Apocalypsathon; Post 21/12/12 Appeal…

I think Tyler Mannison found this one...

I think Tyler Mannison found this one…

Send your urgent and much needed donations for those poor unfortunate endotheworlders who were not wiped out (they must be devastated) to schteve’sschwissbanking.ch

Please spare a thought and a dime for those not raptured up to heaven in the recent non- apocalypse; give generously, it’s nearly christmas after all…

since this didn't happen everywhere all at once...

Since this didn’t happen everywhere all at once…

I intend to set up a refuge high in the hills of La Gomera with a nice piece of (terraced) land and a look out tower; we’ll charge post 2012ers top- whack to come and contemplate… Me n’ Lizzie will be there most of the year looking after the goats and generally taking care of the place (and going for long walks and jaunts to El Hierro and stuff.) So once again Volcanocafers please dig deep for this very worthy cause…

Somewhere like this, Pico del Teide is in the distance...

Somewhere like this, Pico del Teide is in the distance…


But seriously, and since we are still here; a genuine appeal (and some of my highlights):

This rather special place was started by Carl and Ursula after a group Volcanoholics decided they wanted their own place with their own rules… Those that wanted to go multidisciniplary, collaborative and friendly came here and (boy!) the discussion was, and still is, far ranging… The Welcome page and blog rules are here:


The average post rate is ~ one every 3 days, (that includes before and after Carl statistics…) some volcanoblogs manage more, but usually these are brief updates. What we get here are crafted pieces, made by amateurs in their spare time…

The hit rate is around ~150 visits per hour; this doesn’t include dragon visits…

I won’t lie to you; a blogpost can be quite a bit of work, depending on your skills… Carl once mentioned that he could write a 1200 word opera review in 20 minutes, and Geolurking seems to be able to get something revolutionary on tectonics done in only slightly more time…

Birgit deserves her own paragraph; she can research, compile, edit, post and get an intelligent layman up to speed on a particular subject in less time than it takes a crocodile to swallow an unwary victim!!!

Me? I’m at the other end of the scale; maybe 20 hours work on Teneguia Technicalities and Context, but that did include editing with wordpress which was a first for me… Don’t let me scare you, I can be quite ambitious…

I am asking everyone to keep the posts coming; think of it as an extended comment and you will do fine…

This one's for our resident geologist...

This one’s for our resident geologist… The little engine that could x


Visits to volcanoes “a la Ukviggen” are always popular; (Mount Snowdon anyone? The narrow gauge, rack and pinion railway is the only one of it’s kind in the UK.) as are summaries of your favorites; (Karenz on Sakurajima is a very good example.) and memories of eruptions that were special to you; (Bobbi’s piece on Redoubt is a classic, and don’t forget Newby’s uncle on Erebus.)

Ascending eruption cloud from Redoubt Volcano as viewed to the west from the Kenai Peninsula April 21, 1990  (R. Clucas)

Ascending eruption cloud from Redoubt Volcano as viewed to the west from the Kenai Peninsula April 21, 1990 (R. Clucas)

For the more ambitious how about an original piece of research? (Irpsit wrote a fascinating series about a big hole!!!) Controversial stuff is great, got an alternate theory? (Peter Cobbold on El Hierro is excellent.) What about something inter- disciplinary? (Diana Barnes on Scheeps helping to revive volcanic badlands is wonderful!) Technicalities more your bag? (Wagabond on marine seimic sounding; great insights.) Plotters, hows about “beefing up” a special plot? (Plotting for Beginners 2 may get done one day, but feel free to jump in!!!)

One of Birgit's SEM images of material from El Hierro

One of Birgit’s awesome SEM images of material from El Hierro…

If none of these inspire how about something outrageously off topic for the Scheeepy Dalek?

Nothing is like the smell of a Motorcade in Depresneyville in the morning. Remember that when people shoot at you, they just wish to greet you welcome to Ukraine.

Nothing is like the smell of a Motorcade in Depresneyville in the morning. Remember that when people shoot at you, they just wish to greet you welcome to Ukraine.

So please, go and do yr research, track down the info on yr chosen subject and write something up… Include the standard Volcanocafe disclaimer and a reasonable list of references; and you’re done…

Posts are best submitted as plain text word documents; attached to an email. Pictures should be separately/ individually attached; most formats are fine but please no psd, crw or nef (they are too big and probably not supported by WP either; they need to be converted first). Jpg, gif, png, tiff are commonly supported formats and will do well.

However; when I asked Sissel about this, she said: “Just send it, I will edit what is neccessary!” (another inspirational blogger; remember The Little Prince?)

Have you ever made a comment that you (later) wished you’d saved for a guestpost? Then we want to hear from you; (give us as much detail as possible: approx dates, subject, etc. and we will go digging) dragons can search all 70,000 comments and extract that moment of inspiration…

My top tip (I know it’s environmentally unfriendly) is to print out the papers that you are really interested in; the references for yr article; that kinda thing…

Posts and comments are the lifeblood of the blog, there are (almost) no stupid questions or statements.

So there you have it, no more excuses for not handing in your homework!!!

With Love and Respect,

Schteve x

Links to inspirational articles:

100 thoughts on “Apocalypsathon; Post 21/12/12 Appeal…

  1. Not pushing any particular software package… but any time I run across a pdf that may be of interest… even at a later date, I save it to my hard drive. Yeah, I accumulate a lot of pdfs, but I have it for reference. A lot of times the pdf will not have it’s title in the file name. I copy the filename, and when I do the “save file,” I paste the full title in the filename, usually in front of what the actual download file name is. You will run into hang-ups with “/”, “\”, “:”, and “;”. You can manually replace those with a “-” and carry pretty much the same meaning.

    Some operating systems indexing service can seek inside of OCRd (optical character recognition) pdfs, some programs have the ability to index your documents. Some versions of acrobat allow you to search for key words in other pdfs in the same directory.

    If Linux is your thing, HtDig is a seriously powerful program. Coupled with a pdf program that allows the indexing inside of them, you can even set up a local web server (specifically for you) that makes all of those pdfs searchable in a manner much like Yahoo or Google… only that it looks specifically in your local pdf repository. I don’t have anything like this running right now, but I have set them up in the past… they can be a powerful weapon when you get into an argument with someone, being able to leverage megabytes of references that you can bludgeon your opponent with… complete with citations. Or… if you are just trying to write a paper, having all that reference data at your finger tips can go quite a long way in building and supporting your case.

    Word of advice. If you have a thought, just write. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty, or if its disjointed. Getting it into black and white or some text form is crucial. Just write. After you tire of it or run out of anything to say about it. Save it.

    This is the most important of writing. Getting the thought recorded. Put it away and at a later time, come back and read what you wrote. See if you can amplify on the idea, or if you can flesh out what you have outlined. See if it “flows” and carries the idea that you had intended. See if you can find any references that can support what you are saying. Especially if it’s an important point.

    Those two tasks are the main points in writing. I cut my teeth on “creative” writing by doing personnel evaluations. Get it down, come back to it later. Flesh it out, optimize it. Repeat.

    Hope this helps. 😀

    Sidenote… if you need a plot for your article. Let me or the other dragons know. If we can get at the data, we may be able to put something together for you. I can’t speak for the other plotters, but for me, all you have to do is ask. If I can wrap my noggin around it I can give it a shot.

    • Mornin Geo, I hoped you would still be up when I posted this,
      Good points, I don’t keep my PDFs on the computer, but I do print the important ones, a lot of them are on FTP type sites (file to peer), and often they are not around for ever…
      Your point about writing is an important one too, and so much easier to do with a wordprocessing program, my main problem is when to stop revising, expanding, polishing… 😀

    • One thing that I forgot…. and an additional reason for hanging on to the pdf. The Internet is in eternal flux. Its always changing. If you to a StartPage, Google, Yahooo, Alta Vista search on the title, you stand decent odds of locating a live link for it… if it’s still available.

      As for when to stop… when your writing starts to drift away from your initial point… it’s time to start thinking about wrapping it up.

      Personally, I have a tendency to wander off subject and to keep writing… this comes off as a long “stream of consciousness” sort of piece and on occasion, I have to chop the mid parts out in order to keep it on topic.

      I did a 7400 word bit on Hurricane Ivan a while back in this style… jotting down notes as the storm rolled through here. That was several hard drives ago… wish I still had it.

    • @plotter support for ambitious writers: I second that! Least I can do to help keep this site going short of writing a post. Kids will hopefully be entertained by presents for the rest of my volcation, so who knows…. ;-).

      • And the other version( but stops at end of October)

        Iceland earthquake animation for 2012 up to October.
        It’s a day by day animation.
        Day’s earthquakes are in red, the rest shows the magnitude of the events.
        Color changes along time of the year.
        Data comes from IMO and NOAA

        • Hey dfm, please save for a post, add some text and photos… This is too good to be lost int’ comments…
          (Also an error has occured, according to youtube!)

          • Hi
            OK, I will let the caculation finish (at this moment it takes 31 minutes to make one plot and there are still 60 something to go….)

          • That’s a real piece of work, it has to be worth saving for an post. Think of the debate it will produce; and you’ll bag yrself a place in the archive too 🙂

    • And in case someone wants to watch a dragon at work. The menu has been updated. Archives sorted by Author is in. I am at the moment as far back as August. Which made me realize some stuff.
      Carl was last seen October 5th. *sigh* Hope he is well and retunrs soon.
      This ( VC) really is a team effort. 16 different authors in the list so far.

  2. @Schteve: Your post may be a good motivation for people to write their story down. Folks, activate your keyboards! Your story is worthful to us all.

    • I know we have a few posts lined up,
      But I want to keep them coming and remind people that there’s no point in being shy ont’ interwebnet x
      Go on Volcanocafers, you know you want to, you know we want you to, so go for it; you too could reach an audience of (as it stands) 177 hits per hour…

  3. Yesterday, I took a screenshot from White Island webcam and detected a glow. Saw over at Eric’s that Mike Ross had seen and incandescence there too and taken a shot. 🙂

  4. Just spoken to Carl. He’s had a hellish autumn with insane amounts of work on top of which he contracted pneumonia. He asked me to let you know that he’s fine and wishes you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

    And a Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to you too Carl & Marina!

  5. John Seach@johnseach
    #Copahue volcano, Chile. Large detached sulphur dioxide plume visible on satellite images over Argentina coast. 22 Dec 2012

    • I would have piped in that the Sulphate from the SO2 would peak in about 2 and half months… but it never made it to the Stratosphere. At this latitude, in December, the tropopause is about 14.5 km up. The plume max elevation (per VAAC warnings) was about 9.4 km.

      • To make up for my redundant redundancy, here is a short gif on how not to shoot a snake.

        Newtons Third Law:

        When a first body exerts a force F1 on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force F2 = −F1 on the first body. This means that F1 and F2 are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

        • One of the things I have done in my life-show my wife how to shoot.
          If that happened to my wife, I’d never forgive myself…
          She can drive nails with a .38… Snake loads are better IMHO…
          Around here more likely to have pistol when out-other than bird season ..

  6. I just asked ALAN for a hint. He has some trouble with all the rain BUT here is his answer:

    “We have web problems here after all the rain yesterday the road flooded and water soaked the telephone connection box that’s below ground level, the engineers have been out but it looks as if it will be tomorrow at the earliest before we get proper connection. Can get email (just) but no proper web as the signal is too weak somewhere else along the line it keeps freezing after a few seconds! A hint eh! If you could post please:”

    For a spice added to apple pie look to the Latins!

    So here we go again, good luck!

    • Cinnamon … Canella? Latin for “schtick” – or commonly said, a bar. Combined it makes cinnabar, also known as Red Mercury. Not good to find out that was in the apple pie!

    • Could well be. There was also a small quake on the caldera rim:
      23.12.2012 05:20:20 64,692 -17,358 3,9 km 1,3 99,0 9,9 km NA af Bárðarbungu

  7. New try on Alan’s riddle:
    Found two typical spices for (Italian) apple pie, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed is called Mace, which also has another meaning:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mace_(club) :
    “A mace is a blunt weapon, a type of club or virge—that uses a heavy head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful blows. A mace typically consists of a strong, heavy, wooden or metal shaft, often reinforced with metal, featuring a head made of stone, copper, bronze, iron, or steel.”
    Which I hope not to find in the apple pie! 🙂

    • My Mum always put in cloves in her apple pies….I just get all warm thinking out how that tasted….but I would imagine that if someone were to put a garlic clove into an apple pie, that would be absolutely horrid….

        • Hmmm, I have come to realise that Alans Evil Riddles are too hard for me to even contemplate.. but googling along as I do, came accross this…The English name “clove” derives from Latin clavus ‘nail’…

          • Especially since the riddles are no longer restricted to volcanic minerals 😕
            Could be anything geological now, right?

            Silver in the Latin is argentum (Argentina?). Christmas pudding is also called plum pudding, so something with silver in a (mantle) plume?
            Variations of apple pies are Apfelstrudel, Tarte Tatin, cobblers (referring to cobblestones?). Lost…

            And this is for all parents of small kids here:

      • During the heyday of Billy Idol and the rock-a-billy set, an ET2 that slept in the same aisle as I did was quite fond of clove cigarettes.

        I always knew when he was around… you could tell from the baked ham smell.

  8. My fav place to enjoy my after-lunch coffee – great place to build some motivation for the rest of the work day. Thanks for all the good posts and comments! Although I’m mostly quietly lurking, I’ll try to up my activity the next year. Happy holidays and all the best for 2013!

      • chryphia says: December 23, 2012 at 22:59

        OMG that is so not politically correct these days, but jeez, I wish I had seen that 20 years ago…becuase it was exactly what I was thinking then… read the kids stories, made up strories, anything to get them to go TFCK to sleep– however now looking back I just loved those moments with the kids……fresh out of the bath and smelling beautiful of soap and talcum powder, snuggling up to them in bed to read them the story before bed time….so to all those parents with little ones now, enjoy those little moments to the full´.cos once they are grown up you can´t go back….

  9. Hi folks! Not been around for a while, and will be away for a while longer. Family festivities mixed with doing two rush jobs for non-Christian clients means that my ‘holiday’ will be anything but, although that will all stop for football on Boxing Day (COY real Rs).
    Sheesh, I can see there’s been some weird shit on here the last few days – I guess it’s all good??
    Really pleased to hear news from Carl in some form or other. Who was Satan anyway?!!! 🙂
    With regards to submitting stuff, completely agree with what Schteve has posted above – just type up those thoughts and click that button.
    My own humble advice? Just tell a story. Whether it’s scientific, experience-based or otherwise, just tell a story!!

    Well, have a really great time everyone whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with. See you all on the other side. Love and cheers Vxxx

    PS time for 2013 predictions, and Etna doesn’t count!
    Me? Alaid. You heard it hear first!!! (and maybe a post coming…..)

  10. Nice 3cm of snow out side supposed to warm up and rain tomorrow . Then get cold…
    but sunny, Interstate closed eastbound . Warm fire,Wife talking to cousin in Michigan,
    Fire in stove, Springer snoring after dog food laced with fresh hamburger, doesn’t get any
    Merry Christmas to all!

  11. Check out on YouTube or Google—baaa-studs extreme shepherding. From 2009 but I have only just seen it. Quite the scheepy thing for here. . .considering the leading pic above. Sorry, can’t figure out how to link but maybe someone can.
    My heartfelt wishes for all for a wonderful Christmas!!!

    That’s why there be Dragons…

    • Love it .. Border Collies are among my most favorite Dogs, others being Springer Spaniels, Bluetick hounds and Golden Retrievers. Not in any particular order..
      We had a Border Collie/Kelpie mix that was a sweet girl, but her previous owner
      (wife’s maniac ex) yelled at a lot so she wouldn’t herd anything.
      Jehovah’s Witnesses were an exception. She would not let them out of the car…
      They could change cars and she’d still be ready at the end of the driveway….

  12. Merry Christmas and thank you all for the efforts to keep this wounderful site running and in shape. And a special thank you to the Dragons who feeds us with volcanic highlights every now and then!

    Christian (still learning)

  13. I think the DYN Bardarbunga station is suffering from defect. THis is definitively NOT tremor. The bands do now shot upwards, they just record more noise (or a lot of earthquakes). It looks either noise due to the strong winds on the glacier, or a lot of microquakes which do not show at IMO website (more unlikely). I believe more in the first explanation: its wind noise or malfunction.

  14. great to hear that Carl is around. Pneumonia is nasty, I got it when I was young and it gave me asthma permanently.

    • Thanks Alison
      It’s good you can check the source info.
      I just found this:

      Surveillance Network 19/12/2012 El Hierro volcanic

      Due to problems in the quality of analog transmission CHIE station was temporarily replaced waveform graphics and spectrogram of the station by station and broadband CTIG digital.Puedes transmission access this information through the section Quasi-Real Time on page:


  15. Merry Christmas everyone! I’m off visiting for a few days so won’t be able to post and I’ve been too busy to do Alan’s riddle!
    I’m only good for doing historical stuff for volcano articles I’m afraid so they wouldn’t be very interesting to most readers.
    I hope you all have a really happy holiday!

    • Talla!!! You are certainly one of our best writers!!! I should have said this earlier, but you must (please!!) write more posts.
      A merry christmas to you too and do not stay away too long!

  16. I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Also, thanks to the contributors – I have learned a lot about volcanoes and a lot about my fellow volcanoholics.

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