nice guy, that is what matters.
    Hope he will stay with us even this Doomsday has come to an end.

  7. And here is the complete answer Mila sent to me regarding my Eyjafjallajökull UFO pictures:

    “Thank you for your intrerest in our webcameras. I looked in to this and yes your pictures are real.
    All odds point to that this is the moon traveling over the volcano, and i can see this object moving over the volcano from 19.20 to 22.20 local time. It matches to the loonar posiston at this time of year.”

    The answer transformed my UFO into an IFO 😦 😦
    The good thing was that I learned that you can communicate with Mila by using their contact form at

    • I recall we decided it was best to think it was a helicopter with bright lights, and a pilot with a death wish, since it kept weaving in and out of the plume….

      Happy New Eon everybody, by the way 🙂

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